Top 10 Strongest Kage in Naruto Ranked

Kages are highly trained characters from Naruto who did a lot of hard work to attain the position of a leader. Kages are well versed with various ninjutsu techniques and are said to be the most powerful people in the village.

All the Kage have a great responsibility upon their shoulders. They look after the maintenance of villages and send ninjas for battles. They bear the responsibility of protecting the village from outside enemies at all costs.

Kages have a plethora of knowledge when it comes to battling skills. They use various transformation techniques to confuse their opponents. They are always one step ahead of their opponents. Thanks to their years of dedication in training their minds and bodies.

List of Top 10 Strongest Kage in Naruto Ranked

10/10. Onoki (Third Tsuchikage) – Age Doesn’t Matter


Onoki is the true example of the proverb age doesn’t matter. Despite being an 80-year-old man, he is still a very capable leader of his village and people trust him despite all odds. He is capable of competing with even the strongest of the opponents out there. He is also one of the most legendary shinobi out there. Eventually, he had to retire due to his old age problems. But people always remembered him as a legendary and powerful leader to ever exist.

His Ninjutsu Technique is called Nature Transformation where he can combine multiple aspects of nature like wind, fire, lightning etc. in different combinations to produce multiple techniques. It is said that his Dust Release Technique is one of the most powerful, which could destroy a full island.

9/10. Gengetsu (Second Mizukage) – Solid to Liquid in Seconds


Gengetsu is a very famous character from Naruto, because of his personality and attire. Personality-wise, we can say that he is a very cheerful person and at the same time gets angry quite easily. Gengetsu loves talent and potential and likes the shinobis who possess unique and outstanding skills.

He has two prominent Ninjutsu Techniques in his hand, named the Nature Transformation and the other is the Summoning Technique. Just like Onoki, Gengetsu is also capable of combining natural elements, and the best one for him is the Water Release Technique using which he can convert his body into a liquid form or solid form at his own will. This helps him escape from the toughest of the confinement techniques. He can also fire water bullets from his fingers.

On the other hand, the summoning technique involves the use of a Giant Clam which is used to create deceptive Mirages, and they are so deceptive but realistic that even most of the shinobis fail to understand them.

8/10. Mu (Second Tsuchikage) – The Camouflage Expert


One of the key things that make Mu strong and dangerous is the ability to sense and perceive chakras from a large distance. This sensing helped him devise defensive strategies and protect himself from those chakras, on top of that his reflexes allow him to evade such attacks in a much faster way. Mu is quite an intelligent character from the Naruto Series.

Just like Onoki and Gengetsu, Mu is one of those rare shinobis that can use the nature transformation ninjutsu technique, which allows him to use the Dust Release and Earth Release Technique. He was very famous because he had also mastered camouflage.

7/10. Gaara (Fifth Kazekage) – The Master of Defense


Gaara was one of those dedicated characters from Naruto that everybody talks about. He is also possessed with large amounts of chakra, and knows a unique Ninjutsu Technique called the ‘Sand Manipulation’. He is always seen carrying sand on his back in a big gourd to use it in battles. This special sand consists of Gaara’s chakra, and that is why he can control this sand with much greater accuracy, speed and strength.

Unlike most of the other Kages in this list, Gaara avoids close combat battles and prefers to fight from a distance, and the chakra induced sand helps him to fulfil this purpose. He also uses this sand for his defence a lot of times, by creating a shield of sand all around his body. Gaara is also very intelligent when it comes to the proper implementation of his unique sand-based Jutsu. He can easily find the weakness of his opponents.

6/10. A (Third Raikage) – Hard as a Rock


A is a very well known character from Naruto who combined elements from Ninjutsu and Taijutsu to create Nintaijutsu, a hybrid technique that aided him in a battle against the tailed beasts. He was entitled as the fastest shinobi second to Minato. He had a great deal of Chakra with him, but interestingly he was also very strong from the physical point of view.

Because of the great physical strength and genetics that he got from his father, he was simply very durable, like a strong natural shield, and would often receive only a slight cut or injury from the most powerful of the blows and attacks.

5/10. Hiruzen Sarutobi (Third Hokage) – The Professor

Hiruzen Sarutobi

Hiruzen was a talented person from a very young age. He even surpassed his teacher when he was so small, and achieved the position of Hokage. As far as his levels of Chakra are concerned, he had plenty of it inside him and despite getting so old, he still retained great chakra levels later in his life. He also had sensory perception and quick reflexes aiding him to defend in battles.

His domain of knowledge was very vast, and he was entitled as a professor, as he had mastered several shinobi art forms and ninjutsu techniques. He was also one of the very few characters that mastered all the five basic nature transformations.

4/10. Tobirama Senju (Second Hokage)- The Inventor

Tobirama Senju

Tobirama is one of the fastest and greatest shinobi to ever exist in the Naruto series. Because of his speed, he was capable of completing a large distance in a very short amount of time. He had large reserves of Chakra within him. He was also a sensor, capable of detecting others chakras and was so fast that other sensors couldn’t detect him.

His Ninjutsu Techniques involved the all-time basic Nature Transformation, mastering in Water Release Technique. He is well-known for his Flying Thunder God Technique which allows him to teleport to any location that he likes.

During fights, he was very analytical, and would always do surprise attacks on his opponents. He was also one of the rarest characters that innovated so many ninjutsu techniques like Shadow Clone Technique, Impure World Reincarnation Technique and a lot of them, which were subsequently used by other shinobi’s as well.

3/10. Minato Namikaze (Fourth Hokage) – Can Beat Even the Strongest Sensors


Minato is probably the only character that is so strong to defeat an army of thousand shinobi.

He knows a large number of ninjutsu techniques. Just like Naruto, Minato also has a very large reservoir of chakra within him. He was very fast, fast as lightning, due to the Body Flicker Technique. We had already discussed that having a sensor is crucially important to detect chakras, and they help in evasion. However, Minato was one of those highly strong characters that can beat even the strongest of the sensors and approach them before they can even detect him.

From an intellectual perspective, Minato has a very high IQ and is capable of understanding the basic concept behind any of the techniques that he sees. His observation skills are very good, which helps him conceptualize and strategize various ways to overcome the techniques of his opponents. Basically, he is very good at analyzing his opponent’s movements and plans.

2/10. Hashirama Senju (First Hokage) – The Taming Expert

Hashirama Senju

The reason why Hashirama acclaims the second position in this list is the fact that he was so good, he was called the God of Shinobi.

Personality-wise, he is quite an extrovert, full of energy and very enthusiastic when it comes to socializing. We cannot deny the fact that he actually captured eight of the nine-tailed beasts, without any assistance, all by himself.

Hashirama’s chakra was incredibly strong. Particularly his life force was very strong, so whenever he used to release his chakra, it generated incredible shock waves all over. This also gave him immense stamina and ability that helped him during battles. His vitality was also quite high, giving him regeneration capabilities as well. Since his chakra was so high, he could go into Senjutsu and enter Sage Mode.

One remarkable quality of Hashirama was that he could also absorb others’ chakras by using his wood dragons.

1/10. Naruto Uzumaki (Seventh Hokage) – Playful Yet Powerful

naruto uzumaki

There is a reason why the name of this anime is based upon the name of this character. Naruto was once a mischievous kid who used to fail the exams and create a nuisance for the village. He was also a very weak Ninja.

Surprisingly, through multiple efforts and perseverance, he finally improved his skills and became capable of defeating even the strongest of the characters. One of the things that helped him get better is his ability to learn on the go. He focuses on the practical aspects of the fight.

Naruto is essentially blessed with a good amount of chakra. Initially, he was inept in controlling them, however as the story progressed, Naruto finally got his chakra under his full control and was able to transfer it to others as well. T

The first technique that Naruto used was the Shadow Cloning Technique, a powerful and deceptive technique. Because of the high amounts of chakras that resided within him, he could create a thousand of the clones. This created a lot of confusion for his opponents.

The second most commonly used technique is the Rasengan, basically a ball of chakra. However, one needs refined control over their chakra to contain it into a ball and adjust its power accordingly.

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