Top 15 Famous ENTP Anime Characters

It is interesting to see that there are a lot of ENTP anime characters to talk about. Recognizing these characters is much more easier than most of the other mbti types, because they carry strong distinct features. This makes it easier to spot them in animes. Interestingly, there are so many animes where ENTP anime characters are the main characters as well. They are often found goofing around with crazy ideas and innovations and they pretty much don’t care about whether they affect others in a good or bad way.

Even if they think much about themselves, they are very much aware of the people around them and their needs. One striking thing about them is their ability to conversate quite efficiently with others. It is easy for them to talk to others and sometimes manipulate others as well.

Cognitive Stack of ENTP’s

  • Extroverted Intuition (Dominant Function)
  • Introverted Thinking
  • Extroverted Feeling
  • Introverted Sensing (Inferior Function)

What do you mean by extroverted intuition? Well its all about taking in information from various sources and then connecting all the dots to find a common ground or a conclusion. People with dominant extroverted intuition, especially in the case of ENTP characters, makes them open minded to new information. They like to brainstorm ideas. This gives rise to their endless creativity and entrepreneurial mindset in life. They are endless debaters, and will never leave a debate midway, they love to participate in debates and win them.

Some Traits of ENTP Anime Characters

  • Highly Curious and observant.
  • Takes pride in debating and enjoys it too much.
  • Craves for knowledge.
  • Very innovative and creative individuals.
  • Conversations are a piece of cake for them.
  • Loves experimenting and practical approach
  • Cares Less, Plays More.

List of 15 Fan Favorite Anime Characters That Are ENTP


1. Mahito (Jujutsu Kaisen) – The Playful Curse

Mahito is a very unique character in Jujutsu Kaisen. He has an immature personality of a small mischievous kid who loves to play with humans. People might not have noticed it, but he is one of the most sadist anime character to ever exist. He likes so much to experiment upon his own abilities as a cursed spirit.

Mahito is an unregistered special grade curse in Jujutsu Kaisen. One interesting thing about him is despite his childish nature, he is very intelligent and shows exceptional skills in combat. He is adept at creating traps to trap the jujutsu sorcerers at various times throughout the series. As a curse he can shapeshift people’s souls into anything which he wants to. This cursed technique is known as ‘Idle Transfiguration’.

okabe rintaro

2. Rintaro Okabe (Steins;Gate) – El Psy Congroo, The Self-Proclaimed Mad Scientist

Rintaro is a perfect example of a mad scientist. He is often shown to be lost in his own world of conspiracies. Just like most of the ENTP characters, he is also very childlike and loves to do experimentations. He is shown as a very eccentric person and runs a secret lab called “Future Gadget Lab”. Even so, he is a very extroverted guy and is capable of entertaining Mayushi, her childhood friend, from time to time.


3. Hawks (My Hero Academia) – The Guy with Fierce Wings

Hawks is yet another great ENTP anime character who is very carefree and not serious most of the times. He is also a very sarcastic guy, who does not really care about his own social status being a hero. This is why he wants to perform his hero duties without any great pressure on his head and can accept being in the lower ranks just for the sake of reducing this pressure.

Despite that, he is very intelligent and cunning when it comes to fight against the villains. Compared to the other two pro heroes with higher ranks than him, he has good observation skills. He moves very quickly and has the ability to think on the go.

himiko toga

4. Himiko Toga (My Hero Academia) – A Psychotic Friend

Himiko is a very mentally unstable character from my hero academia. Even though she possesses a very cheerful and happy personality, deep inside she is sadistic and loves to torture others. She likes to toy and play with her opponents and has absolute confidence upon her quirks.

As far as the physical abilities are concerned, she is tactful and intelligent, especially in close combat fights. Her shapeshifting quirk called Transform gives her an edge over her opponents by transforming into one of them. Other than that, she is also seen using her combat knives. She has an entire blood sucking machine with her in order to quickly suck blood from her opponents.

zero two

5. Zero Two (DARLING in the FRANXX) – The Elite Female Pilot

Zero Two possesses a cheerful and playful personality but as she grew up, she became more dangerous and lethal. But one thing that remained with her is the ability of not caring about others. Even when people died around her, she didn’t really care about their deaths as she knew that everyone has to die at some point. She didn’t like rules and being ordered to do things.

She is a very self-confident and assertive girl, capable of making her own decisions and loves to fight, especially for the sake of entertaining her own self or to acquire what she wants.

gojo satoru

6. Gojo Satoru (Jujutsu Kaisen) – Strongest Man in the Jujutsu Kaisen Universe

Gojo is literally one of those overpowered anime characters that we see in anime. Just like most of the ENTP’s, Gojo loves to prank people and often wears a carefree expression upon him. He is also quite lazy when it comes to fights, and only appears at the end of the fights when things become inevitable. Even in such fights, he is very calm and childish as if he does not wants to take the fight seriously, but still manages to overthrow the opponents in multiple ways. He always gets amazed by the power level of his opponents while fighting.

Despite being so lazy, Gojo is the strongest person in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe, because of the solid training that he went through. He has gradually acquired some unique and godly Jujutsu techniques that can obliterate even the toughest of the opponents. He cares less about people, but still he does care about his own students, especially with the case of Itadori and Megumi.

hisoka morow

7. Hisoka Morow (HunterXHunter) – A Sociopath

I have not seen such a selfish person as Hisoka is in any anime. He has a very sadistic personality who loves to injure others or watch them getting injured. He likes to compete with newer and stronger opponents. Fights are like a ‘game’ for him, and if he gets bored, he kills his opponents and goes to hunt for other interesting opponents.

Anybody can agree that Hisoka loves to fight, and not just a normal fight, he wants to experience a great fight against great and powerful characters, especially those who can possibly beat him. He finds amusement and enjoyment in such fights. This describes his playful and carefree personality as an anime character.

hange zoe

8. Hange Zoe (Attack on Titan) – The Queen of Experiments

We know Hange very well from Attack on Titan, the only character that actually bothered about experimenting on the titans in order to extract relevant and crucial information to help the scouts devise effective strategies to deal with them inside and outside the walls.

Hange is very laid-back and has an enthusiastic childlike attitude towards people and titans as she is always seen talking with them or indirectly mocking them, but we should remember that she is a very skilled warrior and has been continuously trying her best. After Erwin, Hange has a great responsibility on her shoulders, quite frankly she does not look like she can bear a lot of emotional pressure. But while talking, she is bold, fearless and also quite smart.

osamu dazai

9. Osamu Dazai (Bungou Stray Dogs) – Hidden Intentions

Osamu has a very tactical personality, often seen as a person who hides his intentions a lot. When he has an entire game plan in his head, which he only reveals it to his teammates when the time is right. Just like most of the ENTP anime characters, Osamu is quite lazy, but when he is doing his thing, he has great confidence upon himself.

Dazai also loves to tease others and make fun of them from time to time as we see his mischievous side throughout the story. In a nutshell, Osamu has a very comical personality and loves to laugh and entertain his own self.


10. Ryuk (Death Note) – Apples are Amazing

Ryuk is my favorite character from death note. He is a very calm and playful character, despite being a dangerous shinigami. Ryuk loves experimentation and new things, as he gets bored too easily. And that is the sole reason why he dropped the death note on earth. He wanted to see how humans will react to the chaos the notebook will cause and how they will handle it.

Surprisingly, Ryuk gets even more hyped when the notebook gets in the hand of one of the most brilliant student in Japan, called Light Yagami. Ryuk is very well known for his playful and ‘I don’t care’ type of personality.

kuroo tetsurou

11. Kuroo Tetsurou (Haikyuu!) – The Cool Captain

Kuroo is also one of the most famous characters from the haikyuu anime series. Personality-wise he is a very provocative and likes to tease other players a lot. But one striking thing about him is his uncanny observation while playing volleyball. He is very intuitive when it comes to the technical aspects of the game. His special ability lies in blocking, which requires solid concentration and foresight in order to implement perfect-timed blocks.

He loves challenges in volleyball, and is always on the lookout for beating opponents. Learning from his mistakes and the opponent’s team mistakes as well, and finds pride and joy in beating them.


12. Yato (Noragami) – The Luxury-Loving God

Yato does have a god-like complex, but he does not wants to become a simple god. His desires are far from possible as he imagines being adored in luxurious shrines and temples, and have a great following. Simply he wants to compete with other gods, sounds crazy right?. He also has a very kid like attitude towards things and people in his life and is particularly obsessive when it comes to money.

He spends money like there is no end and is an avid fan of luxurious lifestyle. Despite being such an idiotic character, he does have a little bit of sense in him. As far as his skills are concerned, he has some particular god-like abilities like limited immortality and divine possession. He is also quite skillful in combat, particularly in fight involving swords.


13. Orochimaru (Naruto) – Craving for Immortality

Orochimaru is a very self-confident character in the naruto series, and is often seen finding ways to learn many ninjutsu techniques so that he becomes immortal later in his life. To do so, he tried experimenting in various ways upon his own body, which gradually gave him a snake like composure and regeneration capabilities. In fact he was so obsessed with the idea of immortality, he killed his own teacher and betrayed the leaf village for it.

He possesses unique skills and snake techniques, especially his offensive technique called “Eight Branches” using which he summons a snake with eight heads and become a Dragon God.


14. Korosensei (Assasination Classroom) – The Multi-Tentacled Sensei

Korosensei is probably the only octopus like teacher in animes. Quite frankly, he is a very unique extroverted character that loves talking and gossiping about things. He also possess a very childish nature and always cared for himself.

But despite that, he was very much concerned about his students and would often go into ‘rage mode’ whenever his students got hurt. He also possess great observation which helped him connect with his students individually and at a deeper level.

sister krone

15. Sister Krone (The Promised Neverland) – The Scariest Caretaker in Animes

Sister Krone is one of the most amazing characters from the promised neverland. She had a particularly dark past while she was trained being a Mama. From the time she entered into the grace field house, all we see is that she is desperate to overthrow Isabella and take control of the grace field house.

She is a very competitive woman, trying to beat Isabella as well as the smartest children of the grace field house, Emma, Norman and Ray. Despite having such a big body, she is very fast while running. On top of that, she also has some profound intellect which she used to effectively get to know a about Norman’s plan of escaping the grace field house.

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