Deku Unlocks ‘Black Whip’ in My Hero Academia Season 5

While fighting against Monoma in Episode 10, a Class 1-B Student, Deku experienced a solid burst of new quirk inside him, which he was unable to control. The Quirk is called Blackwhip, and has been passed to Deku by former successor Daigoro Banjo who also possessed the One For All Quirk.

The One For All Quirk’s Core is Evolving and Expanding

One For All keeps expanding as it gets passed from successor to successor. It is just in its evolution phase. During the process, the holder may unlock certain abilities and quirks that were used by the past ancestors. However, since the user is not aware of the quirk, it is very difficult to control it, such is the case with Deku as well.

One for all gets stronger and stronger the more often it is used by people. As of now, the quirk has passed through eight generations, which has increased its strength and evolved it to a much higher level than what it was once.

How Does Black Whip Gets Triggered?

The primary source behind this quirk is an emotion called ‘anger’. So whenever deku’s anger gets out of control, the quirk will surface itself. As explained by Daigoro while Deku was brainwashed by Shinso so as to get control on the quirk, the quirk has manifested itself in deku and anger is the main cause of its activation. In order to have a control on this quirk, Deku will have to have a solid control on his emotions.

Features of the New Blackwhip Quirk

Following are the amazing features of this mysterious quirk

  • Blackwhip will eventually increase the mobility and speed of Deku. Using this quirk, midoriya can cling to objects faster. Just like how spiderman uses its web to travel. The tendrils of the quirk have the ability to attach itself to objects and also can carry the weight of the user.
  • Blackwhip can also be used to lift heavy objects which will prove very helpful in rescue missions.
  • The Raw One For All Quirk does not have the ability to restrain enemies. But using Blackwhip, Deku can restrain multiple enemies in a fight.

Deku Will Possess All Eight Quirks

During the mysterious conversation between Daigoro and Deku, Daigoro reveals that now Deku will be eventually going to acquire all the remaining Six Quirks that reside along with the legendary One For All Quirk.

Deku has already quite mastered the raw One For All Quirk, and has manifested the black whip quirk, but now, six more quirks are remaining to be manifested.

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