How Much Anime Should You Watch in a Day? | Personal Experience

Well, this is a very funny question people came up with.

There actually are people asking for this all over quora, reddit and google itself.

When it comes to anime watching, I am still a newbie, haven’t watched most of the mainstream ones as well. Even then, anime is something which I have seen a lot, when I compare it with other entertainment channels.

As I have gone further into animes, I have reduced the amount of animes that I watch daily just to be able to balance out everything.

But during lockdown, I managed to experiment upon the quantity of animes that I used to watch throughout the day. This was possible because at that time, I was very new to animes and got the opportunity to watch the top ones first (and you don’t easily get bored in those ‘starting’ days).

There were days when I wouldn’t even watch a single anime episode. But there were days when I could do nothing but watch animes.

So today I am going to share you my experience with my anime watching routine. This will aid you in understanding how different watch-time has affected me. Now I know this does not apply to everyone out there, but here I am portraying my personal experience.

Note that here I am only describing with respect to anime episodes/movies, and not the other anime content that I see on YT and other platforms.

0 Episodes/Day (Watch Time – Nothing)


There have been countless of days when I didn’t watch a single episode. This was probably because I was busy with some more important stuff throughout the day. Other than that, the reason could be that I had already watched enough of other types of content on YouTube, due to which my eyes don’t have enough strength to receive more of harmful rays from computer and mobile.

How does it feel? Well watching no anime in a single day does not affect me in any way.

1 Episode/Day (Watch Time – 30 Minutes)

This is where I am currently at. A watch time of 30 minutes or something into animes. This is my rule-of-thumb and I subconsciously end up in this zone more often. It is not like I restrict or train myself into watching only 1 episode per day. This is just my ‘average’ and most of the times I see myself sticking to this routine.

So how does it feel watching 1 episode per day. Well, it feels great, neither it is too much, nor it is too shallow. And I also think that this is a very healthy amount, considering the fact that you are also investing time into watching other shows, or anything other than animes, and also being able to complete all your daily tasks at home/office.

This works well in certain scenarios, especially when the anime you are watching is currently airing at that moment and you are at the latest episode. Also if you are watching multiple animes, this gives you space to breathe and try out variety much more efficiently.

3-5 Episodes/Day (Watch Time – 1.5 Hours)

If you are at this point and this is your ‘average’, then congratulations! You are a certified Otaku!

Most anime lovers fall into this category and happen to watch more than 3 episodes of anime a day. I tried this, especially when I was watching some bigger titles at the start, like Attack on Titan & Death Note. At that point, I was really thinking how beautiful animes are, with every episode being the reason behind the adrenaline rushing.

I was wanting for more and more, although couldn’t watch more because of time constraints. But this amount was actually ‘normal’ for me at that time. This time, I can’t watch this much anime daily. It is too much for me.

Is this much amount of anime watching harmful? Not at all! Just stop watching anime content on YouTube or any other social platform, and this much anime watching is healthy!

10 Episodes/Day (Watch Time – 3+ Hours)

I managed to reach here just because I was ‘trying’ to binge watch a certain show (Okay it was Steins;Gate, there is no reason to hide it), and failed. Otherwise it is downright impossible for me to keep doing this on a daily basis.

If you are at this point, you probably are a person heavily involved into anime. Most anime bloggers, content writers, and active social media users invest this much amount of time. You probably have a lot of content to share to the audience because you are literally watching too much of it!

How did I feel back then? Well, I invested a whole lot of time so I was falling short with other chores and responsibilities. Also it is not my habit to watch too many different animes in one day. So this happened only for 2 days after which I reduced the amount. If you watch 10 episodes continuously one after the other, you are definitely going to have a good headache!

One Anime/Day (Watch Time – It Depends)

disgusted tanjiro

If you are at this level, on a regular basis, you are not sane anymore (personal opinion). I tried this when I binge-watched The Promised Neverland (The 1st season was so amazing *sobs after watching 2nd Season*).

On that day, I did nothing. Literally nothing. My buttocks started hurting after sitting too much. Also my eyes became red due to so much screen time. I was not watching it continuously, I did take breaks after every 2 episodes or something. But still it happened.

This much amount is very unhealthy. Most animes are around 24 episodes, I don’t know how anyone can watch so much in a day.

Guys this is my limit, I have never tried more than this. Comment below how much anime you watch in a day. Have you surpassed my highest watch-time at some point in your life? If yes, I would be amazed and want to hear your experience.

Have a nice day!

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