5 Reasons Why Death Note is the Best Starter Anime for Anyone

New anime fans are often confused about which anime to watch first. Especially considering the fact there are so many animes out there with different genres and styles.

The question is, what will match your style?

As a new anime viewer, it is fairly difficult to understand and dive into animes. In fact, it is much harder than other entertainment medium. So what are the possible reasons behind this dilemma of choosing your first anime?

ryuk the shinigami

Why is it So Difficult to Select Your First Anime?

  1. A plenty of variety – People get overwhelmed by the crazy amount of animes and different genres, to the point where they get confused about where to start
  2. Mainstream Vs Casuals – Most often fans try to cover up all the mainstream animes first. But at the same time, they hear multiple stories and recommendations from their otaku friends, about watching some ‘particular’ show whose title is so long that they basically forget it after an hour.
  3. Animes are lengthy – Be it seasonal shows or single season animes, they are basically lengthy. The average length of an anime episode is somewhere around 23 minutes. On average, every anime has 25-30 episodes. To even complete a single anime series, you need a month. Yes, a month! In that scenario, picking up a good anime that you won’t regret is a must, isn’t it?
  4. There aren’t enough Otakus around you – Rarely you will find people around you that watch animes and can aid in giving the right information about where to start. Surely, you can definitely use Quora or Google to get suggestions, but face-to-face anime recommendation has it’s own value.

Even in such circumstances, there are a few animes that cater to the needs of the newbies who are just getting started into animes. These animes welcome anyone with open arms, and they are highly relatable, interesting and keeps you on the edge of your seat.

Out of such animes, one highly popular anime, which even non-otakus must have heard once in a while, is Death Note. Death Note, although being a supernatural shonen anime, is a good anime to start with.

5 Reasons Why Death Note is so Good

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1. The Dubbed Version is Equally Good as the Subbed One

Suppose you are very new to animes, but you are an avid fan of Marvel, DC and Hollywood Movies. You are mostly comfortable with watching them in English.

In such case, when you happen to dive into animes, you will have doubts regarding how you will be able to see it in Japanese right? In that case, I have a good news for you!

Well, thankfully in the case of Death Note, both the subbed and the dubbed version are equally great. You will not find much of a difference, and this is why Death Note is fairly easy to start with as compared to other animes.

2. Suspense & Thrill Starts from the First Episode

You don’t need to wait for the entire story to develop. You can get the adrenaline rush from the first episode itself.

Death Note’s Storyline is tailored in such a way that the development starts from the first episode and it just keeps getting better and better. And this is very important because this creates a good impression on new viewers who are unaware about animes.

You get a good head-start and you get involved more and more into the story. Along with it, you are rewarded with awesome suspense music as well. After a couple of episodes, it just becomes a rollercoaster, so enjoy!

l, light, misa and near

3. Well Written Characters You Can Relate With

One of the most important reasons behind watching death note as a starter anime is it’s awesome bunch of characters.

Every character is written beautifully and develops throughout the story. Another interesting thing is that each character is shown as important, and equally contribute in the story.

4. It is Not Just A ‘Good Guy Vs Bad Guy’ Anime

Most animes as well as other entertaining movies like hollywood and bollywood utilize the concept of good vs evil. However, it has started to become very monotonous, considering the fact that there are so many movies based upon the same concept.

However, Death Note also follows this approach, but the way it is executed is unique, which makes it quite different from other animes and TV Shows.

Death Note is about a fight for ‘Justice’. But this fight is not Black & White, since the meaning of justice here is different for both characters, Light Yagami and L. You cannot predict which side is ‘Good’ or ‘Correct’. This is why Death Note has a very unique ideology.

light and ryuk

5. Balanced Amount of Episodes

People often complain about animes being very lengthy. However, in case of Death Note, it’s intriguing story is covered in just 37 Episodes. While this number is not much less, but it is still better than other mainstream animes.

One advantage is that despite having such a deep story, Death Note is not a seasonal anime, and covers up the entire story in these 37 episodes. The anime is void of fillers and things which is a good news for anime viewers.

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