5 Most Brutal Deaths in Attack on Titan Season 4

We have been continuously witnessing a lot of death in Attack On Titan. The anime lost a lot of important characters, out of which there were also important characters like Bertholdt and Erwin. Attack on Titan Deaths are very saddening. It feels as if the world has become empty, whenever a beloved character dies.

Today let us see such 5 brutal and gruesome death in attack on titan fourth season. Here as well, we lost a great deal of characters, who could have even done better later in the series. It is very saddening to see how fans are under trauma because of their deaths.

This does not make attack on titan less interesting. The plot has been continuously improving and fans expect even more out of it.

5 Most Horrifying Attack On Titan Deaths in Season 4

zofia's death in attack on titan deaths
This was very unexpected

1. Zofia Killed By Flying Boulder During Eren’s Transformation

After eating Willy Tybur, Eren’s titan created havoc on the marleyan military and the military were on their knees as many soldiers suffered instant death just because of his transformation.

Soldiers got injured, however the saddening part is that most of the lost their lives. The debris was flying everywhere. Unluckily, one big boulder among those debris flew and landed right on Zofia and crushed her. Gabi and the rest tried their best to save her, but the stampede was so much that even Udo died in the stampede.

lara tybur's death in attack on titan deaths
War hammer’s hardening is astounding!

2. Lara Tybur (War Hammer Titan) Killed By Eren Yeager

Lara Tybur is none other than the war hammer titan itself. Just after Willy was swallowed by the attack titan, Lara Tybur transformed into the war hammer titan and attacked the attack titan. But eren didn’t seem to care about her and before she transformed fully, he had no patience and threw a crystallized hardened punch right on her face.

It seemed as if the war hammer titan was getting the upper hand in the fight due to it’s natural ability to heal faster, on top of that her hardening was stronger than that of Eren’s attack titan. But Eren acted smart and found out how the war hammer titan was not able to take damage.

Upon further thinking, he found that the holder of the titan is not inside it, but lies below the ground, crystallized inside a thick hardened substance created by itself. But it was difficult to break. But soon he realized that he can use the Jaw Titans incredibly strong jaws to break open the crystal and eat her. He used the Jaw Titans jaw just like a nutcracker, to break open the crystal, and finally ate the holder of the war hammer titan.

dhalis death in attack on titan deaths
He died an honorable death.

3. Dhalis Zachary Killed By Bomb Planted By Yeagerists

Dhalis was looking forward for a meeting in his crib where he had also arranged a type of torture/electric chair, special for Eren Yeager. Mikasa and Armin where present there as well.

However, just after a few minutes, three marleyan soldiers entered the room, and boom! Dhalis’s body flew out of the window of the room, obliterated badly and fell just in front of a large gathering of people, who were revolting against the idea of Zachary about detaining Eren Yeager.

The bomb was planted by the Yeagersits, which was revealed later. Eren is like a godfather to them, and he is the only saviour of humanity. Due to this plan, yeagerists were successfully able to free Eren and help him in his quest for finding Zeke.

willy tybur's death in attack on titan deaths
Willy wanted to start a war, but Eren had already planned about it.

4. Willy Tybur Eaten Alive By Attack Titan

Willy Tybur was peacefully giving a speech at the main event held at marley. The speech was an important announcement regarding the declaration of war on the paradis island. However, little did he knew that the building behind his stage had a traitor inside it. The traitor/enemy was none other than the attack titan, Eren Yeager.

Just as he declared about the war against the paradis island, Eren transformed into attack titan in the basement of the building behind the stage, because of which the building collapsed as well. Eren immediately picked and tossed Willy like an M&M and swallowed him. Willy’s death was very instantenous and unexpected, yet the episode was on fire!

sasha's braus death in attack on titan deaths
Her last words? MEAT

5. Sasha Braus Shot By Gabi

Sasha’s Death was very disappointing for the fans. Now I know that it was not a gruesome death, but it was a very painful scenario. The fact that a small kid killed her, makes it more painful and unbelievable. Our potato girl got killed by none other than Gabi, the probable contender to inherit the armored titan.

After the massacre done by the eldians on the marleyan nation, gabi was very furious and wanted to destroy every eldians out there. Luckily she got the chance to onboard one of the airships among the few which were leaving the zone, with hundreds of eldian soldiers inside it.

As soon as she climbed the airship, she held the rifle and shot Sasha right in her back which caused heavy bleeding. In fact she was also aiming for Jean, for which Falco plunged on Gabi which caused her to miss her target.

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  1. I don’t think Sasha’s was that ‘brutal’, It was more sad that brutal. It was honestly the easiest death unlike everyone else who died in AOT in general since most were eaten alive. Nice Post tho!

    1. It was the most brutal, emotionally.

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