25+ Cursed Techniques from Jujutsu Kaisen Ranked

Jujutsu Kaisen Anime is all about curses, and because of the existence of these curses, one can harness their energies to create useful techniques that can be used to exorcise and kill cursed spirits that have caused nuisance to humanity. We get to see creative ways in which these cursed energies are used in various forms of cursed techniques utilized. Basically there are four types of cursed techniques in the Jujutsu Kaisen world, Innate, Inherited, Extension and Barrier Techniques.

Each of these techniques can be powerful enough to kill the strongest enemies out there. Some techniques require more cursed energy control and have awesome strength hidden in theme whereas some are basic ones but can be effectively used for defense and escapes. This is a list of every jujutsu kaisen cursed technique ranked according to their power level, usage and versatility.

25+ Jujutsu Kaisen Cursed Techniques Ranked from Weakest to Strongest

26. Nanako’s Technique

The weakest techniques is Nanako’s Cursed Photography Technique that allows her to control her enemy if she takes his/her photograph through her mobile phone. It is hardly versatile and cannot be put higher in this list.

haruta shigemo jujutsu kaisen

25. Miracles (Haruta Shigemo)

Miracles is a type of technique that even Haruta, its actual user does not know much about. Basically it is a technique where the user can store all the small to big miraculous happenings and later can be used when in need. This is somewhat an oddball and activating it does not even need any effort. Due to lack of control and versatility of this unique technique, I have resorted not to put it at higher rank.

24. Immortality (Tengen)

Although there is not much known about this technique, but still, immortality is something that even scientists in real life are experimenting upon. Basically, the concept is pretty much simple, the technique gives the user eternal life. However, the disadvantage is that the user cannot prevent aging.

Versatility of this technique is almost NIL and I cannot find any strength in it. It cannot impact other opponents so I have put it lower in this list.


23. Gakuganji’s Technique

This technique does not have a clear name, and is used by Gakuganji. It is not a raw cursed technique, because it utilizes and requires a semi-cursed tool, like, for example, in the case of Gakuganji, it is an electric guitar. So how does this technique work? The user uses his body as a means to amplify sound coming from the guitar, and can blast it on his opponents in the form of energized cursed energy.

Now from the close combat perspective, the user needs to have quick reflexes in order to amplify the energy and converge it on the opponent as quickly as possible. Because of this, it can be deadly, but still very less versatile. There are not many creative and useful ways to use it.

22. Seance Technique (Granny Ogami)

Have you ever thought of reviving the dead souls? Well Granny Ogami can possibly do that. Using this technique, she can communicate with the dead souls in order to summon their soul’s information. Now this information can be used to further use cursed energy to transform into one of them. Not only that but they can also acquire the physical properties and abilities of these dead souls.

This is not a very powerful technique, but still it is quite unique and interesting, used for deceptive purposes.

21. Inverse (Jiro Awasaka)

As the name suggests, the technique is used to reverse the attacks, that means stronger attack becomes weak, whereas weak attacks become strong. This is quite a unique technique to master and can easily confuse the enemies. However, in terms of versatility, it is still pretty low. The technique works best if the enemy does not know about it, however if they know about it, then it will be easy for them to counter quickly. Not a very powerful technique.

momo tool manipulation technique

20. Tool Manipulation (Momo Nishimiya)

This particular technique is Momo’s Innate technique. Using this technique, she can telepathically control her broom in mid-air. She prefers to use this as a means to travel, escape on her broom and avoid attacks. From the attacking perspective, she can create powerful blasts of winds from cursed energy emitted from her broom, which can shook and confuse her opponents for a limited time.

In the anime, we see her scouting the members as she can ride on her broom and hover above them, whilst maintaining a safe distance. In a nutshell, it is not a very versatile or strong technique and can only be used better in defense.

mai zenin cursed technique construction

19. Construction (Mai Zenin)

Mai Zenin uses construction in order to create anything using her cursed energy. To create objects that can actually be used for attack and defense purposes combined, she has to apply lots of cursed energy. However such objects, if created efficiently, can be very useful in any type of battle. This proves that this technique is very versatile and can be used in different ways to harass the opponents.

boogie woogie jujutsu kaisen

18. Boogie Woogie (Aoi Todo)

This technique is one of my personal favorite because who does not want to swap positions of two things in almost an instant? Well Todo is capable of doing so by swapping places of anything be it curses, objects or real humans. Now the reason why this technique is so lower ranked on this list is because it has no strength. This technique does not have its own raw strength, but can be used to trick opponents and allow oneself to improve upon their attacks, which ultimately increases the strength of their attacks.

This technique is very practical, versatile and can be used greatly for ultimate defense, manipulation and confusing the opponents. It’s a very handy technique to escape deadly blows from cursed spirits.

mechamaru puppet manipulation jujutsu kaisen

17. Puppet Manipulation (Kokichi Muta)

Puppet Manipulation is one interesting technique using which one can directly control corpses. Using this, Kokichi can control Mechamaru from a large distance. However to be able to control the puppet, one needs intense years of stored up cursed energy. Frankly speaking, this technique has a lot of potential however the resources and conditions required are too heavy upon the user. The strength of controlled puppets depend upon the strength of the user.

16. Cloning Technique (Bag-mask Curse User)

So this technique is used by a character whose face is covered in a bag like mask and using this technique, its user can make up to 4 copies of himself. Not only that, but he can also switch his real self among all these separate clones. Now one of the interesting things is that there is no strength difference between the original and the clones and even after splitting them into different clones, they all have equal power.

This technique is very interesting and can be improvised and used at full potential. If done correctly, it is highly versatile and used for various offense and defense combined

black bird manipulation jujutsu kaisen

15. Black Bird Manipulation (Mei Mei)

Ever thought of being able to control animals? Well, Mei Mei possibly knows a technique to make it happen. Mei Mei uses Black Bird Manipulation, by using her cursed energy, she has total control over crows, thereby being able to see through their eyes. This is particularly useful for spying purposes as well as to jot down the weaknesses of the enemy.

She can also use this technique to attack her opponents using her crows. What happens is that these crows, after approaching the target, self-destruct and explode, causing a significant release of cursed energy from them and cause heavy damage. The foundational working and technicality of this technique is quite limited, because of its utter dependence upon crows. Hence, in terms of versatility, it is still pretty weak and raw, but still commendable.

disaster flames jujutsu kaisen

14. Disaster Flames (Jogo)

Jogo has the ability to create Disaster Flames, which are basically forms of flames and lava that can burn almost anything. Other than directly igniting objects on fire, Jogo can burn things at a distance using his telepathic ability, which aids him to create fire traps around his opponents easily. Blasts of fire with intensely high temperatures can be subsequently generated to diminish the enemy. The technique ensures certain details like good control of the temperature of flames, the intensity of fire and the range of fire.

Disaster flames can prove really fatal if not handled correctly, and because it is so versatile, the user can improvise upon it if he/she wishes, which makes it more deadly.

blood manipulation jujutsu kaisen

13. Blood Manipulation (Kamo Family)

Blood Manipulation is an inherited technique specific to the Kamo Family. The technique implies that the user can control the shape of their own blood, it can be either external blood or internal blood. For external blood, it can be converted into lethal weapons or solid objects that can be further used to attack and defend a variety of opponents. Internal blood of the user can be controlled and adjusted to give certain physiological benefits like increased stamina.

Pulse rate and temperature can be effectively controlled, which leads to an additional surge of energy for the user. Not a very versatile technique, but strong enough to take down higher grade cursed spirits.

cursed speech jujutsu kaisen
Notice the

12. Cursed Speech (Inumaki Family)

Cursed Speech is a very unique cursed technique, special to the Inumaki family. The technique is activated when the user (only the ones who bear certain marked seals on their face) speaks aloud commanding words reinforced with cursed energy. When the enemy hears it, he/she follows the command of the speaker.

Although being such an overpowered technique, it does have its own drawbacks and weaknesses. The technique cannot be used repeatedly as it will be physically tiresome and demanding for the user’s body, as we see in the case of Toge during his fight against Hanami. Opponents can actually defend themselves from this technique, however that will require some solid awareness of cursed energy flow from the voice, in order to prevent it from reaching the conscious part of the brain.

projection sorcery jujutsu kaisen

11. Projection Sorcery (Zenin Family)

Projection Sorcery techniques run in the Zenin Family. As the name suggests, it is all about projecting and manipulating real time, where this technique can be used to split a single second into 24 frames. It gives the user the ability to trace the movements of their opponents in those 24 frames. Because the movement occurs under 1 second, it feels as if the user is moving at lightning speeds. With this technique comes the ability to freeze anyone who disobeys its 24 FPS rule.

However there are various limitations when it comes to acceleration. Also the user might possibly freeze himself if he does not abide with the frame rule of this technique. Further adding more layers and extensions to this technique to improve its lethality is clearly very difficult.

straw doll technique jujutsu kaisen

10. Straw Doll Technique (Kugisaki Nobara)

Nobara is one of the best girls from the series, and her technique is very unique and interesting. The Straw Doll Technique implies that Nobara can transfer or bind cursed energy inside a nail. Further she can hit this nail on the target by a special hammer (which also possesses some cursed energy in order to drive critical force to be able to hit distant targets). Hairpin is one of the advanced versions of this technique, where the impact and explosive cursed power residing in the nail gets amplified after hitting the target. Hairpin surges additional cursed energy that causes tons of damage to the opponents.

Other than this, another extension of this is the ‘Resonance’ where she can place the body parts of her opponent on her straw doll and strike it with a cursed nail using the hammer, which further causes the cursed energy to pierce and damage the opponent’s heart. One of the key things about all these techniques is versatility and ability to attack multiple opponents at the same time.

disaster plants jujutsu kaisen

9. Disaster Plants (Hanami)

Disaster Plants are cursed flowers, in varying size and forms. In fact, they can be either a flower, root or branch of a tree. Disaster plants are created by cursed energy, which can be absorbed from life energy from nearby plants. Hanami is also capable of storing these acquired cursed energies, which can be subsequently used for his barrier technique.

One of the key things that make this technique versatile is the fact that they aid in transportation and locomotion. Hanami can swiftly change its position and travel large distances using his disaster plants roots form or the branch form in a very short amount of time. The physiology of the Disaster plants can be anything, ranging from roots, wooden balls, cursed buds or flower fields.

cursed spirit manipulation jujutsu kaisen

8. Cursed Spirit Manipulation (Suguru Geto)

Using this technique, Geto can summon cursed spirits and control them. These cursed spirits needs to be captured first in order to summon them later. To capture them, one has to exorcise them and store these purified cursed spirits. Geto uses a Black Ball created from his cursed energy to suck all these purified and exorcised cursed spirits (That’s a Pokemon Reference).

In terms of versatility, it is by far one of the best techniques as Geto can capture different types of cursed spirits varying with different levels of cursed energy. But one drawback is that only raw natural cursed spirits can be trapped, and finding cursed spirits with high energy levels is a daunting task.

auspicious beasts summon jujutsu kaisen

7. Auspicious Beasts Summon (Takuma Ino)

While this technique may be very similar to Ten Shadows Technique, it is quite different from a practical sense. The user can summon 4 different types of beasts, each with their own unique abilities. The first beast called ‘Kaichi’ using which the user can create levitating cones filled up with cursed energy that can be controlled telepathically. Because of this, they pretty much act like targeted missiles on enemies. The second is Reiki which gives extra level of defense.

The third beast is known as ‘Kirin’ which is used to numb and reduce the sense of pain from deadly attacks and the last one Ryu is somewhat odd, capable of coding the user’s hand in electricity, which further amplifies the damage.

Now these four beasts, if properly used and improvised, can be very deadly.

rot technique jujutsu kaisen

6. Rot Technique (Eso and Kechizu)

The Rot Technique allows the user to generate blood with poisonous and corrosive properties, capable of burning their opponents. This blood can literally cause permanent damage if you don’t know regeneration technique. Its highly painful as we saw in the last episode of Jujutsu Kaisen.

Now in terms of versatility, it is seriously very good because this poisonous blood can be further reshaped into anything, like weapons or wings. The blood has decaying properties, capable of decaying the innermost organs including the bones, so it will be better for even experienced sorcerers to prepare well in advance. Damage once done will be extremely difficult and rare to counter.

ratio technique

5. Ratio Technique (Kento Nanami)

You may have split the pizza into different ratios, but Nanami is one step ahead of you. His Ratio Technique is one of the best techniques out there in the Jujutsu Kaisen universe. He can divide his opponents into parts, not in a realistic and physical sense, but from a mental perspective. This division takes place in a precise 7:3 ratio, using which he can find out the weakest point (the weakest) ratio among all the ten ratios, and attack it. This technique is very powerful and practical, and has the capability to cause a great deal of damage.

The fact that he can exactly attack the weakest link instead of the entire body makes it one of the deadliest techniques. It is versatile and still can be used in a lot of ways if properly studied and practiced.

idle transfiguration jujutsu kaisen

4. Idle Transfiguration (Mahito)

Idle Transfiguration is one of the most overpowered techniques shown in Jujutsu Kaisen. The technique utilizes the concept of distortion, thereby capable of distorting the shape of souls or his own self. Using this technique, Mahito can create special entities called ‘Transfigured Humans’. Moreover, Mahito can also change the shape of his own soul, thereby giving him healing and regeneration properties.

What’s amazing is that this technique is highly versatile, giving the users the option to defend themselves in a variety of ways. Also the fact that changing the shape of their own souls aids them in transporting themselves to specific locations quite fast and easy. Particularly, we see Mahito changing the shape of his soul in order to escape from attacks. However the downside is that the user needs to touch the soul of his opponent in order to transfigure it. Idle Transfiguration comes with several extension techniques which are Soul Multiplicity, Body Repel, Polymorphic Soul Isomer and Instant Spirit of Distorted Killing.

itadori's black flash technique

3. Black Flash (Multiple Users)

Black Flash is the only technique that is not the part of any innate or natural technique. It is triggered by solid concentration and high cursed energy awareness. One of the key advantages of this technique is that it amplifies the strength, comparatively raised to 2.5 (times) than a normal hit. Surprisingly, despite being such a difficult technique to master, it is frequently used by Nanami and also by Yuuji, Nobara, Mahito and Todo.

So how does black flash work? Whenever the user applies cursed energy on his fist or any attacking limb just 0.000001 seconds before hitting the target, distortion in space occurs, which ultimately changes the color of the cursed energy from blue to black, along with an increased and impactful force. This technique is rare yet deadly, mastered by only the few top sorcerers and cursed spirits. In fact even Gojo cannot apply this technique, indicating the difficulty. However in terms of versatility, I don’t think that Black Flash is that helpful in creative ways in a fight.

gojo hollow purple

2. Limitless (Gojo Family)

Limitless in a technique based upon a widespread mathematical concept called infinity. Now using this technique, the user can control the space fully and also distort it according to his/her will. Primarily this can be used for both attack and defense purposes. There exist three unique sub-techniques for this technique called the Neutral Limiteless, The Reversed Limitless and the Strengthened Limitless.

Neutral Limitless is capable of creating an invisible barrier around the user, which no one can penetrate, not even the ones with incredible amounts of cursed energy. This is because this barrier is infinite in its own self. There is infinite distance which will take infinite time to cover and in order to hurt the user. This is some godly defensive strategy.

Strengthened Limitless (Blue) is similar to Neutral Limitless, but here the technique further improvises to create a magnetic effect, capable of attracting things at faster speeds. Now the user can effectively use this as a way to transport himself or crush his opponents.

Reversed Limitless (Red) is exactly the opposite of Strengthened LImitless where the user can create divergence and power of repulsion, which creates immense explosive force in seconds.

Hollow purple is the deadly combination of Blue and Red and the properties of both these techniques get combined. If this cursed technique is released, it is so powerful that it vanishes anything that comes in its way.


1. Ten Shadows Technique (Zenin Family)

A technique special to the Zenin Family, Ten Shadows Technique is used to summon special animal-like cursed spirits called “Shikigamis”. Now these shikigamis can be controlled by using hand signs which are called summoning rituals. The user can subsequently control and summon up to 10 Shikigamis at the same time, if he is experience user of this technique. This technique is the best technique that we can see in Jujutsu Kaisen, and even Sukuna, the king of curses, acknowledges its versatility, strength and deadliness.

Because of its high versatility, these Shikigami creatures can be used for both attack and defense purposes. Also because these creatures can be summoned and disappeared in seconds, makes it very fast. They can also be used as feints, to distract the opponent and further attack them from hindsight. A lot of cursed energy is required to command the shikigamis and create them. The stronger they are, the more cursed energy is needed to control them.

Note: Barrier Techniques (like Domain Expansion) are not included in this list because it is mostly used to trap opponents or to create shields for defense. These barriers can be easily set up by anyone who has some amount of cursed techniques, even the amateur students as well. That is why they cannot be included in the list of the strongest cursed techniques.

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