Was The Promised Neverland Season 2 Really That Bad?

Nobody is talking about this.

Season 2 performed terribly, we can all agree on that. However, I cannot bear the fact that why this topic was broadcasted and celebrated so much on the internet.

Whenever I scroll through content regarding it, whether on twitter, youtube, quora or google itself, I find tons of articles and reviews, all criticizing how bad the anime was done for the second season.

Every user has his/her own way of criticizing the second season. Some did not like the animation, some were complaining about how the characters acted unreal and shallow.

But the Question is ‘Why is TPN Season 2 So Bad?’

In a nutshell, these are the points that describe why the second season of the famous anime The Promised Neverland has disappointed many fans.

  1. Manga & Anime Not Synced
  2. Major Arcs & Characters Skipped (Almost 60 Manga Chapters Skipped)
  3. Passive Storytelling & Disconnected Storyline
  4. Lackluster Ending
  5. Numb Characters and their Under-Development

But before we judge how it actually performed, let us look properly at different ways in which the second season was criticized and did not meet the expectations of the fans. Were these all valid points for hating this anime? Let us analyze one-by-one

1. Manga & Anime Were Not Synced, But is this a Good Reason?

This is the biggest reason why most of the fans are hating this season. But the reality is that you cannot expect that every anime will follow the same route. People were praising the manga too much, so I thought of taking a peek.

Manga Was Boring Too : After quick-reading the manga and understanding the structure of the story, I actually found the later arcs as quite boring. If it were to be animated, still it would have looked rather dull.

Everyone wanted Goldy Pond Arc and Characters that were left out. But even if they had been included in the anime, it might not probably make the anime more interesting.

The Real Reason Behind The Bad Adaptation of the Second Season : There may be tons of reasons why the directors were not able to stick to the source material. One of the reasons is the budget in which they are supposed to complete the show. They cannot afford to hire animators and force them to copy-paste the exact same story as showed in the manga while paying them peanuts for the same.

The same thing goes for the set deadlines and the availaibility of resources. Animation Studios have a very strict deadline & budget. They are not supposed to overshoot this as they have other animes to create and focus upon. They must have used the resources for other bigger titles, who knows? Given the COVID scenario, this might be actually true to some extent!

The Promised Neverland Season 2 was definitely not in their list of animes which must be done considering ‘audience-interest’ in their minds. They did not think about the possibility that majority of the anime-viewers would have completed reading the source material. And that is where we move towards our second point.

2. Comparison is a bad way to judge

Comparing the anime with the manga? It is illogical to do so. How can you expect two different sources of entertainment which are highly different in their physical existence and impact? Not only manga, but people are comparing the second season with the first one. Now I was also among the group of people who tried to compare this season with the previous season.

Difference in Genre Between TPN S1 and S2 : After thinking this through, I understood that it’s absurd to compare at this point. Season 1 had it’s own way of execution and storytelling. The story was quite fresh, the genre and the psychological battle was amazing. However as we moved towards the second season, what we saw is highly emotional characters and story that didn’t belong to the psychological thriller category anymore, because it was meant to be set up that way, as per it’s story!

There is definitely a striking difference between the two seasons and the setup of both the seasons are detached from each other. Does this necessarily mean that the second season was bad? If I imagine the first season being emotional rather than psychological, I can’t find myself complaining about the second season anymore. The prime suspect here is comparison. There is no way to compare both the seasons, if you do it, you will be always depressed about how the second season was completely destroyed. Fans should start thinking about this as soon as possible.

3. Character Deterioration instead of Character Development

Emma became too much emotional. It always felt like they were trying really hard to make her the ‘best girl’, but the reverse happened. Emma lost her colorful personality. In fact every character was way too emotional, but Emma was on another level!

Norman became genocidal, only to realize that he had been thinking like a complete idiot. Also this happened right after he got the information about Mujika and her ‘Evil Blood’. Due to this he lost the personality he had in the first season.

Ray acted like a completely different person, following orders of Norman and Emma. He lost his intellectual personality.

I still can’t imagine how many plot holes were there in this season. Everything was rushed, and the ending was horrible as well. Yes these are all valid points. But still, here the characters became lifeless only because the story went haywire. Characters are driven by story and the way it is executed.

4. Unnecessary Defamation

This is the reason why I hate people who complain too much about the second season. Let me pick a horrible anime with bland characters and non-directional storyline and make such people watch it. There is less probability of them going on the internet and criticize about it. But why though?

I know that they don’t probably care about the anime, hence they won’t put forth their thoughts.

Consequences of Anime Defamation : But this is not correct. This gives leverage and support to absurd and nonsense animes, and defames the good ones. It is important to criticize without comparison. Unnecessary defamation of animes should be avoided at all costs. I hate it because fans do it intentionally!

#Opinion : At last, it would have been better if the producers had made a movie instead of the second season to cover up the story.

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  1. ashleycapes says:

    I was disappointed in the season for sure, but there was still a few things that I liked a lot, yeah.

  2. ChibiChonk says:

    I absolutely agree regarding comparing manga source material to the animated material. It is a pet peeve of mine. For me, its comparing apples and oranges. I get people want the animated material to be as close to the source material, but as you pointed out, that isn’t always feasible, or makes for a good show. I also agree regarding the deterioration of characters in the second season. It is what caused me to struggle watching season two. I try my best to not knock a show just to be negative, but I am sure I am guilty of it. I should try to be more objective.

    1. I am glad that you agree…

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