The Promised Neverland (Anime) MBTI – A Complete List

The Promised Neverland is a psychological horror/thriller anime involving a world governed by demons who devour humans to extend their lifespan. In a world like this, our protagonists Emma, Norman and Ray lived a luxurious lifestyle at Grace Field Orphanage. Surprisingly, they didn’t know that there is a demonic world outside these so-called ‘Walls’ surrounding the Grace Field House. The story is about the attempts and hardships these characters face in order to free themselves and other children that are being raised as livestock in these fields so that they can enter into the real human world, free of demons.

Let us look at the 16 personalities (MBTI) of the characters from this anime. This is a complete list of all the characters and their MBTI types from The Promised Neverland anime series. I have not included the manga characters here, and will be included in a separate list.

Note: All these 16 personalities have two sub-functions, ‘A’ which means assertive, and ‘T’, which means turbulent. This post includes all the personalities as well as these sub-functions.

A Complete List of MBTI of The Promised Neverland Characters


Insightful and Analytical, analysts include rare personality types like INTJ, ENTJ, INTP and ENTP. They love logical puzzles and using their brain to further solve patterns and problems. Because of their logical demeanour, they are often confused as being less-empathic and rude, however this is not the case. Analysts are probably the smartest among all the four types of personalities listed in this list. Below are the analyst characters from the promised neverland anime series.

1. Ray [INTJ-T]

  • Analytical character, smart enough to score high marks in Grace Field Tests.
  • Book Worm and thirsty for knowledge, not quite sociable.
  • Ability to detect patterns and understand the core working of things.
  • Can be deceptive, manipulative and maniac at some points.

2. Krone [ENTP-T]

  • Cunning and tactical, very much goal oriented.
  • Willing to dominate over others.
  • Able to effectively point out mistakes in others and analyze other’s behavior.
  • Childish and competitive attitude.

3. Phil [ENTP-A]

  • Fun loving and playful character.
  • Despite being a kid, shows high EQ and analytical skills.
  • Very observant, was capable of understanding Emma’s motivations and Isabella’s plans.

4. Peter Ratri [ENTJ-A]

  • Tough negotiator.
  • Sadistic and highly goal oriented, able to do anything to achieve the goal.
  • Dangerous Superiority Complex.


Well, according to the Myers Briggs Type Indicator, INFJ, INFP, ENFJ and ENFP fall into one specific category called ‘Diplomats’. As the word suggests, these are very reasonable people who mostly use their natural intuition to guide them towards their goal. They are insightful, goal oriented, analytical, and empathic as well. We do have considerable amount of Diplomatic characters in The Promised Neverland Anime. Let us look at each of their MBTI Types.

1. Norman [INFJ-A]

  • High EQ and IQ combined, ability to spot lies.
  • Tactical and strategic, often having multiple options in hand to achieve the goal.
  • Self-confident but a little bit doubtful.
  • Because of dominant introverted intuition, able to spot patterns quickly.

2. Emma [ENFJ-T]

  • Very high EQ, cares for the other children as well.
  • Thirst for achieving freedom and being able to live a life without fear or limitations.
  • Ability to communicate and make friends with almost anyone.
  • High charisma and intelligence, but a little low self-confidence.

3. Isabella [ENFJ-A]

  • Strategic planner, always one step ahead.
  • Emotional, however justified and always wanting the best.
  • Very protective and caring as a mother.

4. Mujika [INFJ-A]

  • Very considerate, ability to observe and understand people’s motivation.
  • Calm but prepared for challenging situations.
  • Helpful and good at advising.

5. Leslie [INFP-T]

  • Good musical taste.
  • Shy, reserved but still wants to make the best of his abilities.

6. Yvette [INFP-T]

  • Joyful, Cute and Timid.
  • Artistic and creative, indicating the side of typical INFP character.
  • Tries her best to help the other children.

7. Vylk [INFJ-A]

  • Wise and decisive, always looks for the best option.
  • Natural advisor, give the best advices to Emma and the other children.
  • Calming and soothing aura.
  • Highly observant about the situation.


ISTJ, ESTJ, ISFJ and ESFJ Personalities are further grouped together and called as Sentinels. These individuals love leading others and are very good with retaining sensory information because of their dominant sensory functions. They are the most reliable and trustworthy personalities, and they always talk and explain with great clarity. Below is the list of all the characters that fall under this category from the promised neverland anime series.

1. Cislo [ESFJ-T]

  • Very Outgoing and talkative character.
  • Sensitive and emotional.

2. Vincent [ISTJ-A]

  • Analytical, thoughtful and loyal character.
  • Possess good combat skills and knowledge.
  • High medical knowledge.
  • Serious while pursuing orders from Norman.

3. Anna [ISFJ-T]

4. Gilda [ISFJ-T]


Explorer consists of 4 personality types, ISTP, ISFP, ESFP and ESTP. They are very extroverted individuals, great at communicating with others. Being socially creative, they can easily befriend anyone. They love to explore and travel and that is the major reason why they are called explorers. They tend to explore new things every day, as they love to keep learning interesting things that spark their inner child.

1. Don [ESFP-A]

  • One of the most energetic and cheerful characters from the series.
  • Very talkative and extroverted.
  • Highly emotional and always makes decisions based on his feelings.
  • Quite intelligent.

2. Barbara [ESFP-A]

  • Very aggressive and extroverted.
  • Easily gets angry and hates demons too much.
  • Loves to wear her stylish attire and carries a very unique presence compared to others.
  • Secondary introverted feeling is visible as she always gives first priority to her own feelings as we see that she was very frustrated with the experiments that were carried upon her.

3. Jemima [ISFP-T]

  • Reserved, quiet and well-behaved girl.
  • Has a caring and responsible personality.
  • Always seen helping others in times of need.

4. Lannion [ESTP-A]

  • Mischievous and loves to prank, very similar to that of Thoma in terms of raw personality.
  • Loves playing and travelling around, thereby exploring new things.
  • Easily recognizable with his weird pointy hairstyle, lemon yellow colored hair and face with freckles.

5. Nat [ESFP-A]

  • Piano prodigy who loves music.
  • Joyful and extroverted, hence quite sociable around others.
  • A little bit too emotional, but very observant.

6. Thoma [ESFP-A]

  • Mischievous Loves to prank others.
  • Laid-back but smart enough to help the other children.
  • Easily recognized by his weird and unique hairstyle.

7. Conny [ESFP-T]

  • Gentle and caring personality, with a soft voice.
  • Cuteness overloaded.

I hope I have covered almost every character from the Promised Neverland Anime Version. Soon I will also post a separate list of MBTI of characters from the Manga version as well. Feel free to notify if any character I have missed in this list by utilizing the comment section below.

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