Where is Haikyuu Season 5? Karasuno Vs Nekoma

Fans are waiting for Haikyuu Season 5, and yet after so many months, we have not got an official confirmation regarding the same. However we do know that much of the story needs to be covered up, and especially in the 5th season, we are going to see the great battle of volleyball between Karasuno and Nekoma. Both teams have improved themselves consistently and each of them have their unique abilities needed to win the match.

Season 4 of Haikyuu aired last year, with a delay for the second part due to the pandemic situation. But it was finally released in October 2020 when the world reported considerable less number of COVID-19 patients. However, we can easily see the urgency and lack of resources in creating the second part due to little noticeable flaws in the animation and character design, but still the animators gave their best and delivered what was promised.

shinsuke kita
Its hard to expect failure when you had tried your best…

The Never Ending Delay due to the Pandemic

The second part of the 4th season was already delayed due to the pandemic, however as of now, still we are stuck with the same coronavirus situation and animators are finding it difficult to continue creating the 5th season for the story. However we do hope that this year we will definitely get the 5th season as soon as possible. However, we have not got any official confirmation for the release date of the 5th season of Haikyuu. So all we can do is wait.

What will happen after the Inarizaki match?

After winning from Inarizaki, now is the time for a head on battle against the masters of defense called Nekoma. It will be great to see Hinata against Kenma and the rest of the team, and we will see some major advancements and improvements in Nekoma’s games, which was much shadowed in the 4th season.

Oikawa will have to push himself even harder than before.

Oikawa will Return Stronger

Among the heated clash and awesome game between Karasuno and Inarizaki, we had almost completely forgot about Oikawa. We do really miss his awesome fast serves and crowd performance when he is serving. Basically, just like how Karasuno and Nekoma had improved, Oikawa is also motivated enough to improve himself for his next upcoming game.

A Lot to Cover Up

Basically, we have a lot to cover up when it comes to the entire storyline of haikyuu because at the end of the Inarizaki’s match in the second part of the fourth season, we were around on Chapter 293. Now the entire manga comprises of 402 Chapters, so you can easily guess that almost 100 chapters are still remaining to be covered up. However, it does not look like that the remaining story will be covered up in season 5 and we might need a 6th or 7th Season as well, but who knows?

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  1. I am really excited for this match. I couldn’t wait for season 5 so I read the manga and I can assure you it’s fantastic. I can’t wait to see it animated.

    1. Yes, everyone is waiting for the 5th season. Especially I want to see Nekoma in action…

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