Pieck The ‘Surprise’ Girl

Pieck is one of the most surprising characters in Attack on Titan Season 4. With the amount of plot twists and revelations in this anime, Pieck’s notable character and decisions adds more spice to the story’s foundation. We know that characters drive the story, and pieck has done a beautiful job in doing that. We can see how her actions have uplifted the story to another level time-to-time in the 4th Season.

Personality-wise, Pieck is a very intelligent character. She is capable of deducing things perfectly and making decisions based out of it. Pieck’s decisions are not grand, but logical and realistic. This makes her one of the very unique characters in Attack on Titan Series. Not to mention, there are tons of Pieck fans all throughout the world.

Let us see the ways in which Pieck was successful in surprising us as well as the marley nation in attack on titan season 4.

1. By Infiltrating the Paradis Island as a Spy

Soon after the infiltration done by Eren Yeager on the marley nation, the marleyan soldiers were looking for yet another moment to attack and capture Eren’s Attack Titan. Since there were countless of lives lost during that moment, the marleyan military were furious, along with the eldian soldiers at marley, which are Pieck, Galliard and Reiner. They were discussing about the surprise attack made by Eren on their nation.

During the discussion Reiner was sure that this could be the only last opportunity to capture Eren. He only has limited time in his hand as titan shifters only last for 13 years. He insisted the general along with the other soldiers to infiltrate Paradis as soon as possible. This will reduce the time paradis soldiers have to prepare for their offensive move.

However, nobody knew that this infiltration would happen so fast. We see Pieck, clad in a robe with a hoodie, reading a newspaper, INSIDE THE SHIGANSHINA’S MILITARY HEADQUARTERS!

pieck pointing eren

2. By declaring Eren as an “Enemy”

Nobody was ready for this in attack on titan’s final season. This is where Pieck played her biggest ‘deceptive’ game by betraying Eren at the last moment. After the infiltration into the paradis island military, Pieck found a way to approach Eren within the Walls. With a gun in her hand, she pointed it right on Eren’s forehead. She revealed that she had also been fed up with the fights. She told him how Marley is supposed to be advancing in military technology. Which means that they will no longer require titans for their offense and defense.

Eren, although skeptical about her, insisted on giving her proof of loyalty for the eldians and was ready to transform when deemed necessary. Pieck promised to reveal the comrades and spies that infiltrated the paradis island, to which Eren agreed. Pieck, along with Eren and Gabi went onto the terrace of the building. Eren insisted her to show where the enemy was. Pieck held Gabi’s hand, turned towards Eren and pointed towards him with her full arm extended by saying “There”.

Little did we knew that it was all a ‘game’ set up by pieck. Suddenly the Jaw Titan immediately breaks through the floor and emerges, attacking Eren and tries to eat him. Fortunately, Eren survives the surprise attack of the jaw titan, but loses his leg in the process. He immediately turns into the Attack Titan, looking frustrated and angry at the same time. Later it was revealed that Pieck had not always been in support of marley. She instead always had faith on her friends that fought alongside her in war. This was a strategic move, made by Pieck, to reveal the position of the Attack Titan.

3. By ordering the guards to follow her as she was suspicious about the ‘Bearded Soldier’

If you have watched the 4th Season of Attack on Titan, you must be knowing how this came as a great surprise. Just before the speech given by Willy Tybur, a bearded marleyan soldier took Pieck and Gallliard inside a room. However little did they knew that it was a trap to catch both the titans in a small hole underground, restricting their movement.

But Pieck had always been one step further and knew the consequences of trusting marley and their soldiers. Since her suspicions were so strong, while moving behind the bearded soldier, she quietly spoke to one of the guards regarding her suspicion on the bearded man and asked him and his crew to follow them. This was yet another solid move made by Pieck. This was very important since both the jaw and the cart titan were later trapped in a hole. They couldn’t transform there due to the small space. After few minutes, the men arrived to rescue both of them.

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  1. Saniya says:

    This is such an interesting list. I liked what you said about her pointing out that Eren was the enemy as it’s a topic no character really delved into as much until now. Great post!

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