Wonder Egg Priority MBTI – A Complete List

I love talking about MBTI of various anime characters, and today I have brought to you a complete list of MBTI of Wonder Egg Priority characters. We do know how relatable each and every character is from this anime. This list contains all the characters from the series and their personality types. All the characters have been divided into four major categories : Analysts, Diplomats, Sentinels and Explorers.

Wonder Egg priority is a series about a girl named Ai Ohto, who suddenly stopped attending school after the suicidal death of her best friend Koito. One night, she heard a mysterious voice, guiding her to a mysterious place where she finds a gachapon machine, a machine that creates ‘Wonder Eggs’


Analysts are logical beings, they like to think, analyze and theorize various possibilities. The love to talk about future and various creative and innovative ways of doing things. The analysts personality types are INTJ, INTP, ENTJ and ENTP. Below is the list of all the characters from this anime that fall into this personality types.

1. Neiru Aonuma [INTJ]

neiru aonuma personality type

Neiru is a very reserved and calm girl who does not like to socialize a lot. She bears an introverted personality and is quite amazing at studies. She is a hardworking and sincere girl and actually owns a company despite being such a small age.

2. Acca [INTJ]

acca personality type

We don’t really know much about this character, although we can surely say that he is there to support and guide the protagonists in various ways. He is the advisor, and has great knowledge about the Egg World. Looks like a mannequin, but has a brain of a real human. He always guides the protagonists in a very mannered and well-structured tone.

3. Ura-Acca [INTP]

ura acca personality type

Ura-Acca is always found with Acca, but unlike him, this character is less serious and a little bit laid back. Also, Ura-Acca uses informal language to communicate and guide the protagonists.

4. Kotobuko Awano [ENTP]

kotobuko awano personality type

Awano was created in an organization called Japan Plati, where humans were created by genetic combination in such a way as to produce children with extremely high intellect and other features. Because she has such an amazing genetic makeup, the government is very curious about her genes and wants to experiment upon her body as soon as she dies.


Diplomats are kind at heart, yet very bold when the situation demands. They are dreamers and creators, always looking for condensing information and finding the core meaning of all things, thanks to their dominant introverted intuition. The Diplomats include the INFJ, ENFJ, INFP and ENFP personality types. Below is the list of all the diplomat characters from wonder egg priority.

1. Momoe Sawaki [INFJ]

momoe sawaki personality type

Momoe is a selfless girl, who is honest and knows the correct meaning of justice. She cares very much about those that she has absolute trust upon. Despite being such a brave girl, she is shown to be one of the most insecure girls in the series, often contemplating on her masculine physique.

2. Koito Nagase [ENFJ]

Sawaki is a very passionate character who loves art. He loves his students and always hopes to teach them in the best way possible. He wants his students to excel and succeed.

3. Shuichiro Sawaki [ENFJ]

shuichiro sawaki personality type

Just like a typical ENFJ character, Koito is a calm and composed girl who cares a lot about others. She is always seen as a very positive girl despite the situations.

4. Miwa [INFP]

miwa personality type

Miwa is a very reserved and timid character, who particulary had a very dark past which is not even appropriate to discuss here.

5. Yae Yoshida [INFP]

yae yoshida personality type

Yae had an ability to see ghosts, and that is why she was very afraid about her surrounding environment. When she reported this, people thought she might have some psychological issues, which further led to her admission at a psychiatric hospital. This caused a lot of stress for her, to the point where she decided to commit suicide.

6. Kaoru Kurita [ENFP]

kaoru kurita personality type

Kaoru is actually a boy (yes you heard it right). But the thing is that he was titled as a female when he was born, which caused a lot of unnecessary stress for him. He also had a very dark past, as he was raped and tortured. He is particularly attracted to Momoe.

7. Himari [ENFP]

himari personality type

Himari is a very cheerful girl who likes to laugh and make others laugh as well. She is also particularly smart and always bears a positive smile on her face.


Sentinels are serious individuals, they love to follow the rules as they respect them a lot. According to them, following the rules and regulations makes life a lot easier and less burdensome which is very true. They are also quite logical while making decisions and are mostly workaholic. They also have the capability to lead and command a team quite efficiently. Sentinels include ISTJ, ISFJ, ESFJ and ESTJ personality types.

1. Misaki Tanabe [ISTJ]

misaki tanabe personality type

Misako has a polite personality and is often found assisting Aonuma. She worked with Acca and Ura-Acca, effectively monitoring the protagonist’s dreams as a means to research and grasp information from them.

2. Tae Ohto [ESFJ]

tae ohto personality type

Tae loves her daughter and has a very gentle tone. She is a hard worker and always completes her daily house tasks. She loves Ai a lot and gets relieved whenever she manages to talk and make some new friends.

3. Kurumi Saijo [ESFJ]

kurumi saijo personality type

Kurumi has a very extroverted personality, and carries a certain authority in her speech. She proves to be very helpful in situations, although she does have a little bit of sarcastic attitude towards most of the things in her life.

4. Minami Suzuhara [ISFJ]

minami suzuhara personality type

Being an introvert, Minami is quite timid and shy and pretty much always submits to the will of others. She went through a lot of abuse from his gym coach throughout the entire series. She had little confidence upon her own self and thought she was weak and hopeless.

5. Miko [ISFJ]

miko personality type
Mako in left and Miko in right

Miko is always seen paired up with Mako, but unlike her, she has particularly lengthier hair. Miko and Mako both admired Yu-Yu a lot and loved to attend the events.


6. Shino [ISFJ]

Shino was a patient at a psychiatric hospital because of her suicidal tendencies.

azusa hoshina

7. Azusa Hoshina [ISFJ]

She used to work at Japan Plati, but because of the relationship between Acca and Azusa, the artificial human girl Frill, who is supposed to emulate human emotions and behavior, became jealous (of dangerous levels) and killed her.


Explorers, as the name suggests, love to explore and live their lives to the fullest. They always love to do new things, and are pretty much creative in their own ways. Unlike other personality types, this type of people love recognition and are quite famous. They are also very cheerful and have a positive outlook towards life. The Explorer personality types are ISFP, ESFP, ISTP and ESTP.

ai ohto

1. Ai Ohto [ISFP]

Ai Ohto is the main character of Wonder Egg Priority. She is also one of those rare anime characters with different colored eyes. She was bullied a lot at school, because of her heterochromia eyes (Oh my god I can’t believe this, they must be jealous). Being an ISFP, she is an introverted girl who likes to spend most of her time alone, although she does interact with other characters in the series. She is very protective of her friends and always tries to help them when the need arises.

rika kawai

2. Rika Kawai [ESTP]

Rika is one of the most extroverted characters in the series. From the outside, she looks like a cheerful and happy celebrity, however she has a lot of going on inside her head, especially insecurities, hatred and sadness. She is a people pleaser, but still she does not effectively communicate with others, often ignoring other’s questions.

Despite being such an outgoing and social person, Rika is mentally unstable and suffers from severe guilt and depression after finding out that Chiemi has starved herself to death because of her.


3. Chiemi [ISFP]

Chiemi was a die-hard fan of Rika’s handshake events. Since she idolized Rika so much, her words affected her a lot, at a psychological level.


4. Mako [ISFP]

You will always find Mako associated with Miko and surprisingly both of them have the same hair color and way of dressing as well. She is an avid fan of Yu-Yu and loves to attend their events. She has a very cheerful and enthusiastic personality.


5. Ayaka [ESFP]

Ayaka is one of the boldest characters in Wonder Egg priority. She is one of the most typical ENFP characters, as we can understand from his clothes style and choices. She is very aggressive and does not need Neiru’s help in order to take down her wonder killer.


6. Aoi [ISFP]

Aoi was hatched from Neiru’s Egg. She is seen with her remarkable sunglasses and red ribbon tied on her hair.

chiaki kawai

7. Chiaki Kawai [ESFP]

Chiaki is a serious alcohol addict and speaks in a gentle tone of voice. She had a particularly dark past where his husband left her, leaving her alone with her child.


8. Frill [ESFP]

Frill is an artificial human created by Acca and Ura-Acca. Since she is not a human, she has a very high IQ. She possesses all the qualities of a normal human, including a sense of humor, emotions etc. However, because she is an artificial being, she is not 100% like a real human, and has her own flaws.

So that’s it. This was just a quick and sharp list of the MBTI of Wonder Egg Priority Characters. Feel free to comment down below which of these character’s mbti matches with yours.

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