Latest Animes with Good Visuals to Watch in 2021

There are a lot of animes that have been released in 2021, with outstanding visuals and great scenery. Compared to last year, we can see a great difference in the newer releases as animators are focusing hard on creating smoother animations with the help of new technologies. On top of that one interesting thing to note is that recent animes are also applying some great color theory that make the animes look lmore lively. Even the minute details have been carefully done, indicating the effort behind creating such animes.

This is a short list about the latest animes that have very good visuals and that you must watch in 2021. Yes, I know that this is an incomplete list, but I will keep updating this post as soon as more animes get released in the later half of this year.

Some great animes with incredible visuals that released last year (2020)

  • Somali and the Forest Spirit
  • Tower of God
  • Akudama Drive

Animes With Breathtaking Visuals that You Should Definitely Watch this Year

1. SK8 The Infinity – Skating is Infinite

If you love to watch sport animes and also wants to watch something visually appealing, then SK8 The Infinity is definitely for you. It is all about the world of skating & racing. Trust me, you will be easily amazed by its unique art style, animation and visuals.

2. Jujutsu Kaisen – Curses are Everywhere

From the opening till the ending, everything about this anime is top-notch when it comes to visuals. It has been created by MAPPA, the studio which is very well known for its amazingly different and unique art and character styles. Jujutsu Kaisen is all about a story of a young man and other jujutsu sorcerers, fighting against powerful curses, the curses that feed upon the negative energies and emotions of human beings.

3. Wonder Egg Priority – Bright Outside, Dark Inside

One thing that sets apart this anime from the rest of the others in this list is the incredible attention to detail. On top of that the character designs are almost near to perfection. Also one more amazing thing about this anime is the solid use of color combination in various scenes and moments that will make your jaw drop. However the story of this anime is equally dark and it is not appropriate for kids to watch so be cautious about that.

4. Kimetsu no Yaiba the Movie: Mugen Train – Endless Dream

As of now when I write this article, this movie has gained 47.7 Crores USD at the Box Office, surpassing the all time favorite Spirited Away.

Tanjiro, Zenitsu, Nezuko and the Fire Hashira Rengoku all aboard a train possessed by the only lower moon Enmu, who has an ability to put people into endless dreams. You should not miss this one because Demon Slayer had always been known as one of the best visually appealing animes out there. Just like Wonder Egg Priority, Demon Slayer also has some amazing character designs and animation. However, it is true that in many countries, Mugen Train has not been released yet, but if it has released in your country, then what are you waiting for?

5. Mushoku Tensei : Jobless Reincarnation – A New Life

It is a story about a homeless man who gets hit by a truck and reincarnates into a completely different world as a small child named Rudeus. Since he retains his previous life’s memories, he is very quick at learning new information and starts practicing magic from a very tender age. He wants to make the best use of his previous memories and try his best in this new life and new chance that he had been provided with. Mushoku Tensei has amazing visuals, the art style, especially the lighting effect make this anime worthy to be noted down in this list.

6. Laid-Back Camp (Season 2) – The Joy Of Camping

Finally a slice of life entry in the entire list. As the title suggests, the anime is all about camping, a story about a girl named Rin who wanted to experience the great Mount Fuji with her own eyes, however due to bad weather conditions had to return. But during the process, she was unable to reach home due to road blocks. Luckily Nadeshiko invites her to her house to stay. Soon we get to see Rin, Nadeshiko and the rest of her friends explore many different places for sightseeing and camp together for extended periods of time.

This anime is very well known for its scenic beauty. It is a great adventurous anime with very good visuals that you should definitely watch. The first season aired in 2018, with the second season released in January 2021.

I hope you liked this list. I will surely be going to add some more animes to this list, because there are a lot of animes with even more amazing visuals that are going to be released in the next few months.

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