Pre-Register for Battlegrounds Mobile India Now & Get 4 Exclusive Rewards

Krafton Inc. has finally released the game on Play Store for Pre-Registration. As of now, the release date of the actual game is yet to be announced.

Fans had been awaiting for this moment since the past few weeks. Now finally, the official game is released on play store, although still not playable, but available for pre-registration. However, why should you actually pre-register for the game? Does it come with additional benefits or is it just another marketing strategy?

With pre-registration, you will 4 exclusive rewards that normal players won’t be able to get so be ready and quickly pre-register for the game. Below is the list of rewards that players can claim in-game when the official game will be released.

  • Recon Mask
  • Recon Outfit (Permanent) – A futuristic outfit with a Jacket and Balloon Pants.
  • Celebration Expert (Limited Title)
  • 300 AG (Ace Gold) – AG is very helpful for purchasing in-game skins etc. when you don’t have enough UC or Silver Frag.

So hurry up and don’t miss this chance!

Steps to Pre-Register for Battlegrounds Mobile India

  • If you are on desktop, navigate to the official website of Battlegrounds Mobile India. Click on “Pre-Register Now!”. You will be redirected to the play store.
  • If you are on Android Device, go to the play store directly and you can pre-register from there directly.

As we all know that last year, PUBG was announced to be officially banned in India. Even though we see many gamers playing it either using VPN or other strategies, because the game had subsequently gained a lot of popularity in just a short amount of time. Provided the lockdown conditions in India which further increased its popularity, PUBG became the no.1 trending online game in India.

With the rise of popularity came a rumors and actual cases of PUBG addictions among kids, teens and even adults, the game was aiding in destroying the life of the youth as they spent hours and hours shooting other players and pushing ranks. Since the game became so popular, multiple gamer youtubers emerged with yet another new playlist and content on PUBG Mobile/PC not only in India, but throughout the globe.

But after the coronavirus took its plunge, the government banned multiple chinese apps in India, along with PUBG. The most famous social media platform TikTok, which had also gained huge popularity in the recent years, was subsequently banned as well. But now the good news is that PUBG has come again, with a brand new name called Battlegrounds Mobile India.

Should you worry about Privacy?

Krafton has clearly stated that this time they have taken even stricter measures so that no possible dangerous activities can be implemented. Data will be kept more secure. Parental Controls will not allow kids to play the game for dangerous amount of time and in-game purchases will be restricted to a few amount. Putting such restrictions will allow for a healthy gaming experience and less legal issues on the game.

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