Is GTA 5 inspired from GTA 4?

Many people know about GTA 5, that one freaking awesome and popular game by Rockstar games about the open world of Los Santos, Crime, Gangs and Heists. However, people might have not heard about GTA 4 that much. Gta 4 had always been under the shadows and rarely I have heard gamers talk about it. Although the popularity had boosted since the past few years, but still comparatively it is very less.

This is partly because Gta 4 is not a well optimised game and players, including myself, have found tons of glitches in it. However, it is not ok to say that Gta 4 is a very bad game full of glitches. In fact, I think that Gta 4 is a good game, provided the era in which it was developed, when there were limited resources and funding as compared to today.

Even if these two games look so different, they are very much alike at their cores. This is because Gta 5 is created with Gta 4 in mind, so Gta 5 is just an improvisation of Gta 4 with added functionalities, good graphics, good story and optimisations. Let us see one by one what are the similarities between these two games and how Gta 5 is inspired from Gta 4

1. Both Games Have Three Protagonists

The only difference between Gta 4 and Gta 5 is that Gta 5 has 3 protagonists (Michael, Franklin & Trevor) all in one game, whereas Gta 4 is divided into three different games called for it’s three protagonists. Just like in gta 5, these three protagonists look very different from each other, be it their language, behaviour or life goals.

2. Intertwined Vs Interconnected Storyline

You might be amazed by the fact that Gta 4 did had a storyline where the three characters could interact with each other, long before the release of Gta 5. However, the way Gta 4 achieves that is somewhat different that Gta 5.

In Gta 5, each of the three characters are inside the same game, where they interact with each other. We can hangout with them and play their story simultaneously. You can also switch between characters in-game, which was something very new. However all these things were just an improvisation of Gta 4’s ideology.

In Gta 4, even if the protagonists got their different games, we could see how the entire story included all the three of them. During missions, in the cutscenes, we could easily see them interacting and landing up in the same mission!. For example in the mission Museum Piece, both Louis and Niko, the two protagonists, appear in the same cutscene.

3. Vehicle Handling

Earlier in gta games, vehicles would look like toys, but at that time we didn’t bother much about that did we?

However as soon as we moved in to the advanced side, we wanted everything realistic, from vehicles, to NPC’s, to missions and what not. In the quest of realism, Gta 4 created vehicles that were too difficult to control, according to some players. Gta 4 cars, bikes and trucks all have this some kind of ‘heaviness’ in them, pretty much realistic. However during turns while in high speed, it becomes difficult to control vehicles.

Now in Gta 5, this was fixed, although for the trucks and larger vehicles, the concept of ‘heaviness’ remained the same, in fact for every vehicle it was the same, only there was improvements. Gta 5 players can easily race and cruise around the city at high speeds, and that is the only difference.

4. Player Ragdoll Physics

Gta 4 is well known for its laughable ragdoll physics because it was simply amazing and interesting. Gta 4 ragdoll was due to the Euphoria Engine, which is based on AI where pedestrians react to the environment just like in real life.

In response to this, Gta 5 also used the ragdoll physics, although this time they used their own developed ragdoll system. This clearly shows the difference in the funding and resources for both the games. I personally liked the ragdoll from Gta 4, because every time I would crash my bike while going full throttle, Niko would fly almost 100 meters away in air. You can literally do that for an hour and you will never get bored.

However in Gta 5, the ragdoll is a little bit weaker, but still commendable. But it is nowhere near that of Gta 4.

In a nutshell, yes Gta 5 is definitely inspired from Gta 4.

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