Top 10 ESTJ Anime Characters Ranked

ESTJ, also known as a ‘Executives’ are personality type that loves order and is capable of directing people. These people love tradition and have strong sense of ‘leadership’ and are very good in teamwork.

ESTJ types are commanding in nature, and always look for the best decision that will give the best outcome.

Even in animes, there are many characters that possess the same trait, hence typed as ESTJ.

Today, we will look at such top 10 ESTJ anime characters ranked according to their popularity and fanbase in MBTI group discussions. But before that, let us look at the traits of such characters.

Traits of ESTJ Anime Characters

  1. Strong Leadership
  2. Tradition Followers
  3. Self-confident
  4. Highly Reliable & Responsible
  5. Loves Practicality & Logic

Sounds familiar right? There is abundant amount of characters which possess the above traits in animes.

List of Top 10 ESTJ Anime Characters

10. Enji Todoroki (Boku No Hero Academia)

enji todoroki

Enji Todoroki, a.k.a Endeavor, the No. 1 Pro Hero (Formerly No. 2) comes at the 10th position in the list of top 10 ESTJ anime characters. He is well known for his rude demeanor and a surprising quirk called ‘Hellflame’ because of which he can control and manipulate fire in different ways. He can use these flames as a weapon against the villains. Other than that, he also possesses Superhuman Strength.

Personality-wise, Endeavor is an arrogant father, as described by others and Shoto Todoroki, his son himself.

9. Maki Zenin (Jujutsu Kaisen)

zenin maki

Maki is a refreshing and well developed character in Jujutsu Kaisen.

Maki is a second year student, studying at Tokyo Jujutsu Tech. Initially, she had to face a lot of struggles and hardship due to the fact that she was unable to use cursed energy. Despite all the criticism from her friends and family, she kept practicing hard and finally mastered sorcery.

Although being at Grade 4 ranking, she possesses outstanding ability of a Grade 2 Ranker. As far as skills are concerned, she is well known for her exception weaponry skills, high-level intellectual ability and incredible speed and agility. Her special ability lies in the way she can use cursed tools and wide variety of cursed weapons.

8. Doppo Kunikida (Bungou Stray Dogs)

doppo kunikida

Doppo is a member of the Armed Detective Agency. His personality is rigid, strong, meticulous and disciplined. He always feels the need to organize everything properly in his job. Most of the times, this character is calm, although he suffers from constant outbursts of anger at some point.

Doppo possesses a very interesting ability called ‘The Matchless Poet’ using which he can summon objects by writing their names in his notebook. Interesting, isn’t it? The ability may also be called as ‘Item Creation’ in simpler terms.

7. Floch Forster (Shingeki no Kyojin)

floch forster

You can’t deny the fact that atleast one character in my MBTI list is definitely from Attack on Titan.

This time, we have Floch Forster at the 7th position. Floch is a member of the Survey Corps, the people who are responsible for saving the people residing within the walls from the deadly titans attacking the walls. Personality-wise, he is reckless, yet very honest and truthful in his opinions.

In the later seasons, he is shown to be a strong supporter to Eren Yeager, which classifies him as a Yeagerist. Other than that, he was initially a coward but later he becomes more aware about the scenario happening inside and outside the walls. As the story progresses, he develops hatred towards people residing outside the walls, or anyone who is against Eldians and the Eldian Empire.

6. Nobara Kugisaki (Jujutsu Kaisen)

nobara kugisaki

This character has a strong personality. Self-confidence and bravery are her key strengths, which reflects through her behaviour.

She had also been through a dark past, due to which her story is very similar to that of Maki’s. This is the reason why she has high respect for her. In terms of abilities, she is very agile and much stronger than she looks. Unlike other Jujutsu Sorcerers, she uses variety of tools like Hammer, Nail and the Straw Doll Technique.

In terms of skill-level, she is just a Grade 3 Sorcerer, but she is more of a skilled fighter, capable of fighting even the most lethal of curses. Her techniques involve greater range of ‘technicality’ which requires tactical thinking skills.

5. Vegeta (Dragon Ball Z)


Vegeta is a very well-known character in the topic of animes. Being of the main characters from the Dragon Ball Series, next to Goku. He is also referred to as Prince Vegeta by none other than himself.

Personality wise, he is bitter, hot-headed and a bit arrogant. This behavior arises because of the sufferings he and his race had to bear under Frieza’s influence. That is why, he is also referred as one of the antagonists in the series.

Throughout the entire series, he goes through multiple transformations like Super Vegeta, Majin Vegeta, Vegito, Gogeta and a lot more. It’s a huge list! Packed with power, agility and strength, he killed so many characters like Zarbon, Android 19 and a number of Frieza’s Soldiers.

4. Mary Saotome (Kakegurui)

mary saotome

One of the protagonists of a well known anime series called Kakegurui, Mary is a student studying at Hyakkaou Private Academy.

Many refer to her as quite sadistic and too much confident in her gambling games. Her key aspects are high intellect and gambling skills, which also makes her a very interesting protagonist.

Despite these, her personality is quite cocky. However, she had always wished to achieve and become a winner in her life, which reflects in her gambling itself. She is shown to have inferiority-complex because of her terrible financial situation, which keeps dragging along throughout the series.

3. Jean Kirstein (Shingeki no Kyojin)

jean kirstein

Jean is also a well known character from Attack On Titan. He is very well-known for his leader like personality, although at some points he becomes very self-conscious for the same. He is a hot-headed individual, often found quarrelling and fighting rigorously with Eren Yeager during the start of the season.

Jean was very much confident that there is absolutely no hope for humanity. Unlike other members of the Survey Corps and Military, he is not that much skilled in using Omni-Directional Mobility Gear, although he tries his best to be victorious.

He cares much for his friends, especially Sasha and Connie, as they are his best friends throughout the series.

2. Tenya Ida (Boku No Hero Academia)

tenya lida

Tenya Ida is the class representative, studying in class 1-A at UA Academy. Personality-wise, Tenya is wise, intelligent and very straightforward in his duties and responsibilities, hence a perfect CR candidate at academy.

Peculiar features in his personality include the way he is capable of instructing others. He possesses great leadership skills and is quite efficient with organizing people and other students from Class 1-A. He is mostly found with Midoriya and Uraraka most of the times, as they are his best friends.

He possesses a very interesting quirk called as “Engine” due to which there are engines or turbo embedded in his calves. He uses this engine to boost up his speed while running. This gives him immense running speed and sometimes aids him in kicking opponents with full power.

1. Asuka Langley Soryu (Neon Genesis Evangelion)

asuka langley

She is an Eva Pilot in the series Neon Genesis Evangelion with exceptional piloting skills. Personality-wise, she is stubborn yet possesses good leadership skills, and has a lot of confidence on herself. As per the fans, she has a very proudy personality. She is violent enough to be called as one of the most reckless anime characters.

Aside from her commanding personality, what makes her achieve the No. 1 position in this chart is her huge fanbase and personality that fans love the most. Other than this specific anime, she has also been a protagonist in several other Evangelion Series.

Who is your favorite character from the above list? Feel free to mention in the comments section below.

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