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Today I was just scrolling down my recommended YouTube section when I found out some crazy information regarding the release of yet another new my hero academia movie in 2021 called ‘World Heroes’ Mission’. This is the third my hero academia movie after Heroes Rising and Two Heroes. However the one thing I was baffled to see is how the movie has portrayed a very odd concept of Deku being the mass murderer and the reason behind all the destruction.

So I became a lot more curious about the movie and watched the entire trailer. So let us look at what the trailer is providing us in terms of information about this new release expected on August 6th in Japan.

my hero academia news
Mass Media heavily communicating about the investigation against Deku

Are Quirks blessed or cursed?

We start off with this well-phrased question of whether quirks are actually beneficial for humanity or it may cause havoc and destruction on the society. On top of that we are shown with instances where we can see a lot of news channel and media reporting the state of distress among the people.

From the start of the entire series we have been discussing and pondering over this topic, however we had been only thinking about the two polar scenarios where quirks are being used.

The first is being able to protect others and do good for the society whereas the other is for selfish gains and hurting others. But now we have something very different on our plate to analyze. Now that is a plus point!

cult leader
The cult leader?

The Movie Trailer Features the Rise of an Unknown Cult

The thing is that I am not a manga reader, so whatever I am saying here is purely my reaction based upon what I saw in the trailer. We see someone clad in coat along with a lot of people in coats worshipping/setting up something which looks like a golden statue. We can clearly say that the setup looks like a cult.

However the biggest problematic thing here is that news channels are searching for our protagonist ‘Deku’, as he is being suspected for mass murder. So it looks like a conspiracy against the hero community, and that is why the credibility of having quirks is being discussed here.

deku, bakugo and shoto

The Battle will be largely focused upon these three characters

The main highlight of this entire movie is our three beloved characters Midoriya, Bakugo and Shoto. We see them in somewhat different hero attire getting ready for some sort of a mission.

As per the subtitles, they are being tagged as ‘Heroes of the future’ which indicates that at this time, the stake is even higher, probably at the world level. People are counting on this three wonderful heroes and they are their only hope!

more heroes
More heroes to the rescue

Multiple Pro Heroes will be seen fighting alongside the Trio

In this time-bound fight, it would be rare for them to be able to win, and that is why we see even more pro heroes or student heroes assisting them. The assault is mostly from air where every character is attacking in one-shot. On the top left, we also see Endeavor with his particularly upgraded suit.

shoto todoroki
Shoto from the new movie. Notice how his right side is illuminated with ice-color.
Bakugo’s new outfit
Midoriya with his aqua illuminated outfit

Time Limit for the battle is only 2 hours

I don’t know if you have noticed it or not, but we are shown that the time limit is only 2 hours. The heroes are bound by a deadline and they should protect whoever or whatever that is before that time limit ends. This means that the heroes need to be agile and quick enough to be able to save everyone. Maybe that is why we see all of them fighting together instead of going on in a one-on-one fight.

They are prepared & ready to fight!

Even when the world is at stake, we can see the dedication in the eyes of these heroes. With their new outfits they are looking sharp and capable of overcoming any obstacles in their way. We all know that it is a great responsibility upon their shoulders, but they will eventually fight through and win the battle.

If you have read this far, don’t forget to comment down your thoughts about this movie. We will have a great discussion then. Until then, see ya!

Official Trailer of My Hero Academia Movie : World’s Heroes Mission

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