The Faraway Paladin Anime Adaptation Coming This October

Anime adaptation for The Faraway Paladin Light Novel is officially announced. The story revolves around a boy named Will (William), who is living alone in the city of the dead and being raised up by three undead people, first being the The Wandering Sage ‘Augustus’, the second being The War Ogre ‘Blood’ and the third being the Mater’s Daughter, ‘Mary’, a priestess. The anime is officially scheduled for release in October 2021.

From Will’s perspective, he needs to understand and uncover the secret behind his existence and how he has ended up into the land of the dead. He needs to find the true reason for living and wants to be useful in some or the other way.

A Brief Overview of The Faraway Paladin Characters

Let us look at the protagonist and the three most unusual characters, those three undead people who took the responsibility of raising William in the city of the dead, and a mysterious elf-like character. All these characters were mildly introduced in the PV.

William G. Maryblood

1. William G. Maryblood

Will is the protagonist of this anime. As per the light-novel, he is a brave and kind-hearted indivdual. Years ago, his caravan was raided outside the land of the dead, and he was the only survivor. He was a little baby then. When the three undead people found him, they happily accepted, adopted and raised him, teaching him multiple skills.

The Wandering Sage Augustus Gus

2. The Wandering Sage ‘Augustus’ (a.k.a Gus)

He looks pretty much similar to dumbledore from the harry potter series.

Gus is the ghost of a wizard, clad in his wizard-like robe and a nice hat. He is shown to be wise and like a teacher to William. In the world of the dead, he has raised William and taught him how to be thoughtful. Even so, he has a very manipulative personality.

Mater's Daughter Mary

3. Mater’s Daughter, ‘Mary’

Mary is a priestess, so you can tell that easily from her attire. She is like a mother figure for William. Just like any other priestess, she has guided William to be always pious and courteous in his deeds.

The War Ogre Blood

4. The War Ogre ‘Blood

Blood is a skeleton-type character who acts as a father figure for William. He is responsible for teaching William how to fight and face the world, leveraging his physical ability and strength.

Menedor Elf

5. Meneldor

Meneldor is a mysterious elf-like character introduced in the trailer, standing in the Woods. This character wields a bow and arrow, indicating his archery skills.

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