MHA: Top 10 Strongest Class 1B Students Ranked

Just like the students from class 1-A, students from class 1-B also possess some of the most dangerous and powerful quirks. In fact, we can see more variety of quirks in class 1B compared to that of class 1A. They are great at attacks and defense and can prove useful in a lot of rescue missions as well. These characters are very strong and capable of defeating the greatest villains out there. This post is about all those strongest characters from class 1B from my hero academia.

Ranked: 10 Most Powerful Class 1B Students from My Hero Academia

kosei tsuburaba

#10. Kosei Tsuburaba (Quirk: Solid Air)

Hero Name: Aeris

Kosei possesses a very powerful quirk called Solid Air, using which he can create a kind of shield using his own breath. All he needs to do is breathe out some air, and manipulate it in various ways, let’s say, create an air prison to restrain enemies. We cannot deny the fact that the impact of this quirk is mostly high from the defensive perspective, but if used properly, can be used for great counter-attacks.

Kosei’s natural ability to control his own breath can be further improved by frequent lung exercises that will help him improve his lung capacity. The more air he breathes out, the more solid air he can create, which will prove beneficial against multiple enemies. Higher lung capacity can aid him in creating even more durable solid air objects. Because of the potential of his quirk and his ability to expand and scale it, I have included this character in this list at the 10th position.

yui kodai

#9. Yui Kodai (Quirk: Size)

Hero Name: Rule

Ever thought of a superpower where you can alter your own size? Well Yui Kodai is capable of doing so. She can change the size of her body in just a mere seconds. One interesting thing is that unlike Mt. Lady, she has full control over the intensity by which she can enlarge or shrink herself, which gives her quirk an uncanny versatility.

This flexibility can aid her in a lot of ways, whether it is for defensive purpose or for attacking. Being able to change her size makes her capable of hiding almost anywhere, aiding in stealth attacks.

ibara shiozaki

#8. Ibara Shiozaki (Quirk: Vines)

Hero Name: Vine

We cannot forget the fact that this girl came into the top 8th in the sports festival, one of the most competitive sports events in the entire history of My Hero Academia anime series. Her quirk called Vines gives her an ability to generate vines from her hairs. These are not ordinary vines, they can extend for a long distance. Using this quirk, she literally destroyed Denki by trapping her in her hairs.

In terms of versatility, these vines can be used for a variety of purposes like grabbing opponents and tying them up, or can be used as a shield too. Using these vines, she can move faster by clinging to objects or swinging with the help of them. This versatility makes her one of the most dangerous class 1B students.

However she does have some weakness, like for example she is weak in close combat as her quirk only allows her to attack opponents at larger distances. This is the reason why she interned with the topmost heroes, especially those adept with close fights, in order to train herself and improve upon her mistakes.

tetsutetsu tetsutetsu

#7. Tetsutetsu Tetsutetsu (Quirk: Steel)

Hero Name: Real Steel

Energetic and enthusiastic, this character is pretty straightforward when it comes to fighting style. He is one of the bravest characters from class 1B. His quirk ‘Steel’ allows him to turn his skin into steel. With a skin like steel, he can easily defend himself from a lot of attacks. He also has the ability to dodge bullets. Along with defense, his hard skin can also prove fatal for his opponents. The quirk steel is very similar to that of Kirishima’s quirk.

To maintain the durability and duration for which his skin remains steel, he needs to consume a set amount of iron in his diet. The more iron he takes, the more durable his skin becomes. His quirk allows him to be quite efficient and impactful in close combat fights.

sem kaibara

#6. Sen Kaibara (Quirk: Gyrate)

Hero Name: Spiral

Sen has a unique ability to convert the parts of his body, especially the limbs, into a drill. This drill is very deadly, as it can rotate at incredible speed. This unique ability allows him to be almost undefeatable in various close combat fights. We do know that in real life, using drills is kind of a very cautionary work, and should be done with utmost care.

Sen Kaibara’s quirk can seriously injure his opponents on a serious level if he loses its control. However, he is very skilled with his quirk and has good control over it. Because of the deadly characteristics and close combat advantage of this quirk, Sen secures the royal 6th position of this list.

juzo honenuki

#5. Juzo Honenuki (Quirk: Softening)

Hero Name: Mudman

Juzo is a recommended student, which means people acknowledge the fact that he has more control over his quirk than the rest of the normal class 1B students from my hero academia. His quirk ‘Softening’ is kind of interesting and unique. It can be used to manipulate the terrain of the battlefield by softening it into a semi-solid, semi-liquid substance. This happens when he touches any non-living thing.

With this quirk, comes a great deal of possibilities of attack and defense combined. Manipulating the terrain gives him great control over the position of himself and his enemies. For defense purposes, he can swim through the ground by softening it. For attacking purposes, all he can do is soften the terrain around his enemies to trap them or slow them down. This great deal of flexibility and his tactical knowledge makes him one of the strongest character not only in class 1B, but among all the students of the UA Academy.

setsuna tokage

#4. Setsuna Tokage (Quirk: Lizard Tail Splitter)

Hero Name: Lizardy

First of all, I was having some difficulty to rank this character as I was unable to decide whether to put her at the third position or the fourth position. Setsuna is believed to be the best student from class 1B. Surprisingly, she is also one of the recommended students, because of her great control on her quirk. Her quirk allows her to split her body into different parts, each part capable of fighting independently.

She has good technical fighting ability and intense control over each split part of her body. This versatile nature of her quirk gives her profound abilities like stealth, surveillance and unmatched speed. She can use each of her parts to hit multiple targets at the same time. Personality-wise, her leadership skills are very strong, making her one of the most admired students that class 1B students look up to.

With her quirk comes a difficult task of regenerating the body parts again after splitting. Regeneration uses up a lot of her energy and that is why she cannot use this quirk more often.

kinoko komori

#3. Kinoko Komori (Quirk: Mushroom)

Hero Name: Shemage

The reason why I have included her so high in this list is because of the dangerous aspects of her quirk. Her quirk, called ‘Mushroom’, is one of the deadliest quirks to ever exist in My Hero Academia. Using this quirk she can literally grow poisonous mushrooms/fungus on parts of her opponent’s body. These spores can further attack the internal organs of his prey, like the lungs, after which the survival chances of that prey become very less.

One of the interesting thing is that this quirk does not kill you instantly. It will slowly spread on your body and the death will be quite painful. This is the reason why she is one of the strongest characters from class 1B.

itsuka kendo

#2. Itsuka Kendo (Quirk: Big Fist)

Hero Name: Battle Fist

I am sorry that I was unable to put her at the topmost position due to the fact her quirk is a little bit less effective than the one who is at the first position. Kendo is most probably the favorite girl from class 1B. Her personality is very friendly and sociable, which gives her an edge in leadership qualities. She is a strategic thinker. Her Quirk ‘Big Fist’ allows her to enlarge her fists into big size, bigger than an actual human being.

Her quirk is so versatile, it can be used for both attack and defend purposes. Unlike the rest of the strong quirks that we saw in this list, this quirk can also be used for rescue purposes. With such big fists, she can block various attacks. She can also restrain her enemies into her fists.


#1. Neito Monoma (Quirk: Copy)

Hero Name : Phantom Thief

Monoma did give Deku a hard time in the 5th Season. His quirk ‘Copy’ is a masterpiece in itself that allows him to copy others quirk and use it just by touching his opponent. What’s even more interesting is that he can also store these quirks for a limited duration. He can touch and store multiple of other’s quirks and use it according to his will. With this quirk, comes his great ability to plan ahead of the opponent’s moves.

His has quite a narcissistic personality, but we cannot overlook the fact that he has a lot of potential if he tries to improve upon his quirk. Even for a limited time frame, this quirk is strong enough to take down the smartest of the opponents. Eventually, he has also trained himself to be able to store more quirks than before, and also extended the time limit for which he can store all these quirks. This is pretty amazing! The more versatile the quirks are, the more deadly they become, and Monoma has the most versatile and useful quirk than the rest of the characters in this list, making him worthy of the number 1 spot.

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