How did Attack On Titan went from Great to Legendary?

Attack on Titan started with a simple goal, a goal to defeat Titans and achieve freedom.

Our protagonist Eren Jaeger is seen to be constantly battling against a bunch of titans in the initial episodes, along with his friends Mikasa & Armin. His motive? To avenge the death of his mother and other poor souls who were eaten by those titans.

However as we progress further in the seasons, the story gets more refined & interesting.

Today, let us discuss ways in which Attack on Titan went from just another great anime to a legendary and unbeatable anime in the community.

3 Major Reasons Behind the Success of Attack on Titan

1. Non-linear Timeline Increases Hype

Attack On Titan was able to explain it’s story in a much unique way by implementing the concept of timeline reversal. Story is shown from the present perspective, after which we keep getting new information episode by episode.

This does not mean that as we get lost into something new as we approach the end. The story is able to tightly knit itself in such a way that every progression depends. In the first season, fans were curious about the hidden facts that lie in the basement of Eren’s House. After which, the second season didn’t really care about revealing anything about it.

But finally in the third season, we get to know the reality of what was in the basement. That means, AOT’s story is capable of connecting events perfectly. Sooner or later, mysteries eventually get solved. The story does not keep the viewers hanging for too long.

This acts as a positive point for any anime.

Attack on Titan is so much focused on it’s history and it creates a large impact on the viewer’s mind. Historical events give us the ‘reasons’ behind everything that is happening in the later episodes.

2. Phenomenal Character Development

I am not just talking about Eren here.

Characters are the life of any anime. That is why, character development is one of the key points that make or break the execution of any anime.

Every character is unique in it’s own way.

As far as attack on titan’s characters are concerned, their development is quite profound and beautifully executed. We really see how each character is affected at certain events or situation. They experience death, sorrow & betrayal, and respond to it appropriately.

Until now I have not seen any character that is rigid enough to be able to maintain his/her personality. Scenarios crush them and test them. We get to see the characters struggling between decisions and ever-changing events. They are curious regarding everything, just like how the viewers are. Viewer’s mindset sync with the character’s mindset without additional effort.

3. Astonishing Realism Despite being Fiction

Realism is the epitome of Attack on Titan. This is where politics come into play.

Just like how any country uses power as an exploitation tool, the story of AOT is very similar, in the sense that Titans are used as weaponry and means of mass destruction.

Using Titans as a way to crush down opponents and make them as a ‘slave’ is kind of interesting. It somehow syncs with the mentality of humanity. Whenever there is power, there is destruction and exploitation involved in some way or the other.

No particular character is over-powered or under-powered. Every character has his/her limitations & strengths. No character is seen controlling the entire situation, not even the King or Queen.

This realistic effect and storyline of AOT attracted many anime fans. It is the ability of the story and writing to be so accurate and relatable that makes it one of the best among so many other animes out there.

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