Has Eren Actually Fought Reiner?

These two characters have been continuously fighting each other since the past two seasons, no, maybe three seasons. Wait, they literally fought every season! However, even after so much fighting, they are still heading for yet another fight.

However, fans are curious when this fight will get over. As of now, Eren stands victorious due to the fact that he kept moving forward despite all odds.

On the other hand, Reiner is still confused and fed up with how the world is governed. Unlike Eren, he has become suicidal and has no hope to continue living, and hence lost to the Attack Titan in the 4th Season.

Keeping Reiner’s dark past in mind, we all can agree how these fights are ending up with no results.

However, we are clearly not sure about what is going to happen this time.

This time Reiner looks pretty much dedicated towards winning. The battle is not over yet.

The reality is that ‘Eren Vs Reiner’ has not happened yet

Eren never hesitated to take one more step forward to find reasons by himself

The fight is still remaining. There is absolutely no event occured where these two characters have purely fought against each other.

They didn’t actually fight until now. In fact, they were just fighting for other reasons. Eren was fighting so he could keep moving forward and fix the root cause of all the problems they had been facing since past so many years. Eren’s goals were clear from the start itself.

Reiner was fighting so as to prove his worth in front of Marley and become an ‘ideal’ Marleyan, so that he could provide good life to his family and himself. He just wanted to fight for a good cause. Reiner’s goals were not clear. He had always been confused about ‘good’ and ‘bad’ and his own decisions.

They never fought with the pure purpose of fighting.

Because Eren & Reiner, both are same

Every good effort Reiner made, ended up into failure

In Season 4, during the speech given by Willy Tybur, Reiner gets to meet Eren. During the conversation, we get to know how the world is twisted and how Eren has not yet found his ‘true’ enemy. Everyone is going through the same difficulties and situation and are bound by them, be it marley or eldians.

In that case, life of both of these characters are very similar. They both were searching for the best decision, and in the process, they ended up finding out the real truth.

How can two characters fight with each other if they share the same broken childhood? They both had been used as weapons until now.

Even so, why they are so dissimilar?

They are so similar yet so different

Even if they are so similar based upon their past experiences, why are they so different from each other?

The answer for this might possibly lie in the titans they inherit.

Eren is seeking freedom and wants to get out of the clutches from eldians, marley and any other possible entity that is controlling him or driving him to do things.

One theory behind this is that this is happening because of the Attack Titan residing within him.

Attack Titan is always looking for attaining freedom, which is embedded in it’s own biology. It’s desires, now reflect in it’s holder which is Eren. This could be a reason why Eren has now become detached from his own friends and is heading towards his freedom. He is fighting for himself more than anyone else.

On the other hand, Reiner’s Armored Titan is all about ‘protecting’, and this could be the reason why he had always been guilty of not being able to save ‘Marcel’. Even then, he thought that he could atone for the loss of Marcel by taking revenge on the eldians on that day (basically he wanted to become a hero). But this only worsened the situation. Reiner had mostly been fighting for his friends and Marley.

I cannot find strong reasons behind them fighting each other. Either I want them to fight properly, for a better cause, or else they should finally stop fighting at this point.

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