Weird Questions Otakus Ask About Armin Arlert on Google

On Google, there is abundance of memes and weird posts about animes, especially when we talk about a mainstream anime like Attack on Titan.

However when we talk about the weird questions asked by fans on google search, we get mind-boggling results. These questions are literally funny as well as thoughtful at the same time.

Upon searching such questions that people ask about Armin Arlert, a famous character and one of the protagonist out of the three main characters, we get to see some interesting questions.

Let us look at such 8 different weird yet thoughtful questions about Armin Arlert that people generally ask to google.

Disclaimer: Attack On Titan Anime Spoilers are given below (Season 1 to 4). However we don’t know anything further than the anime. We assure you that here we are not spoiling the manga.

1. Is Armin a Girl?

People who have just started watching AOT have asked this question.

But why though? Well it is because of Armin’s hairstyle and body-type that resembles so much to female characters. Even his voice is feminine.

armin and annie
They are being shipped like crazy!

2. Will Armin Marry Annie?

This question has surfaced in the minds of the audience because of excessive character shipping between these two characters, lately in the 4th Season of Attack on Titan. This was fueled by another character named ‘Hitch’

But is there a probability of them marrying each other? It’s highly unlikely.

Because these both characters are Titan Shifters entitled with 13 years of life-span. At the point of timeline in AOT’s 4th Season, they both have only a few years to live.

Also the reason why this can’t be possible is the ‘uncertainty’ created because of Eren Yeager & Zeke’s Masterplan.

Also we have not seen both of them talking to each other that much. So it is hard to predict.

armin punching eren
Armin tried his best…

3. Can Armin Beat Eren

Absolutely Not. In fact Armin got beaten up by Eren too much during the fight in the 4th Season. Eren himself states that Armin is a very weak individual and is no match for him.

Armin is helpless in any fight, be it with anyone. But in case of the fight between him and Eren, he suffered a lot of emotional damage along with physical damage.

4. Why Armin Over Erwin?

This is a good question though. Basically there is not a righteous answer or a logical explanation for the same. Erwin himself rejected taking the titan spinal fluid shot when Levi was administering him. After so much commotion and responsibility, he needed a long rest.

This does not mean that Armin was lucky. Since he became a titan shifter after eating Bertholdt, he is entitled to live only for 13 years, which again is not something you call lucky, in general terms. But considering the scenario, the decision was sound.

5. Could Armin Be a Tybur?

This is somewhat confusing. We don’t have any clue why people are suspecting Armin as a member of Tybur family.

However this could be possible later in the Manga. Since Attack on Titan is very suspenseful anime, we might not have reached the revelation part yet. Maybe in the Manga it might be revealed.

armin injured

6. What Armin Saw in Bertholdt’s Memories?

Basically when you inherit a Titan, you see the past memories. So Armin would have seen the destruction caused when Bertholdt was the Colossal Titan. He had also seen events like Marcel getting eaten by a normal titan.

But there could be a lot more things hidden in Bertholdt’s Memories and even the earlier ones. Who knows?

7. Will Armin Become Evil

Probably not. It is highly unlikely.

However, he might lose his temperament and try to attack Eren because of the commotion that took place on the table.

Armin will probably remember the deadly jabs he had to take from Eren. If Eren goes out of hand, Armin will strike back, and he had always been preparing for such scenario beforehand.

armin crying yelena

8. Why did Armin Cry Yelena

Let me reframe this question. “Why did Armin Cry in front of Yelena?”

Yelena revealed Zeke’s Plan about Euthanization and putting an end to the race of Titans. This plan has been tailored to protect the future of humanity, and involves self-sacrifice.

The plan resonated with Armin’s morals and beliefs. Hence he cried.

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