Top 10 Most Hated Characters in Haikyuu

Hatred is a very complex word, yet we use it so casually that the feeling has become a part of our normal lives. We pretty much hate a lot of things in our life like for example our job, our parents, our children and the list goes on and on. But when it comes to anime characters, this feeling gets multiplied 10 times. There are a lot of anime characters out there who had been created just for being hated, and we should remember that such types of characters are important to create the right balance in the overall story.

Today, I am sharing with you the top 10 most hated characters from one of the most prestigious and popular sports anime named Haikyuu. We continuously talk and hear weebs mentioning their most loved haikyuu characters, but we rarely hear about these characters which are being secretly hated by fans all over the world. Please note that these are not the worst haikyuu characters, because they are really good in their game. So without further ado, let us just jump right into this short and sweet list of top 10 most hated haikyuu characters.

List of 10 Most Hated Haikyuu Characters

1. Tsukishima – The Salty Middle Blocker

tsukishima - most hated haikyuu character

At the start of the series, we saw Tsukishima mocking Kageyama and Hinata with respect to their volleyball skills. This character was shown as quite ‘selfish’ and bad at communicating with others, and this is the reason why a majority of the Karasuno players didn’t talk to him that much.

Tsukishima has a sarcastic personality and is often seen teasing Hinata and the rest of the others for their mistakes. He thinks highly of himself, but we cannot deny the fact that he is absolutely one of the best setters throughout the series. Tsukishma has great observational skills which help him block his opponents’ spikes and is not affected by lag time spikes.

2. Madoka Yachi – The Workaholic Mother

madoka yachi - most hated haikyuu character

People really do hate Yachi and consider her one of the most useless characters from the Haikyuu series. However, I think that her mother is even more disturbing. It is a dream for their parents that their child should put their effort and become stronger in their life. However, in the case of Yachi’s mother, her concern is actually drifting in the wrong direction. Despite giving her moral support and encouragement, all she does is pressurize her by criticizing any work she does. Yes, I do know that criticism is important for the growth of any individual. However, we should make sure that we also come up with supportive ideas and encourage them for the efforts that they had been putting.

Even his co-worker agrees with the fact that Madoka is very rude and strict when it comes to parenting and needs to chill. Good parenting techniques always ensure the best of both worlds and here we are talking about the child’s and the parent’s world. Madoka never spent much time with her daughter, so she was unable to understand her capabilities, interests and what sparks her. She was also one of the prime factors behind Yachi’s timidness and lack of decision-making. This is the reason why Madoka is one of the most hated characters in the series.

3. Kiyoomi Sakusa – The Germophobic

kiyoomi sakusa - most hated haikyuu character

The reason why Sakusa wears a mask is that he is very germophobic. This is the reason why he hates approaching others and talking with them for an extended period of time. Sakusa is hated because he is very competitive and very proud of himself. Deep inside, he is sometimes too much overconfident about himself. But even so, he is one of the top three aces in the nation.

Sakusa is very cautious and detail-oriented. He likes to complete his tasks and always tries to perform his best in the task that he has chosen. He is envious, and at the same time, inspired by Kageyama’s Setting Techniques.

4. Ikke Ukai – The Harsh Coach

ikke ukai - most hated haikyuu character

Ukai is probably one of the most hated coaches from Haikyuu because his training methods are very brutal and cause unnecessary pressure upon the students. Coach Ukai is a never-forgiving character and you better get the habit of listening to his rants and criticism if you are one of his students. He even does not spare his own grandson and gives him a beating when deemed necessary.

But despite his harsh and rude behavior, we should not forget that he is one of the most brilliant old volleyball players and knows a lot about spikes with different ‘tempo’s’. Unlike Kageyama, Ukai knows that teamwork is very important in order to set up an effective offensive strategy against the opponent’s team.

5. Kageyama Tobio – The Perfect Setter

tobio kageyama - most hated haikyuu character

Yes I know that a lot of people are going to disagree with this pick, but according to me, Kageyama was the first and foremost hated character of the series. During the initial gameplay, we saw him scolding his teammates for absolutely nothing. He was annoyed by the fact that his teammates are nowhere near his skill level, and they will eventually lose a lot of future matches if this keeps happening for a long period of time. He didn’t believe that there could be other ways to improve the skills of his fellow teammates or adjust himself according to their skills.

Kageyama was hated because he didn’t embrace the beauty of teamwork, a concept that is utmost required in a game like volleyball, where each character is bound to contribute equally. But later in the series, Kageyama underwent a considerable amount of character development that refined him into a much more professional and matured version of himself. He was able to co-ordinate with other players as well, especially with Hinata.

6. Oikawa Toru – The Strongest Server

oikawa toru - most hated haikyuu character

We do know that Oikawa has one of the fastest servers to ever exist in Haikyuu. Oikawa has trained himself quite efficiently to reach a level where people often confuse himself for being talented. Fans have a love/hate relationship with Oikawa, and they hate him mostly because of his childish and flirtatious nature. He is often found mocking and making fun of his opponents. He is very envious of Kageyama and has an inferiority complex against those who are naturally gifted at volleyball.

But despite this, Oikawa knows that Talent will take you only so far, but there is a limit to it. After that, what dominates is our own ability to keep pushing ourselves. Oikawa is serious about volleyball and hates losing, and had training rigorously for the past few years. He wants to become the best player, and is well-aware of his teammates and their abilities. He is the strongest player of his team and is a very good team player, as he knows how to bring everyone on the same table.

7. Miya Atsumu – The Crowd Controller

miya atsumu - most hated haikyuu character

Miya Atsumu is very well known for his proud attitude and show off skills that he displays during the match. His teammates hate him because he is a master in lying, often in his own world, and never ever listens to others’ advice. What’s even worse is that he criticizes others on their face without ever caring about their feelings, not the type of person who can motivate others. In the fourth season, he also mocked Kageyama by calling him ‘Goody Two Shoes’. Because of all these characteristics, fans hate him a lot.

But we should remember that he is one of the most competitive characters from the series, and often loses his composure when he hears even the slightest of the disturbance. Even so, he is very much focused on his game. His serving skills are top-notch, which is praised by his own teammates as well as other teams.

8. Kentaro Kyoutani – Mad Dog

kentaro kyoutani - most hated haikyuu character

Kyoutani is a hot-headed character, often a type of person who is unapproachable due to his hot-temper and attitude towards things, particularly in a game of volleyball. He is an excellent spiker and is cable of spiking ball parallel to the net, however the downside of his ability is being restricted to powerful spikes. He always tries to hit the ball with his full strength, otherwise he does not feel satisfied, which is not a sign of a good balanced player.

However, volleyball is a game where substitution plays a huge role, and substituting Kyoutani at times of need can prove quite effective. Due to his anger issues, we rarely see him talking to others or others communicating with him. He is also seen

9. Haiba Lev – The Proudest Player of Nekoma

haiba lev - most hated haikyuu character

We cannot deny the fact that Haiba Lev is a very proud character, always seen talking about how great he is. At some points, he is also seen mocking his opponents. He has a cheerful extroverted personality, always on the lookout for new and interesting things. Lev is particularly amazed by Hinata and his small height, and has often teased him for his less height.

He is so proud that he called himself the ‘ace’ of the team, though nobody in the team agrees with that. Because of his height, he has a solid advantage when it comes to blocking. This is one of the reasons why his opponents hate him a lot. He is also much laid-back compared to the rest of his teammates.

10. Ushijima Wakatoshi – The Powerful Spiker

ushijima wakatoshi - most hated haikyuu character

Ushijima is well-known for his monotonous personality. He is terrible at communicating with others, to the point where he does not care about how others will feel because of his words. Ushijima says things straight on people’s faces, and this is the reason why people rarely talk with him. But it is a fact that Ushijima is one of the top players in Haikyuu, dominating with his unbeatable spikes that push through the hands of the blockers. He is left-handed, which makes his opponents directionally get confused from his spikes. From cross shots to straight ones, it is almost impossible to defend his spikes, and even the toughest liberos are not capable of receiving his spikes properly. He is notoriously the most hated character in haikyuu.

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  1. I kinda have a soft soft for Miya atsumu and oikawa toru😅. Actually haikyu is a series that makes you love every character whether you have hated them before or not.

    1. Shoaib says:

      Yeah that’s very true

  2. Lois says:

    I must admit, I have a soft spot for a lot of these characters haha. I feel like Kiyoomi Sakusa will get his time to shine in the season to come. What’s so great about Haikyuu is how you get the full picture. You see all the characters negative traits, but also their positives, so it makes it hard to truly hate a character.

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