Studio Chizu’s ‘Belle’ Can Possibly Beat Disney’s Princess Movies

Concept artwork of Suzu’s Virtual Persona “Belle”

Enter a World, Where You Can Live, Where You Can Love, And Be Free…

A mysterious virtual platform called “U” is where our protagonist Suzu feels absolutely confident to sing, and bears a persona called “Belle”. Belle quickly gains popularity all over the platform as she keeps singing beautiful songs. The story revolves around the life of this 17 year old high school girl who had disconnected herself from reality after her mother’s death.

As she becomes popular day by day, suddenly she meets a mysterious dragon like creature in the virtual world, with whom she embarks on a journey full of adventures and a story of self-discovery.

You can read more about this anime movie and official release dates on the official website of Studio Chizu.

Another me. Another reality. We are no longer limited to a single world.

‘Belle’ is Inspired from Disney, But Wants to Take a Realistic Approach

The primary theme or concept of this anime film is to portray the relationship between humans and the virtual world. In this advanced age of technology, we really on internet as a way to consume and provide information. This coming-of-age anime movie is closely attached to reality and fantasy world.

What’s interesting is that unlike the normal movies where princesses live in their fantasy world (which are not real), this anime movie focuses on reality a lot, where its all about the virtual world and growing your persona inside it. In real life as well, there are many girls out there that have tons of following on their preferred social platforms like YouTube, Instagram and Twitch. They have their own life inside these social platforms and are praised by many fans.

What’s even more interesting is that by using the concept of virtual world, the story of this movie portrays the fact that we are not just limited to a single world, we can have different personalities in our different virtual worlds (which is basically the internet) and can try out everything that we can’t possibly do in real life.

Belle Anime Movie Trailers are Out

There are currently two trailers released for this movie, one is a 30 second short teaser like trailer, while the other is a 70 second trailer focusing more on the events and the story of the anime

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