8 Things That Fans Hate About GTA V

It has been 10 years since I started playing GTA games from Rockstars and still I play them without getting bored. And I do think that GTA games are one of those that will remain etched into my memories for a lifetime. As a 10 year old kid (and even as of now), I loved to roam and explore the cities in the games, interact with NPC, drive super fast cars and create havoc by blasting everything in front of me using cheats and codes, which also used to crash my computer sometimes.

Now talking about the latest GTA5, it is a great game, there is no doubt regarding that, however like any other game, fans do criticize certain elements that they think are unnecessary and annoying in this game. And trust me, there is a lot of things that fans hate about gta 5. So I thought that maybe I should create a list post regarding this. So let us see, one by one, 8 things that gta 5 fans (and also me) hate about it.

1. Cartoonish Vehicle Physics

Now there are only a very few amount of GTA fans who actually believe in the idea of heavy vehicle handling that seems very realistic. Unfortunately, GTA 5 does not portray vehicle handling perfectly. People complain about the ‘arcade’ type driving and unnecessary tire spin while accelerating, even in vehicles that look like they are manufactured country-side. And I do agree with this fact, since slower and heavier vehicles should definitely be difficult to control and turn on full speeds.

The primary reason why rockstar games had opted for unrealistic and racing game type driving is the necessity of GTA Online races and events. We do know that racing with heavy handling vehicles is not going to look very promising, and this is why the developers have opted to make handling easier, especially for the fast paced racing action that we are going to experience in online competitions.

Other reason is that it is also true to some extent that GTA 4 players didn’t actually like the handling, and so were expecting cars to be much more controllable and able to cut corners easily. Many fans also love the retro handling from older GTA games like San Andreas and Vice City, which enabled them to drive at faster speeds without bumping into cops every now and then.

2. Less Emotional Attachment with in-game players

People complain about the characters not being relatable, and this is one of the biggest minus points that can happen for any game. In the previous games, we had experienced a lot of attachment with the backstory and life of protagonists. For example, CJ arrives in Grove Street after he hears about his Mama’s Death, only to find out that his true friends, Ryder and Big Smoke, were involved in the same. People were able to relate with the ‘betrayal’ through which CJ was suffering, which added a good spice to the story and the minds of the people. On top of that, every character from previous games had reasonable goals, giving players a reason to continue doing missions and peel the layers of the onion, one by one

However, the story of GTA 5 starts with 3 protagonists, out of which Michael is very unrelatable due to his high-class living and his weird family. All we see is that all the three protagonists are always involved in gang fights etc., which at this point has started to become a very overused phenomenon in GTA games. Maybe GTA 5 should have tried to spice up things a bit by portraying the life of a common man, and not just improvising on the already existing theory of GTA San Andreas and GTA 4.

All we see is that these protagonists are always the bad guys and try to involve themselves in heists and gang bangs, just for the sake of money. The entire story of Michael is based upon a very weird foundation, a tennis coach trying to hit on his wife. So mostly, fans hate GTA 5 storyline because of the fact that it uses fanservice and particularly bland unidirectional money oriented storyline to support its structure. So the depth in the entire story was missing.

3. Cops that pop out of nowhere

Cops are the life of every GTA games, and true gta fans do know how to escape that six-starred wanted level. However, it becomes annoying when the cops AI is not well done, and the same happened in GTA 5. Cops in GTA 5 are very smart, however when under multiple starred wanted level, it becomes very difficult to escape their sight due to the fact that the game code always summons them near the player out of nowhere.

If you happen to achieve more than 4 stars of wanted level, be ready to be harassed by these crazy cops as they try to dodge you out of the road every time you try to take a turn, because they will be present at every corner. Also the cop cars become surprisingly so fast they you can’t even outrun them sometimes using even the super cars. So yes, you really have to work very hard to defeat them. The biggest problem however is how they spawn at locations where you were not even expecting.

4. Low Quality Side Missions

Whenever you are tired from playing the story missions, you always have the option of doing side quests. You play them with the intention of getting to do something different than the main missions. But in reality, what GTA 5 delivers as side missions is very depressing. The side missions have absolutely no context and they are simply very unidirectional like lifting and dropping people, hunting something or someone, or parachuting etc. There is nothing unique in these side missions, they are just made to give you an idea of the exploratory side of the game, which you probably do without the need of someone saying.

If you love to do freeroam, you will never feel the need to search and lookout for interactions in the game, outside the missions, because you get to know each and everything slowly as you progress. So players who regularly roam around the city find it as a waste of time to do these side quests, because all they do is just make you aware of the game features, or simply give you some simple jobs to do. This is why most of the fans, including me, hate the low quality and shallow side missions that the game provide us.

5. Weapon sounds that are unrealistic

Again something that has been purely taken from arcade games and that is the shooting and weapon sounds in GTA 5. When compared with GTA 4, GTA 5’s weapon sounds almost sound very artificial. Weapons sound from GTA 4 were very impactful and realistic, where it actually felt like a real gun fight is going on. Not to mention the shooting accuracy and the effort required to kill the cops was much higher in GTA 4.

However, when it comes to GTA 5, the gun mechanism is very simple and easy to use, on top of the the gun sound don’t actually match with the real life gun sounds. I think this was too made with respect to GTA Online.

6. Inability to purchase Safehouses in Storymode

It was great to be able to purchase safehouses at multiple locations all throughout the map in previous GTA games. However, this functionality is what GTA 5 is devoid of, and here I am talking about the storymode. Although you can purchases properties in GTA 5 Online, there are many people out there that prefer to play only the storymode.

I do think that if the developers can give the leverage of purchasing houses in the online versions, so why shy away in the offline version? There is already a lack of explorable interiors in GTA 5, on top of that the inability to purchase safehouses makes it even more disappointing for the fans.

7. Modders & Griefers in GTA Online

There is no scarcity of hackers in our world, and same is the case with GTA Online. Particularly called as ‘modders’, they always have the advantage when it comes to PVP as they have God-mode enabled. They harass other players by spawning UFO’s and crashing their games. Other than that they have the magical ability of using your name to kill other players one after the other, which can send wrong signal to the Rockstar Servers, ultimately causing your ID to be banned temporarily or even permanently.

If you play gta 5 and you are fed up with these griefers constantly chasing you and destroying your gaming experience, kindly check out the post from sportskeeda which tells you ways to avoid griefers in GTA Online.

8. Boring Weekly Updates in GTA Online

When we talk about updates, we always think new and challenging things that will included for the players. However, GTA 5 disappoints us by giving almost the same type of updates, for example ‘discounts’ on cars. Nothing else. What GTA 5 should do is bring different kind of DLC updates to the game on a regular basis, so that enthusiast gamers discover something new every week. The thing is that when you repeat something for a very long time, even if it is very attracting, it gradually becomes boring day by day.

Weekly updates should include new cars, new content and story in heists, and other new features to keep the excitement going on.

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