How a Realist Hero Rebuilt The Kindgom | A New Kingdom Building Anime

Kingdoms are built mainly through the efforts of a variety of people. There are people handling the administration whereas there are people who are fighting the nations and protecting their mother nation. Yet another kingdom anime is going to be released, called as ‘ How a Realist Hero Rebuilt The Kingdom’. It is going to be an adaptation of its Light Novel.

Kazuma Souma, the protagonist of this series, seems to be an ideal candidate for his isekai world. Souma is a practical and realistic individual, mostly focusing on administrative process of rebuilding the kingdom. He is very much aware of the current situation of the kingdom and wants to uplift its economy, because he has been throned as the new Hero or Ruler.

Kazuma has a belief and a goal, and he will require manpower beside him to effectively strategize and improve the condition of the kingdom.

Release Date : The Light Novel will be getting a TV anime adaptation, as announced by Overlap on April 17, 2020, and is scheduled to release in July 2021.

How did the Light Novel Perform?

The Light Novel has performed just average, with score of 7.82 on my anime list.

Official Trailer

Below is a list of characters from this anime/light novel.

Main Characters

1. Kazuya Souma
2. Liscia Elfrieden
3. Aisha Udgard

Supporting Characters

1. Naden Delal
2. Juna Doma
3. Roroa Amidonia
4. Kwonmin Hakuya
5. Jeanne Euphoria
6. Excel Walter

Should you watch this anime?

If you love to watch animes related to military, kingdoms and its administration, then you will love watching it.

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