7 Lazy Anime Characters that are Surprisingly Smart

Lazy anime characters are really very popular, and you will find them in almost every OP anime series. However, what sets them apart is that some of them are incredibly smart and intelligent, capable of making bigger and tactical decisions. These are also those type of characters that look detached from the world and show little effort towards communicating with others, due to their habit of always being in their own heads and shell throughout their life.

Even so these characters make up a great chunk of awesome scenes in animes. Because despite being very aloof and alone, they have mastered their minds. Let us look at few of such characters in anime.

Lazy But Brainy Anime Characters


1. Near – The Guy that Plays with Puzzles all Day

Personality Type: INTJ
Likes: Puzzles & Finger Coiling his hairs

Who would have thought that a guy that plays with his little toys all alone by himself in his little crib can actually take out a world-class criminal?

Don’t get carried away by his habits, he is one of the best detectives in the entire world portrayed in Death Note. I personally think that Near is smarter than L just for the fact that he is very quick with his decisions and also possess a bit of manipulation skills, unlike L who just used his overpowered deduction skills to find out the killer. You will often find ‘Near’ playing with his dices, puzzles and custom-made action figures and plan out his investigations using them. He is very lazy as we don’t often see him hustling outside to carry out investigations.


2. Tsukishima Kei – The Sarcastic Humor Guy

Personality Type: INTJ
Likes: Sarcasm

Often known as the “Salty Middle Blocker”, this guy has lost all hopes of winning a volleyball tournament and being able to enjoy the game to its fullest. Well there were definitely reasons behind that, all we see is that Tsukishima rarely has any enthusiasm left in himself, especially for volleyball. He does not play volleyball by passion, yet he is very good at blocking, due to his height and his incredible predicting skills that he had honed throughout the years. In the court, he is always using his logical mind to plan and strategize. He is also one of those gifted players that are not affected by time lag spikes in volleyball game. However, he is a very lazy individual & does not talk much with others.


3. Shikamaru – Everything is Such a Drag for Him

Personality Type: INTP
Likes: Avoiding Responsibilities & Playing Shogi

Shikamaru didn’t really care much about his future and would often be found goofing around or playing shogi. He had no intentions of applying efforts and would often talk about living life freely without any obligations and duties. He is often found to be moving away from responsibilities and people that look or seem bossy. When confronted with difficult situations, he often rants about how things are troublesome for him. His laziness was also the reason behind him flunking multiple classes and scoring below average marks in test.

What’s interesting is that still he has an IQ score of 200 and shows great observational skills that he uses to understand other combatants behavior and fighting style. He can think 10 moves ahead by just using the data that he gathers about the enemy. This gives him a solid advantage over his enemies as he can strategize & pick most effective move to win the entire fight.

shota aizawa

4. Shota Aizawa – The Laziest Teacher You Will Ever See

Personality Type: ISTP
Likes: Sleeping

He is one of the laziest teachers you will ever see in anime history. Even during the first day of Class 1-A Students, this guy came to teach by being in his little cocoon like “sleeping bag”. At multiple points throughout the series, he just teaches in his low volume monotonous voice and goes to sleep in his sleeping bag right after the class is over. He frequently keeps taking naps mid-class like this way.

Because of this behavior, he often comes off as lazy, too serious, rude, strict yet very laid back. However, he is very smart when it comes to using his quirk in combat situations. He also possesses great observation skills to understand the abilities of his students and train them appropriately.

oreki haotarou

5. Houtarou Oreki – This Guy is Not Lazy, He is Just Conserving Energy

Personality Type: INTJ
Likes: Roasted Coffee & Mysteries

You will always find this guy in tons of lists about lazy anime characters, because he deserves an oscar in that domain. Blessed with the ability of not caring about the world, Houtarou is the true depiction of a lazy person. With his laziness, comes a great problem of not being able to communicate with others, making him an awkward and anti-social person for others. What’s interesting is that he does not consider himself as lazy, but as a person who is trying to conserve energy (what a nice excuse!).

It is a matter of fact that he is just an average student in the class with considerably average grades. However, his brain is always working super hard whenever he is trying to solve a mystery, in fact he does it quite brilliantly.

ayanokoji kiyotaka

6. Kiyotaka Ayanokoji – This Guy Does Not Know the Meaning of Effort

Personality Type: INTJ
Likes: History & Manipulating Others

Kiyotaka is socially awkward and a true definition of an introvert, however the fact that makes him a lazy individual is his incredible ability to be distant by choice. Yes, he does not participate in events and find them boring. He is lazy, to the point that he does not put efforts by himself, and uses it only when it is very necessary.

He is also known for being very “emotionless”, which causes others not to approach him in conversations, and even if he does somehow talk, his voice is very plain and bland, which causes disinterest for the others. However, hidden inside him is his uncanny ability to read other people’s intentions and the ability to make plans that actually work!


7. Kozume Kenma – The Guy That Hates Gravity

Personality Type: INTP
Likes: Leveling Up in Video Games

Kenma is also one of those characters in haikyuu that is very lazy, due to the fact that since his childhood, he had been very fond of video games and had less physical activity. Due to this, he gradually became a very lazy individual, and is often found to be very restricted in movement while playing volleyball. Due to his laziness and partly because of his introverted nature, he does not mix up well with others and hates communicating.

Surprisingly, Kenma uses his strong analytical skills (in setting the ball) in the volleyball game, which proves beneficial in winning multiple games. He thinks in a way so he has to provide less physical effort in the game. Kuroo had often complained about his sloth like movement while playing volleyball, because Kenma does not like to change his position very often.

Surprisingly as well, most of these characters are INTJ types. Feel free to comment down below some more lazy yet smart anime characters.

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  1. nice post! it’s really interesting to see that most of these people are INTJs. 🙂

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