Night Parade of 100 Demons | Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Movie

Jujutsu Kaisen’s Season 1 has ended. The series was overall fantastic, be it in terms of animation or story. But the story has just begun. Jujutsu Kaisen 0 Movie has been officially announced and it’s short teaser trailer has just released. The movie features a new character called ‘Yuuta Okkotsu’. Official release date of this movie has not been shared yet.

The anime even surpassed the top tier shounen animes, thereby also winning the Crunchyroll’s Anime of the Year Award. Created by Studio MAPPA, which is also currently working on Attack on Titan’s Final Season, it has accumulated a large fanbase.

The prime character of this series will be Yuuta, who is troubled by the ghost of his dead friend Rika, who died in an accident.

Ever since then, her ghost has taken control of his body. Her ghost has transformed from a soul to a cursed spirit, due to the emotion of ‘vengeance’ that remained within her after her death.

The story will follow the events of Yuuta encountering the members of Jujutsu Tech, where Gojou Satoru will welcome him as a new student.

Following that, Yuuta is supposed to learn jujutsu, martial arts and multiple jujutsu techniques. By learning these techniques, he will finally be able to gain control over Rika’s cursed soul. However, soon Yuuta is going to experience the darker side of the Jujutsu World.

The teaser trailer is a short story about what we are going to see in the anime movie.

However it does not involve actual clips from the anime, rather we see a colorful artwork of characters, closely resembling to the manga character images.

yuuta okkotsu
Yuuta is troubled by his dead friend Rika’s Ghost.
suguru geto
Geto might unleash a Night Parade, full of 100 Demons.
gojo satoru eyes
Gojo Satoru wants Yuuta to fight for a good cause.
yuuta okkotsu
yuuta okkotsu
Yuuta looks forward to join Jujutsu Tech and learn Jujutsu techniques & martial arts, to be able to control Rika’s cursed spirit and stop all the bloodshed.

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