Top 10 ISTJ Anime Characters Ranked

We all know that characters, who are dutiful and always the expert in whatever they do. ISTJ anime characters have a great deal of self-confidence and a striking ability to always perform their best. Although possessed with a very low EQ as per general stereotypical analysis, ISTJ’s are found to be very loyal and can be easily trusted, but they don’t usually trust others that easily.

Their lives are structured and they intend to complete their responsibilities on time, hence they come off as a less ‘creative’ or less ‘open-minded’. Nevertheless, ISTJ’s have a completely different aura and are easily recognizable among a group of people. Such characters, especially in anime, are seen as too serious. I have compiled a top 10 list of ISTJ anime characters. They are as follows:

List of Top 10 ISTJ Anime Characters Ranked

bruno bacciarati
Bruno is a good fighter and leader, with a sense of self-sacrifice within himself.

#10 Bruno Bucciarati

Although being one of the most righteous characters in the series, he is portrayed as a very serious character.

However, one thing that’s different is his uncanny ability to be able to communicate and help others in their resolve. That is why, he is able to maintain strong bonds with his team, and comes off as a fantastic leader of his gang.

He is always ready to sacrifice himself for the greater cause .During the fights, Bruno is cautious and is not easily flinched by major threats.

Capable of understanding the opponents weaknesses, he is always seen as a good and capable fighter.

Yoshikage Kira
This character is known for his weird fantasies tied to murders.

#9 Yoshikage Kira

Another character from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventures, the man that leads a simple and strict life, Yoshikage as a person is reserved in his own way.

Marching to the sound of his own drums, this guy is seriously multi-talented, although does not wish to stand out. He has some crazy fantasies as portrayed in the anime.

Generally, he is a psychopath and the mastermind behind multiple murders. However from the inside he has a calm personality who wishes to live peacefully without any interruptions.

We actually don’t see him as a calm person when he is assaulting any other character though.

Violet Evergarden
Dutiful Character who can write perfect letters. Highly Obedient.

#8 Violet Evergarden

I have only watched a few beginning episodes of Violet Evergarden. But it is fairly easy to type this character as an ISTJ due to her robotic-like behavior.

She is very good at carrying out orders and capable of completing most of her tasks on time. When we look at the clips of her fighting in war, we can say that she is quite agile and proficient in combat, due to her upbringing among the soldier and army setting.

Other than that, in the main setting of the story, we see her as a highly skilled typist who can write perfect letters and documents with outstanding verbal accuracy!

Sakusa Kiyoomi
Sakusa is very disciplined and practices spiking daily with full dedication.

#7 Sakusa Kiyoomi

We only start seeing this character in Season 4 of Haikyuu, Haikyuu to the top.

Sakusa is claimed to have a very calm & rigid personality, but a very competitive spirit lying deep inside him. As far as the gameplay aspects are concerned, he is considered as one of the top three aces.

He is easily noticeable due to his curly hair and the habit of wearing a mask in public setting to avoid getting sick. We see him as a strong competitor against Kageyama.

He is also one of the examples of a typical ISTJ anime character.

#6 Megumi Fushiguro

Well this one is my favorite from Jujutsu Kaisen Series. Fushiguro is a reserved yet thoughtful character, studying as a first-year at Jujutsu Tech. He specializes in Jujutsu Techniques that includes Shikigami or cursed animal spirits.

Fushiguro is adept with hand-to-hand combat, which sets him apart from the rest of his mates. He opts to save people who are truthful and deserve to live a long life.

Highly critical, he is capable of spotting loopholes in enemy’s tactics and finding a counter-attack.

Rei Ayanami

#5 Rei Ayanami

I haven’t watched Evangelion, but I found this character to be quite intriguing.

However, Rei’s personality is explained through words like ‘detached’ and ’emotionless’, based upon her outer appearance and behavior throughout the entire story.

Giyu Tomioka
Giyu Tomioka is a very rigid and responsible person. He is greatly known for his exception demon-slaying skills and speed. He is one of the 9 hashiras in the anime.

#4 Giyu Tomioka

The zero tolerance guy, Giyu Tomioka is well known for his serious expressions and thirst for justice.

He is the one of the total nine hashiras that are presented in the anime. At the start of the series, he is shown as rational person, criticizing Tanjiro for being ‘too soft’ against Demons.

Nevertheless, Tanjiro and Giyu both have contrasting opposite personalities as well. Tomioka too is a ‘Water Hashira’, who combines the technique of breathing and uses a sword to fight against the demons.

Just like a typical ISTJ type, he rarely talks but is quite skilled in using his sword to slay demons. His reflexes and speed while fighting are top notch.

Kageyama Tobio
Kageyama is a very skilled individual with exceptional setting skills in the game of volleyball.

#3 Kageyama Tobio

Kageyama is a very important character from Haikyuu, where we see him as an ‘extraordinary’ setter, right from the beginning of the first season.

He is a very adaptable player and skilled at analysing player positions while setting. Blessed with a profound setting ability in volleyball, Kageyama aids Hinata into spiking perfectly.

Other players from Karasuno always look up to him as the ‘ideal’ setter, and the gameplay becomes much more easier, smoother and stress-free for the spikers when he is the one setting the ball.

 Langa Hasegawa
Langa is easily recognizable because of his hairstyle, hair color and facial expression

#2 Langa Hasegawa

Being very skilled in snowboarding, Langa gets a head start into the field of skateboarding.

He is also shown as a serious character with bluish-purplish hair and a constant expression that says ‘I don’t care’. Langa speaks less, although it is quite common to see him invested into skateboarding, trying to be perfect, by concentrating on it.

He is very passionate about his sport. He is an important character from the brand new anime called ‘SK8theInfinity’.

Mikasa Ackerman

#1 Mikasa Ackerman

Mikasa Ackerman comes at the number one position. Belonging to the anime series called Attack On Titan.

Mikasa is one of the three main protagonists of the series. She is shown to be fed up with the world governed under the fear and destruction caused by Titans.

Mikasa is a very skilled individual, possessing absolute command over the Omni-Directional Mobility Gear, along with incredible fighting & maneuvering skills mid-air. She is one of the few characters that have a silent yet rigid personality.

Strong, in fact stronger than most of the men in the Scout Regimen, and is capable of killing giant titans due to her exceptional speed. A well trained and disciplined soldier in Attack On Titan.

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    This was an interesting list! I totally agree with your picks!

    1. Ahh the truth is this is not my personal list of top10 as I am still very new to animes. I have took some reference. By the way thanks ☺️

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