Top 13 Best Anime Openings of 2021 Ranked

Anime openings are an integral part of any anime. Many people love to watch the opening from the start till the end and hate to skip a single second of it. This is because anime openings have very good score and a lot of amazing visuals from the anime. Some animes also use very unique concepts, abstractness and essence of the story inside it. This is why, I have decided to create a list of top 15 best anime opening of 2021.

There is no doubt that animation studios focus so much on creating these openings. Today I have brought to you, a list of some of the best anime openings from anime that released this year. On top of that, I have tried to rank each one of them. So I went on to YouTube to hear all the anime openings from animes that were released this year and trust me, there were a lot of pretty amazing openings so making a ranking list was one of the most difficult tasks for me.

The ranking is not just about how great the song is, all factors I have considered which includes animation, color combination, storytelling and a lot more.

List of Top 13 Amazing Anime Openings of the Year 2021

#13. Shaman King 2021 Opening – Soul Salvation

Shaman King does have a very energetic opening. There are a lot of characters, and I mean a lot of them. On top of that, we get to see them fighting right off the bat in the opening itself. I am sure that anime fans that love raw shonen animes will highly likely be going to see this anime.

Yes, the thumbnail of this video is somehow glitched

#12. Moriarty the Patriot Opening – Dying Wish

This opening is regularly being tagged as one of the most underrated on YouTube. When I watched it, I instantly understood that this is yet another crime based anime. The story is nicely depicted through the opening and the vocals are also quite brilliant. The amount of good reviews this anime has gotten, clearly makes me wonder whether I should watch it or not.

Also the characters here look very interesting and have a good depth in their personality. If you love crime based animes, I think you should definitely try this one (I am not recommending because I haven’t watched it).

#11. Jouran: The Princess of Snow and Blood Opening – Exist

Okay, so the starting of this anime opening was pretty much nice, but when we proceed towards the end, there is suddenly a shift of color combination, and we got to see the main character in a very different light. This sudden shift also tells us that the story and life of this character is also going to be suddenly changed (just an opinion) in the story as well. I take it as a point in storytelling.

There are a bunch of characters, not too much of them which is good. The music, the animation everything is very good.

#10. 86: Eighty-Six Opening Theme

I don’t know much about the story of 86, but by watching the opening, I can say that this anime is something very close to mecha as well as something related to police and armed forces. The color combination used in this opening is very good, on top of that we also see a lot of characters. We can point out the main characters and the side characters quite easily.

Storytelling of the opening is better than average and visually it is also very inspiring. The 3-D machines also look quite amazing. Overall its a nice one to pick for a ranked list of anime openings.

#9. Shadows House Opening – A Hollow Shadow

Before I move forward, let me say one thing, and that thing is that this opening is really dark. After watching this video, I immediately searched about this anime, and I got to know that this is a supernatural mystic anime. The existence of a doll in this anime gives it a haunting vibe and makes it similar to Hollywood horror series.

Nevertheless, I have included this opening in this list because its simply amazing. It’s all about ‘Shadows’ and mysterious things, which we can definitely see in the opening, thereby indicating that the storytelling through this opening is very good. We also get to see a bunch of characters and I appreciate the effort of introducing them.

#8. Dr. Stone Opening 3 – Rakuen

There is no doubt that Dr. Stone openings are one of the best, as they possess all the qualities of a good anime opening. Just like the first two openings, this one here is very catchy and funky, which also magically suits the theme of the show. As far as the visuals are concerned, they are great, and the story is nicely portrayed in the opening. We get to see some upcoming new inventions and moments that are going to happen in the second season.

However, since so much of the story is exposed in this opening, people have definitely reacted and you can see some pretty great sarcastic comments in the comment section of this video. Other than that, I thought that this opening was one worth to be included in this list.

#7. Attack on Titan Opening 6 – My War

Rarely you will see war openings in animes, and Attack on Titan has finally come up with yet another abstract opening to talk about. The story of Attack on Titan is gradually coming to an end, and we are slowly moving towards the part where we see a lot of wars and deaths. This opening clearly reflects the upcoming story and fate of the characters and how the story in the final season is going to progress.

Initially, I didn’t like the opening that much as it was very different from the previous openings. However, soon I realized that this is the perfect theme, considering the setting of the Final Season. There is no character or story depiction in this opening, however the concept was beautifully delivered.

#6. Odd Taxi Opening Theme

I can say that this unique anime opening has got to be a favorite among all the anime fans. The vocals are surprisingly soothing and the music has a classic touch to it. It is abstract, thoughtful and a very colorful opening. One interesting feature is the ability to combine computer generated art with the hand-drawn art to create such a beautiful opening. I would highly recommend you to watch this at least once even if you are not planning to watch this anime.

On YT, I didn’t find an actual visual opening theme, so I had no other option but to embed just the song. I hope you do enjoy this best soothing anime opening of 2021.

#5. Kemono Jihen Opening – Kemono Michi

The music for this anime opening is very catchy and that is why I have included it in my list. I didn’t know much about this anime, until recently I found an episode of it on YouTube in my recommendation section. Now Kemono Jihen is definitely in my to-watch list.

One striking feature of this opening is the amazing use of storytelling and displaying the characters, I could easily get to know them quite well just by looking at the opening. It perfectly describes their personalities. The vocals for this opening is amazing, on top of that the music is also very unique.

#4. Zombieland Saga: Revenge Opening – Oh Saga, Cry With Me

At the start I thought it is just another anime opening with a lot of female characters, which was very true. However, one thing that caught my attention is the incredible effects used with the characters in this opening. There are some pretty abstract effects that go so well, and it clearly shows that the team that created this opening is very talented. The animation is smooth like butter. Vocals are also very nice. Other than that there is so much symbolic representation.

Zombieland Saga Revenge’s opening theme pretty much reminds me of the opening from Mob Psycho’s second season. The colors are implemented very beautifully. However, we don’t see any significant cues on what the entire story is about. It’s playful, its entertaining and its simply amazing, which only gives me the reason to put it higher in this list.

#3. [2.43] Seiin High School Boys Volleyball Club Opening – Paralysis

I think that Seiin High School’s opening is seriously as good as Haikyuu’s opening. The soundtrack and vocals are amazing, and clearly fits the theme of volleyball gameplay. But what’s interesting is that the camera movement is so good, it should get an award. I mean the way characters are zoomed in and moved throughout the court when the players are passing the ball is on next level. The animation is also very good, and in fact better than Haikyuu and many other sports animes out there.

#2. My Hero Academia Season 5 Opening – No.1 by Dish

This opening is not very much different from the previous openings from My Hero Academia. I have always loved all the openings of these series. But I don’t think I like the one for the 5th Season that much if I compare them to the previous ones. But compared to many anime openings out there released this year, it is still pretty good.

One of the impressive things is that we get to see almost all of the characters that we are going to see throughout the 5th season. The main highlight is Class 1-B students and Class 1-A students. We also get to see some glimpses of the fight scenes some things about Midoriya’s new and mysterious quirk. Other than that, there is so much focus upon Shinso as well, so it’s a nice move from the creator’s side to shed light on a character that is so important, yet remained in the shadows for a very long time.

#1. Jujutsu Kaisen Opening 2 – Who-ya Extended

This anime opening is so good that I have created an entire post regarding it previously on this blog. The post covers all the interesting and amazing things from the opening that caught my attention. So I would highly recommend you to visit my post if you want to read more about this opening.

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The first opening called Kakai Kitan was already very famous because of its visuals and music. However, the second opening is even more visually stunning, a little bit less impactful when it comes to music and vocals when compared to the first one. Still, the crazy animation and unique artwork clearly makes it worth to be included in this ranked list of the best anime openings.

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