6 Amazing Things in Jujutsu Kaisen Opening Song 2

Just like the first opening, the second opening of jujutsu kaisen is also a banger. We get to see well animated characters, visuals and a perfect score to make it more interesting. Mappa had been continuously creating so good anime openings and endings, to the point where other studios are falling short and it has become quite difficult for them to compete with this amazing style.

Openings are very important for an anime to build its foundation and keep the audience engaged. However, openings like Jujutsu Kaisen are so good that no one will ever skip a single second of it while watching the episode.

Nevertheless, we do know that it takes a lot of effort from the animators perspective. In tribute to those animators and creative souls, let us look at 6 of the most amazing things that we get to see in this anime’s second opening.

black cats are often considered as bad luck

1. The One-Eyed Cat

One of the most interesting thing in this opening is the black one-eyed cat that you see right in the start. Basically, I think that it must have been put there for some reason. Maybe it might symbolize something about the whole anime. Yet, cats have been depicted so many times in animes.

After further researching, I found out that black cats are considered as ill-omens, not in just India, but a lot of nations. People avoid crossing or walking a road which is crossed by a black cat (superstitions).

Other than that, from what we see in the opening is that a window gets opened behind that cat. That representation clearly means that a door is getting open, a door which will be allowing a lot of cursed dark souls enter and disrupt humanity.

panda san into gorilla mode

2. The Raging Panda-San

As soon as we proceed further, we see a panda, none other than the cursed panda studying at Jujutsu Tech. He is shown to be in utmost anger, with beating his chest (very similar to that of King Kong). This is a clue about how the Panda can possibly transform into a gorilla like creature, which we eventually see later as he transforms by going into Gorilla Mode.

Other than that, if you look closely, you will see that there is fire in panda’s mouth which is causing a lot of smoke to be released from his mouth. In the previous opening also, we have also seen this panda, but not in a way like this. Here he looks prepared for a good fight!

this bubble burst reminds us of our childhood

3. The Incredible Bubble-Burst Effect

This is the most amazing thing that I saw in this anime opening. The animation for the bubble bursting in the air was done brilliantly. You will rarely find anime opening where there is so much attention to detail and reality. Jujutsu Kaisen’s opening covers details in a much more efficient and interesting way.

It is basically a slow motion animation of a soap bubble bursting. You can notice how the it first starts bursting from the bottom and moves towards the top. It is just amazing. You can also see the rainbow color effect. If you compare it with a real soap bubble, you will not find much of a difference. The reflection is also done very nicely!

Hanami’s techniques are full of branches

4. Itadori & Todo vs Hanami Fight Scene

As we move further in the opening, we start to get some good glimpse about what is eventually going to happen in the anime. Now we do know for a fact that it acted like a spoiler, but still its commendable.

Its not just the fight that is incredible. You can also see some clear reference about Todo being able to shift his position in space in a mere millisecond, something very similar to how electrons behave in physics. Todo can be present at two different locations at the same time, and can also swap his body with other individual or vice-versa. He can also swap two different people, and this technique is dangerous, I mean very dangerous!

Itadori and Todo eventually fight with Hanami and that part where they were indulged in the fight was also beautifully animated. I will surely post about such incredible fight moments from jujutsu kaisen very soon.

a glimpse of Gojo’s Hollow purple technique

5. Gojo Satoru’s Hollow Purple Technique

As we have completed with the major fight scenes, now is definitely the time to showcase Gojo Satoru’s incredible new technique called as “Hollow Purple”. The technique is a combination of Red and Blue (yeah we still don’t know if he combined these two different techniques or it was just to make it sound cool LMAO).

Hollow Purple is incredibly powerful, using which Gojo was able to obliterate and create a hollow path from the point where he used the curse to a very long distance. The force of this technique is so much that even first grade curses can die because of it.

In the opening, we see a glimpse of Gojo preparing a cursed technique which is purple colored, and we can’t get enough information just by looking at the opening. But the opening does depict that Gojo Satoru will unleash his new technique.

notice the red aura around itadori? This is something new!

6. Itadori’s Black Flash Technique

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Okay so it is clear that Gojo is not the only one who is going to get a lot of attention. At the very end of the opening, we see that Itadori is trying to use a new cursed technique on Hanami, the one he was fighting alongside with Todou. Generally cursed techniques often appear to be bluish aura on swords, objects and limbs. However Itadori’s fist have a reddish black aura around it, indicating that it is not just another cursed fist hitting Hanami.

We get the clue that Itadori is going to be using a very raw yet powerful cursed technique called black flash, which requires solid concentration of cursed energy and quick speed to effectively utilize it on the opponent. Black flash is cursed energy in super saiyan mode!

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And if you haven’t watched Jujutsu Kaisen’s Openings, then you are missing a lot. They are worth watching, even for people who don’t watch animes.

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