10 Most Adorable INFP Anime Characters

INFP anime characters are easily recognizable in animes, they are reserved, polite and highly thoughtful characters that give the story a new perspective. These characters are often found to be troubled by injustice and immorality portrayed in animes. However, even so they are very good at understanding people’s behavior and motivations. They are highly intelligent, although their intelligence is not necessarily with respect to logic or mathematics. They love deep conversations and have profoundly brilliant heads that can come up with tons of imaginative things throughout the day, which often makes them look very anti-social at some points.

These pretty souls are very artistic and always looks for possibilities rather than the end result. They try to live an enriching life and love to find meaning and purpose in their life as well. Most of them tend to procrastinate a lot.

Some Noticeable Traits of INFP Anime Characters

If you are not sure about whether a particular anime character is an INFP or not, consider looking for these particular traits

  • Daydreamers who cannot stop thinking.
  • Empathic and compassionate individuals.
  • Always value close relationships and shared interests.
  • They are one of the most creative peoples.
  • They value their own personal feelings but focus less on them.

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List of Cute & Lovable INFP Characters in Anime


1. Eri – The Girl with Unbelievable Powers

We do know about Eri from My Hero Academia Season 4. Eri had a dark past, when she was disowned because of the tragedy in her family that was caused due to her quirk called Rewind.

As she is not able to control this quirk, it can prove fatal and dangerous to the people around her, making it a cursed quirk in some way or the other. Because of this, she was captured by Overhaul and used as a test subject and tortured mercilessly. Her quirk, if used in a proper way, can prove to be one of the most overpowered quirks in the entire series.

Eri is a very cute character, she is blessed with a little horn on her forehead that grows whenever her quirk gets activated. As a self-conscious individual, she was suffering from severe depression due to Overhaul’s influence. But after meeting with Midoriya, her life changed a lot, as she learned to smile and live a positive life, and an opportunity to forget her dark past.


2. Nobita – Lazy but Least Likely to Betray You

Yes, Nobita is one of those characters that may seem lazy and distant from others, but his heart is very pure. Sometimes he gets too much overboard with Doraemon and his gadgets for the sake of fun and purpose, but at the end of the day Nobita reflects the tiny little part of our personalities.

Personally I have never seen Nobita hurt others for a strong reason, yes he sometimes takes his revenge from Gian and Suniyo, but that’s all we see. He is always very thoughtful and cares for his family and friends.


3. Makomo – The Gentle Teacher

Makomo possesses one of the most gentle and calming eyes in anime. Her personality is very quiet with very gentle tone of voice. Patient and kind, she trained Tanjiro to use his sword properly and effectively in the battle. Just like most of the INFP characters, she is also very mysterious and often talks in metaphoric and abstract way while teaching Tanjiro.

manami aiba

4. Manami Aiba “La Brava” – Love is Devotion

An ally of Gentleman Criminal from the My Hero Academia Series, La Brava had a particularly saddening past due to which she had become quite depressed. But when she met Danjuro “the Gentleman Criminal”, her life took a U-turn. She was very happy being devoted for Danjuro and grateful to be a part of his missions. Danjuro is the one that took La Brava out of her misery and gave her a ray of hope in this cruel world.

La Brava also possesses a very powerful quirk, through which she can multiply the strength of Danjuro. Her devotion towards Gentleman clearly shows that love is all about devotion and being there for someone through the end. You should be ready to take the responsibility to uplift the other person and be there for him/her when things go wrong.


5. Leslie – The Music Lover

Leslie from The Promised Neverland is one of the most mysterious characters from the series. This is due to the fact that his appearance was very limited, yet very important in the anime. Leslie is an avid music lover. You can find him under the trees with his small guitar singing. Isabella used to admire his singing and him a lot.

Leslie was the true composer of “Isabelle’s Lullaby” inside the anime. Both Isabella and Leslie shared a great friendship, which unfortunately lasted for a limited time only. We do know that INFP’s tend to lean towards artistic and abstract things, and so is Leslie.

alphonse elric

6. Alphonse Elric – One of the Best Brother in Animes

Al had been countlessly tagged as one of the best brother in animes. He also has a very compassionate and calm personality, and is very protective when it comes to his brother Edward. Al always thinks about others and how they feel, which makes him a very mature character despite being only 10 years old. Both brothers argue with each other too much, but in the end they support each other and are always ready to protect each other whenever necessary.

But even so, he is very self conscious about his body, and would love to have a human body. In the series he is often seen to be receiving the credit for most of the things due to his appearance, which he dislikes about himself. He is a child, and wanted to be treated like a child by others to avoid unnecessary pressure.

faye yeager

7. Faye Yeager – Innocent Yet Ambitious

Fay from Attack on Titan is yet another INFP anime character that is loved by so anime fans due to the fact that she always wanted people to be free from Marleyan supremacy. One of the key things that you can notice is that Fay was always a shy and timid girl. But she was brave enough to think about the possibilities of a good life.

She had immense trust on her brother, Grisha Yeager and would often follow his advice. Fay also had a very calm and gentle nature. Even when she was confined into the internment zone, she hoped for the best future and wanted to ride the blimp someday.

shigeo kageyama

8. Shigeo Kageyama – Will Forgive You Easily, But Needs to Keep His Emotions in Check

Shigeo is one of those anime characters that had always not been able to interact with others freely. He is also one of those characters in anime that is very forgiving and calm towards others. But don’t be fooled by his timid personality. He possesses some incredible psychic powers using which he can easily destroy others. He bears a very monotonous and emotionless face and is often repeatedly compared with Saitama’s face.

Shigeo always needs to keep his emotions under control, and should avoid filling up negative emotions and thoughts inside his head, because if they reach to the 100% level, things go wrong. Also he prefers not to use them and only uses them when he is attacked from the front continuously. He has a very diplomatic personality and would often avoid fighting with the villains. He mostly prefer to talk and settle things with them first.

Despite having such great powers, he uses them only when it is very necessary.

shizuku tsukishima

9. Shizuku Tsukishima – The Forgetful Girl

This characters is often in her own world. Surprisingly the story of Whisper of the Heart is all about her life and imagination as well. She is always looking for interesting and new things, and does not like structured life or people telling her what to do. She is pretty much a free-minded girl who wants to do things as she likes. Her INFP characteristics lies in the fact that she expresses her thoughts and emotions in the form of stories and songs.

Just like typical INFP characters, she is often forgetful of things and lacks structure in her everyday life. Reading fairy tales is also one of her interests.


10. Hinami Fueguchi – Quick & Steady Learner

Hinami is also one the most cutest INFP anime characters, who always strived to read & keep learning new words everyday. She had a very humble and soothing voice. She would often shy away from guests and new people in the cafe.

Yet, she was very open and would often talk freely in front of Touka and Kaneki as they were her best friends. She had a good friendship with Kaneki. She would often ask for his help when stuck with the meaning of a particular word, as she didn’t attend school.

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