Top 10 Mind Blowing Dr. Stone Inventions (Season 1) Ranked

Dr Stone has always been a fan favourite anime, for tons of science lovers and nerds out there. However, you must be amazed by the fact that this anime has tons of impressive inventions that will leave you awestruck. Not only these inventions do exist in real life, they also portray how they are made and constructed, revealing the resources and the hard work required to invent them. We get to see how much effort is required to build even the smallest of tools and the knowledge required to successfully build one.

With the advancement in technology, we as human beings have forgotten the old age technological things that we invented that were very important during that time, which are, as of now, very distant from us as we have resorted to more advanced tools for our survival. However, in the stone age world of dr. stone, such inventions proved to be beneficial at various stages.

So without further ado, let us look at some interesting and awesome inventions from the series Dr Stone.

List of Top 10 Dr Stone Inventions That Will Blow Your Mind!

crossbow in dr stone

10. Crossbow – Enemy Down in One Hit

Unlike an ordinary bow and arrow, crossbows can cause intense damage to the target with just one hit. The power that the arrow accumulates in the crossbow is capable of piercing a human body very easily. That is why, crossbows can be effectively used in animal hunting, especially in an age where there are no technological weapons like guns etc. to kill them, and fewer resources to produce one.

Senku was well aware of this and hence made himself a little crossbow to be able to protect himself in times of need, especially when confronting against Tsukasa. Being fragile, he is not capable of hunting animals with his bare hands and his current strength, so he can use crossbows to effectively kill many of them from a larger distance in one hit!

mini cannon
Senku with his mini-cannon

9. Mini-Cannon – The Short ranged beast

Cannons are mostly used during battles, and I am not talking about the large ones that you see in the movies. Senku has finally portrayed the use of science in making smaller cannons as well. Such smaller cannons can be easily used in one-one-fights and during intense survival situations. Nevertheless, in times of need, they can also be used as a weapon to kill certain wild animals.

However, in the current era, cannons are diminishing day by day and the dependency of humans on them for war or other purposes is constantly vanishing. Cannons have been replaced by more reliable weapons like pistols, shotguns and rifles that provide better accuracy, are lightweight and easy to carry and can be easily repaired. Modern rifles are capable of even inflicting more damage than a regular handheld cannon.

But in the era that Senku was trapped, the cannon was definitely one of the most useful and interesting tools that he invented.

telescope and observatory from dr stone

8. Telescope & Observatory – Peek into the Ever Expanding Universe

Who could have thought that we would be able to see a real full-fledged telescope and observatory in this anime? Well for a stone age world, this invention by Senku is commendable. As we do know that Senku’s father was an astronaut, and due to this it sparked interest in senku’s mind about space, planets and the universe.

Since Senku has successfully able to create lenses, he went one step further and made lenses capable of zooming objects far away from the earth. You can also see how Gen Asagiri was also amazed by the telescope. The telescope and the observatory, both acted like a great punch of nostalgia for Senku and reminded him of his father and earlier life. Interesting isn’t it?

Telescopes are not just used as mere binoculars for observing planets and ranting about the comet/asteroid to your friends. It has a great deal of potential when it comes to discovery. Telescopes can be used to track the movement of planets and study them in great detail. Telescopes can also be used to spy on enemies that live far away. Overall it is a very helpful and interesting invention!

cotton candy senku

7. Cotton Candy Machine – Enjoy the Sugar Treat

The cotton candy machine was yet another awesome invention from our beloved scientist senku. This fluffy combination of sugar and flavour is an age-old favourite of children and still exists in the market as one of the favourite candies among kids. It is interesting to see that even in the old stone age, senku was capable of creating such an advanced machine.

On a side note, the characters definitely loved the cotton candy created by Senku and they were enjoying it. This came off as a surprise nobody knew about. We get to see how real people must have responded to such an invention when they first tasted cotton candy in their lifetime, and Dr Stone’s ability to portray that through animation was somewhat phenomenal as well.

yummy foxtail ramen

6. Foxtail Ramen – Yummiest Dish in the Stone World

Yet another food invention in Dr Stone. The ramen came off as a surprise when the whole village was fed up with eating the same load of vegetable soup and fruits throughout their life. Ramen, particularly foxtail ramen to be precise, does exist in real life, however, it is prepared slightly differently from what is portrayed in the anime. Nevertheless, due to a lack of resources, senku might not have been able to create the best of it as it tasted horrible, according to his memories.

However, the village did like the ramen and were praising Senku for his awesome foody invention. Not only that, but due to the intensely positive feedback by the villagers, Senku even created a Ramen Wagon to cook and serve Ramen on a large scale. So Ramen easily became a symbolic dish for the Ishigami Village. However, at the same time, I was pitying the villagers because they had been eating bland food for so much time. I was glad that Senku came into this village and offered great support to them, in his own ways.

manganese battery

5. Manganese Battery – Power Up Your Small Gadgets

Dr Stone fans do know the famous song sung by Gen Asagiri, the song name was “Mangan Denchi” meaning ‘Manganese Battery’. It felt like Gen was having a great time singing this song while preparing these tiny little batteries for Senku. However, one important thing to note here is that in the stone age, being able to create batteries to power up equipment was yet another great concept by Senku.

Batteries in the stone age, although not that much important, can be used in various emergency situations, especially when there are not enough resources to generate electricity. Such batteries can be used to power up light bulbs which could help the villagers see in the dark. So I think it was one of the most mind-blowing inventions done by senku.

wired glasses

4. Wired Glasses – Get Crystal Clear Vision

This one was difficult to invent because it clearly depended upon opportunity. Well luckily, Suika was one of the people whose eyesights were weak. Senku was lucky to be able to spot that at the right moment.

Having glasses in the stone world is equally important as it would be in the modern world. Glasses help see you things clearly and perfectly, reducing the strain on the eyes. It can prevent you from injuries and mistakes that could have cost you your life. Nevertheless, we see Senku creating one for Suika in his watermelon helmet and one for Kinro, which ultimately increases his visual ability. This helped him win the fight over Magma, the beast.

I was amazed by how the story portrays the importance of glasses for people suffering from farsightedness. As you can see in the anime, it created a lot of differences for Kinro. Similarly, millions of people all over the world are able to see the world clearly and do their work efficiently with this little invention.


3. Electricity – You Can’t Live Without It

Electricity is a very necessary thing nowadays, without which around 80% of your life will halt. Electricity is required by most of the appliances in your house, even your mobile phone requires electricity to get charged.

We are in an era which is ruled by electricity and it has become the no.1 important resource for human beings. We can see the same importance in Dr Stone anime as well, where electricity is always required to run generators etc. Senku uses traditional methods for generating electricity like Hydroelectric power plants. Electricity isn’t always used in its first form, it can be converted into other forms of energy like sound energy through which Senku is capable of creating the microphone and the cell phone as well.

So in the stone age as well, electricity proved to be one of the most challenging and useful inventions!

cure all sulfa drug

2. The Cure-All Sulfa Drug – Begone, Diseases!

Ruri’s disease progressed badly, and to be able to save her life, we need some advanced medicines. I was amazed by the fact that Senku is also capable of producing drugs, just like a chemist, although the process took a very long time and it required a lot of resources.

Senku along with the rest of the other villagers were on the verge of sacrificing their lives due to the harsh and deadly chemicals they encountered during the series. Due to the lack of safety measures, it could have easily gone wrong. Many people say that the sulfa drug was the most difficult of inventions shown in this anime. Pneumonia is a very critical disease, and if not treated with the right medicines at the right time, may cause casualties.

This time again, the villagers were lucky to have Senku by their side. The reason why this invention is so high on this list is that due to this, someone’s life was saved.

revival fluid

1. Revival Fluid – Don’t Be a Statue Anymore

There is no doubt regarding this. The revival fluid, that Senku created from Bats, was the most important invention in the entire anime. Revival fluid is used to de-petrify living things from their stone form to their real form. Although it is not guaranteed that the living thing is alive or dead inside its stone form, but still the fluid worked like a miracle in saving tons of lives.

Without the revival fluid, the series might not have continued further, and the whole story was further built upon the foundation of this fluid itself. Dr Stone’s story is all about how this revival fluid is being used in two different ways, by two different persons, having their own ideologies. Although revival fluid does not exist in real life, it was the most important invention that Senku did in the entire series.

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