Top 10 Deep & Philosophical Garden of Words Quotes Ranked

Garden of words is one of those animes that have deep rooted meaningful things inside itself. There are a plethora of ways to decode the real meaning of this anime movie. Although the movie name is Garden of Words, there are very few dialogues in it, but that few dialogues are so impactful, they make up the entire meaning of the anime.

Out of those dialogues are some very good quotes that focus on the beauty and darkness of our life. Life is very complicated and every person on this earth thinks differently. Below is the list of some of the best quotes from this anime movie in a ranked fashion.

List of Thoughtful Garden of Words Quotes Ranked

#10. I was practicing walking there, to be able to walk alone without shoes

Many of us think that we can do things all alone, however reality is quite different. You need people or someone who is capable of giving you direction in life, especially when things are not working the way was supposed to go. Yukari was trying to get herself on track, however she was not putting any kind of effort as she did not have any reason to further continue her profession. But after meeting Takao and watching him trying making shoes, she found a new meaning to her life.

#9. I have always been here, stuck in the same place

It is hard to decipher this quote, however this portrayed the depression and kind of mental blockage that she was going through. She was not able to pull her out of the trauma that happened with her in school, and was finding it difficult to continue her profession.

#8. Tell me, I’ll never live up to my expectations

Yes it is important to create goals and stick to them, however more important is the ability to be absolutely confident about it. If you do have the potential to break through, you will, if you believe in your own hard work. Takao was insecure of his decision of continuing to learn creating handmade shoes, which he reflected in front of Yukari when he said this.

#7. I realize now, I was learning how to walk as well, I haven’t mastered the steps, I fall too.

We all say that mistakes teach us a lot. However, I think that Realization from the mistakes is more important in order to learn and rectify things in your life. This quote reminds us that everyone, including you as well, is falling short in some thing or the other, and when you are learning something, you are bound to fall at some point.

#6. I’m twenty-seven, but I don’t feel any smarter than I did twelve years ago.

It does not matter how mature you get, deep inside you are still a small child with childish dreams and expectations. Yukari feels that, because she was bullied like a small child, despite being at such a respectful position.

#5. In the evenings, before I went to sleep, and in the mornings, in the moment I woke up, I realized I was praying for rain.

It does happen in your life when you are constantly waiting for something, maybe its a person, or an event. And you always think, although not directly but subconsciously.

#4. You never say what’s important, you pretend it’s none of your business, you’ve been living your whole life alone.

It is not wise to leave your past and run away from it if it was bad. You should try your best to reach out to new and valuable experiences. What I mean is that it is always important for you to not allow your sad past and experiences to interfere with your present goals. Always start things from a fresh perspective, because every day is new.

#3. I became not able to walk properly, without noticing

Yes, it is possible that your life can get to a complete halt, and you will probably not be able to notice and find the reason behind it. Deep scarring past experiences slowly kills your motivation to keep moving forward, and it happens so slowly and gradually.

#2. A faint clap of thunder, even if rain comes or not, I will stay here, beside you.

People that truly love you will not leave you even in the most difficult of situations. They are with you, to enjoy the happy moments, and support you in times of need.

#1. We’re human, after all, we’ve all got our little quirks

Humans make mistakes, and there is no doubt about that. We are not perfect beings, and we tend to fail and do mistakes in our own ways. We make excuses, run from responsibilities and hurt others directly or indirectly. However it is important to note that there is always room for correction and you just need to keep debugging all the errors in your life one by one.

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