8 Times Falco Tried to Save Gabi

Falco has tried to save Gabi multiple times throughout the 4th Season of Attack on Titan. We continuously see them arguing with each other, but Falco knows his responsibility of keeping Gabi safe and secure. Gabi is a very reckless character, portrayed right from the start of the series.

However, her reckless behaviour has caused a lot of commotion, distress and uncertainty as well. Falco is seen to be constantly battling with her ideas. He knows a lot about Gabi’s behaviour and feels the need to get her under his control. At some point, he is successful in doing so, but sometimes he has also failed.

Times When Falco Tried To Save Gabi in Attack On Titan Season 4

1. By Jumping to Save Her from Open Fire in Episode 1

During the first episode, Gabi took a great risk by attaching explosives to her leg and move towards the enemy base. She did it in order to throw it on the train and destroy them.

However, she completely does it as per the plan, but now she has to run towards her base as fast as possible. During her return, she was bombarded with open fire. At the same time, Falco plunged forward and saved her, and both of them ended up in a small hole. After a few seconds, the Jaw Titan had returned to rescue both of them.

2. By Stopping Her From Inheriting The Armored Titan

Falco had always been very fond of Gabi. But he had been always sad by the fact that Gabi will become the Armored Titan due to her exceptional skills.

He wants to save Gabi by preventing her to inherit the Titan as inheriting the Titan is risky for her life and reduces her life span. Falco is ready to inherit the Titan in favor of Gabi, to which even Reiner is supportive. They both want to save Gabi from a life full of despair.

3. By Beating Gabi in a Race

Falco wants to inherit the Titan so that he can prevent Gabi from inheriting it. However to do so, he has to prove his loyalty to the marley nation, and ramp up his skills. Due to this, his first step would be to beat Gabi in every aspect and become a better soldier than her.

To do this, he had been practicing hard. His efforts were seen when he beat Gabi in a race towards the gates. Although Gabi was upset and was angry, both Zofia and Udo were very happy about Falco’s win. Even Reiner was amazed by Falco’s Performance.

4. By Preventing Her From Onboarding The Airship (Failed)

During the whole commotion that took place during the Eldians raid on Marley, Gabi was acting crazy due to Udo and Zofia’s Death. She took the rifle in her hand and starting running by her own to kill the Eldians.

While running, she found one of the Eldian dead and her Gear which was connected to the airship. She thought this was a good opportunity to get onboard and kill the whole crew and get her revenge.

Falco tried to convince her how foolish her idea was, but still Gabi wouldn’t listen. She put the hand on the gear trigger. As soon as this happened, Falco plunged to grab her leg and they both ended up going up towards the airship. Falco’s Brother failed to catch both of them.

5. By Removing Her Armband Near The Lake

Eldians who are detained in Marley carry a special Armband to represent their identity. After getting out of the clutches of Paradis Military, they run and end up near a lake, having a discussion.

Falco explains how the Armband she is wearing should be removed as soon as possible to avoid getting caught by soldiers again.

6. By Forcing Her to Stay With The Braus Family

In order to survive, Falco and Gabi needs to find a shelter. Luckily a girl named Kaya who belongs to the Braus Family meets them near the lake.

She tells how she can allow them to live in their house for the time-being. However Gabi is still angry about the whole situation and not ready to live in a so called ‘Eldian’ Family.

But Falco knows how important it is for now, as they have no shelter or food to survive for the next few days. Somehow he manages to convince her to stay with the Braus family. He also provides fake names and identities of themselves in front of the Braus family.

7. By Preventing Her From Killing Kaya

Gabi, Falco and Kaya the three of them were talking to each other. Suddenly, Gabi suddenly realised that Kaya knows that both Gabi and Falco are from Marley.

Calling Eldians as ‘Devils’ she calmly took the farming tool with three spikes (I don’t know the name of this tool) and plunged forward to attack Kaya with full force.

At the correct time, Falco jumped and grapped the tool, preventing her from attacking Kaya.

8. Saved Gabi from Getting Beat Up By Niccolo (Ends up Bleeding Himself)

During the Event, both Gabi and Falco went to the basement to meet Niccolo (this was advised by Kaya), in order to talk to him and find a way out the island.

However, in return, Gabi revealed her identity to Niccolo, due to which he got to know that Gabi was the killer of Sasha Braus. In raging anger, Niccolo picked up the bottle of wine and tried to hit it hard on Gabi’s Face.

During the process, Falco jumped in to save Gabi, and ended up bleeding severely.

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