The Placebo Effect of SEO plugins

While writing this particular post, I have my Yoast SEO plugin turned on. But why though?

All these plugins that offer guarantee of successful SEO for your website or blog, are in fact simple algorithms that cater to the needs of the search engines.

Remember that any programmed application, API or software that aids in SEO, has a minimal impact on your blog performance. This is because, Google’s algorithm is far more advanced than these plugins.

These plugins suggest you to write headlines with specific number of words, they force you to stuff keywords at specified locations in your paragraphs, it forces you to add internal and external links without any reason.

If you have very less knowledge about programming, then let me tell you one thing. Programming basically means creating ‘something’ that works in ‘some’ way, to solve ‘something’. These plugins work in the same way. They work as they are programmed, and they take google rankings as reference. These are not AI applications that boost your SEO. They just somehow ‘aid’ you in writing clear content.

So what is a clear content? Content is clear when it solves a particular query, or fulfills the user’s interest.

Now let us compare Yoast Plugin with Google’s Search Engine. Google is highly advanced because of the fact that it incorporates Machine Learning, Data Science and analytics into itself. This causes it to become ‘highly aware’ about user activity and interests of ‘real people’.

Google just works like your real world. And this is the downright basic thing you should know about SEO.

So in order to boost your posts and pages on google, you will have to right quality content, that targets the right audience. You need to understand that people are not ‘programmed’. People are people, they are intelligent and capable of understanding your point of view.

Just like in real life, when you are not able to understand something from one person, even though your friends were able to understand from that person. But since you didn’t get the information, you reach out to the others for more clear explanation. Your blog posts work in the same way. There is nothing like ‘a perfect blog post’. And you won’t always give the best answer. But you may answer something valuable, for a specified set of people.

Let’s take an example of this particular blog post. This one right here is addressing other similar bloggers, who want to improve their blog on a daily basis. This blog post also targets people who want to know about SEO. Now this post is not going to address technical knowledge.

That is why, it is necessary to understand SEO plugins don’t really work the way they are supposed to work. They are there, for you to aid in your blog post writing and helping you put clear content.

As far as keywords are concerned, Google is not that smart enough. For keyword-mapping, google uses the ‘relatability’ measure to rank your content on some specific keywords. There is absolutely no way to know on which keyword your post will rank. It might rank on something that is little related to your blog post.

So that is why, writing your posts by doing so called ‘keyword research’ is useless. Doing that, you tend to behave like a robot while writing content, catering to the needs of the search engines, rather than the actual audience. Remember that Google is also a programmed entity, run by users.

It learns from the users and pushes content accordingly. If your content is high quality and people read it often, then it will get ranked keywords, even if you don’t target any specific one.

The reason I have installed Yoast is to improve my site speed and off-page score, and also to create sitemap (There is some issue with jetpack so that’s why).

That is why, SEO plugins are just Placebo Effects that rarely have any impact on your blog posts and content. Instead try to observe and react from other bloggers and people who are writing rich content and are already bringing tons of traffic.

Your observation skills play a key role here. Also, things keep changing up, so stay updated on that.

Remember that you are smarter than any plugin out there!

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