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There are a lot of animes for kids out there. They are both kid-friendly and family-friendly, unlike the traditional cartoon shows on TV. However, the one striking feature that make these animes worth for your kids time is not the animation or the story, but the morals and the message it provides to the audience.

We do know that kids brain are always developing, and they tend to believe and follow the world blindly, however we do know how cruel the world can be sometimes. Such anime movies are tailored for kids and make a positive impact on their brains, they give a good impression about the beauty of life and how they can improve their own lives as well as other’s. Kids are always considered the future of humanity and the things that they consume today define their world that we will see tomorrow.

Alright, that is enough of the philosophical talk. Let us look at some of the best animes that are tailored for kids as well as for parents alike. Most of these are movies rather than shows.

List of Top 10 Animes for Kids to Watch

princess kaguya

1. The Tale of Princess Kaguya – Happiness is Unconditional

Life is very short, but the depressing fact is that most people all over the world get to understand and know this quite later in life. The tale of princess kaguya shows us that there is nothing greater than happiness, and there should not be any ‘conditions’ for happiness as well. This was clearly shown in the story where the princess was not satisfied with the lavish and beautiful royal lifestyle, and insisted to meet and play with her childhood friends from the village.

Even if you acquire all the money and fame in the world, these things won’t provide you with the raw and true happiness of life. You achieve happiness when you enjoy and experiments raw bits of life, unfiltered. You can search for this happiness in the eyes of a 5 year old, who is not bothered about fame, money etc. Instead the child opts to enjoy every moment playing with his/her friends and find happiness in even the simplest of things. So the moral of the story is that we should preserve true friendship and people in our life, because life is very short.

ame and yuki wolf children

2. Wolf Children – A Story about the Struggles of Raising Wolves in a Human Society

From the Child’s perspective, Parenting is a very tough work and children should realize that their parents are trying their best to provide them everything they can. They sacrifice their dreams and life for the sake of their kids.

However, the message to the parents here is that they should always allow their children to make mistakes in order to discover their identity, and you should probably not revolt against whatever decision or path they take (unless it is harmful). You should always support them and explain them in a good way if they are heading into the wrong directions. You should always think from their perspective. You should give them room for improvement and learn from their mistakes.


3. Ponyo – Always Respect Nature

Nature is the greatest gift given by god to the human beings. However lately we had been taking it for granted. All we do is pollute the oceans and try to misuse the resources for our selfish benefits. Ponyo excellently delivers the importance of preserving nature. Going against the nature can prove fatal for the human life.

Other message is that love always comes with a great deal of responsibility. If you love someone, you have to bear the responsibility of caring for him/her all by yourself. And you also have to sacrifice some things for the same.

a letter to momo

4. A Letter to Momo – A Scary Yet Interesting Adventure

The story revolves around an 11 year old girl named Momo who because of her father’ death, relocates to Seto Inland Sea along with her mother. The entire animation is hand-drawn which looks very beautiful while watching in theatres.

It is good story about Momo’s journey about coping up with the loss of her father and her guilt regarding the quarrels she had with him. Also it is a great adventure anime worth watching for kids as well as parents. Certain themes don’t fit really well with the anime genre, as the character performance look very similar to that of a live drama.

space brothers hibito and mutta

5. Space Brothers – A Tale of Two Brothers with One Goal, to Reach the Moon Together!

Space Brothers is a must watch for kids who are really interested in space (universe) and becoming astronauts. One key factor that makes this anime unique is its ability to teach us that there is no specified age to pursue your dreams. Hibito & Mutta, brothers, once make a promise of becoming astronauts and reaching the moon together. The anime is well-animated by A-1 Studios, and the theme and soundtrack of this anime is very memorable. I highly recommend that you urge your kids to watch this one!

However, it is important to note that this anime is a whopping journey of 99 episodes, however kids will definitely love it despite the numbers.

princess mononoke

6. Princess Mononoke – Co-operation is Necessary

When we talk about animes for kids, it does not necessarily mean that it is going to be a slice of life or happy anime. Princess Mononoke is one of those anime movies for kids that include considerable amount of fight scenes. The hand-drawn animation is strikingly amazing and clean which leaves audience the baffled. The story is interesting, captivating and carries a deep message.

As humans, we are dependent on nature and we should always try to preserve it. However, this does not mean that humans had always been bad. Both nature and humans have their strengths and flaws, the biggest thing is that we should co-operate and live a balanced life. Nature cannot defeat humans and humans cannot defeat the nature. Both should learn to co-exit in harmony and reap the benefits instead of thinking about their own self.

nobita and doraemon

7. Stand By Me Doraemon – True Friendship is a Gem

The title of the movie itself gives a certain amount of message. The message is about being there for someone in need, especially your true friends that care about you. We all know the bitter-sweet relationship of Doraemon and Nobita, however the movie also depicts other themes like how self-confidence can improve your life, learning from mistakes and how to overcome them, and never giving up despite all odds.

Sometimes in life, all we need is to keep moving forward without being skeptical of the end result. And the most important thing is that you should love yourself the way you are and focus on improving in areas where you actually can. These are some of the most important life lessons that your kids get to learn from this anime movie.

in this corner of the world anime movie

8. In This Corner of The World – The Art of Survival

Survival is a very simplistic things when we generalize it, however it is very difficult when there is a war going on. War is not always the solution, because whenever a war takes place, countless of lives get lost in battle as well as off-battle.

Innocent lives are lost and people struggle to even get one time food. Such a struggle is shown in this movie, about an eighteen year old girl who now has to feed a family despite being short of resources, in a pre-war Hiroshima situation. It teaches us how we should look towards possibilities even in dire situation and have a positive mindset towards things.

kikis delivery service

9. Kiki’s Delivery Service – When Things Become Boring, Take a Break!

The story of Kiki’s delivery service is not that difficult to decipher and decode, it is a simple representation of the struggles that every artist goes through in his/her life. The story sheds light on the reasons behind low self confidence and gradually decreasing interest in things that you once loved the most. It happens when you are too busy and serious about something, and in such case it is nice to take a break, rather than giving up.

Taking a step back and having a fresh perspective allows you to think outside the box and find out the reasons behind your confusion and mental state. As artists, all we need is to retrospect and find our inspirations.


10. Haikyuu! – The Love for Volleyball Sport

Even the toughest goals can be achieved through the concept of teamwork. Although just teamwork is not always enough, whenever you are playing in a team, you need to understand everyone’s capabilities individually and pair them with other teammates to bring out the best in the game. We all learn from each other, from the mistakes we do and from the success of others. Haikyuu majorly focuses on teaching that nothing is impossible when there is strong sync between you and others and you can overcome every obstacle.

Haikyuu is one of the best sport animes that can be enjoyed by kids as well as teens due to its wonderful high-school setting and inspiring story of a boy named Hinata.

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