Welcome to my brand new blog

I have already updated everyone about this on twitter, but I thought that because many of my readers/subscribers are not on social media platforms, so let me just create a post reminding that I have my own domain now and I will be writing tons of content on this domain from now on.

My Previous Blog

If you are not aware of my previous blog, it was animegoodreads.wordpress.com, a small yet thoughtful blog about animes ranging from a wide range of categories like reviews, analysis and discussion based posts.

I thought that maybe I should migrate my entire site, but after learning that it will cost me a few extra bucks, I thought that there is nothing wrong with starting from scratch. The way I have built up my previous blog and the strategies that I used there can be applied here.

Also I still have my followers who are able to read my posts and comment on it, so why should I go through the pain, when I can have the support of my community?

Something Even Better than Yesterday

I have taken blogging to the next step and intend to provide even better and awesome anime content to anime fans and general people alike.

Being from India, I want to enhance and upgrade the anime community here, which is growing rapidly as of now.

Also I am curious to connect with fans abroad and take inspiration from their writing and analyze and write content catering to their needs.

This Year in Anime is Amazing!

Every anime fan knows this, as we are seeing some major titles uprising throughout the internet. We have big players like AOT, Seven Deadly Sins, My Hero Academia and a lot more of them. So yeah, there is a great deal of potential when it comes to writing content.

Many anibloggers are going to be coming up with great content here on wordpress. If you look at trends on twitter, you can easily spot that anime has definitely grown as a point of ‘discussion’. Most people were at home during lockdown, as a result many of them had discovered ‘anime’ during that time-frame.

People were possibly doing nothing during that time and binging on Netflix or other OTT platforms.

Entertainment industry got a solid boost last year and the trend is at a rise, even as of now.

A Professional Touch to Blogging

My blog was intentionally a hobby during the past few months, but upon further thinking, I should probably take this a little bit more seriously and provide quality anime content to the audience.

The journey of 8 months of blogging was not gone to waste.

I think of it as an experimental setup and process to judge, analyse and predict the amount of effort that is required to be able to consistently keep writing content. I will use that experience ‘positively’ to further enhance and grow my new blog.

Keep Connecting

Blogging is a field where you need to be always connected with others. Keep commenting each others posts, like them, share them, subscribe to new emerging bloggers.

Stay connected on all major social platforms like twitter/insta/facebook. Also I would like to tell you to please stay actively answering questions on Quora related to animes. This will help you to create your own identity. It also utilizes your free time and increases your authority as an internet user.

That’s it. This was just a small update about my new blog. I hope I have reached to all my followers.

Keep sharing great content and don’t forget to follow animegoodreads on other social platforms!

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