Top 10 INTP Anime Characters Ranked

Who does not know INTP Characters in Anime? They appear in so many animes, mostly recognized for their brains. INTP’s are smart and logical, and they love puzzles or solving mysteries. They are reserved and introverted individuals. As per MBTI, their dominant function is Introverted Thinking, which involves understanding how things work by piecing together individual parts of information.

However because of their inferior function being Extraverted Feeling, they are not capable of understanding other’s emotions properly, so while talking or giving even genuine advice, they can be pretty straightforward, which causes a lot of disturbance to others. However, there is always room for improvement. Healthy INTP’s do well in life and careers that utilize their abilities properly.

Traits of INTP Anime Characters

  • Loves theorizing and solving analytical questions.
  • Quiet and thoughtful nature.
  • Highly Logical and Objective.
  • Capable of thinking out of the box.
  • Does not like to follow rules and prefers to be flexible and open-minded.

10 Best Anime Characters that are INTP, Ranked

10. Sai (Naruto)

sai naruto

Sai is an emotionless character from Naruto that lost empathy and social skills after he underwent very strict training to be able to accomplish lethal and unethical tasks.

He is highly focused when fighting, and his concentration is really very good. However, he does have a lot of difficulty communicating with others, because when he talks, he makes people angry.

Because of Extroverted Feeling being the inferior function, Sai is shown to be offending people a lot, without even him realizing the same. He even tried to overcome this, but ended up hurting others even more. Due to lack of EQ, Sai tended to be very reserved and not sociable.

9. Saiki Kusuo (The Disastrous Life of Saiki)

saiki from the disastrous life of saiki

Just like any other INTP character, Saiki is also a very reserved, quiet yet thoughtful character from the series that primarily focuses upon the story and development of this character itself. He does not talk too much with others and often hides his psychic powers in front of others. Primarily if he wants to communicate with others, he does so by his telepathy skills.

Despite being such a detached personality, he does help others, especially his friends, because he trusts them. Because of lack of social skills, he is rarely seen doing any physical or social activities throughout the series. His pastime includes watching movies and animes.

8. Gintoki Sakata (Gin Tama)

gintoki sakata from gintama

Because this character is very lazy and laid-back, people often confuse him with ENTP personality type, although that could also be true to some extent. He is often found spending money on gambling and other useless things, indicating that he is particularly bad at saving money and preparing for the future. He does have some similar traits to that of an INTJ and ENTP personality types, out of which the most conspicuous is his sarcastic nature.

But unlike the regular INTP anime characters, he is quite unique because he does possess a large friend circle and loves to hangout with his friends. Even so, he is an idealistic, passionate character and a great friend to have.

7. Killua Zoldyck (HunterxHunter)

killua from hunter hunter

Killua from HunterxHunter is best known for his quick and sharp thinking. Not only that, but he is very confident, smart and has vast knowledge despite being just a kid. Even though from the outside he may look very cheerful and cool, but from the inside he is a little bit insecure and serious about some things.

Because of the dominant introverted thinking, Killua loves to think and analyze on the go. One of the key things that sets him apart from the other characters is that he was a prodigy and had mastered deadly techniques at a very young age. But because of his analytical nature, he is often scolded by elderly people for his lack of empathy and inappropriate talking behavior.

6. L (Death Note)

L from death note

No one will ever forget this awesome character from one of the best animes out there. When the world was experiencing mass murders and killings done by an unknown being called Kira., L was the only able detective to actually take up this deadly challenge and confront Kira.

Just like a typical INTP, L is reserved, quiet and scrawny character, known as the world’s greatest detective. He got this title because he is best known for solving the greatest crime mysteries out there, and he typically loves to decipher new challenging cases.

Because of his Thinking function being on the forefront, he possesses high deductive reasoning skills and above-average foundational intelligence. He can also be quite intimidating, manipulative and somewhat skilled and deceiving people, to attain his objectives. Due to these reasons, he always suspected Light Yagami being Kira from the very beginning.

5. Van Hohenheim (Fullmetal Alchemist)

van hohenheim from fullmetal alchemist anime

Edward’s Dad, Van, is a very humbled, soft-hearted, calm and composed guy who would always try not to involve in a fight. He was a very self-conscious individual and often used his godly alchemy powers for defensive purposes. Even if he possessed so much alchemy powers, he is a very down-to-earth guy as we never see him boasting about that. He knows that the best use of this alchemy powers is utilizing it for the betterment of humanity and not for its destruction.

4. Zeke Yeager (Attack on Titan)

zeke yeager

Zeke is one of the best characters from Attack On Titan, and he is the inheritor of the Beast Titan. Personality-wise, he is a very intelligent man, showing good leadership and guiding skills. He can be somewhat strict and single-minded in his goals, but this is just a trait of his personality. He also possess a sarcastic demeanour, which also makes him quite similar to INTJ’s.

Even so, Zeke has considerable amount of Emotional Quotient and understands the hardships of the people residing within the walls. Zeke’s childhood was very dark, considering the fact that he bore the responsibility of inheriting the titan and destroying the Marleyan government for Eldia’s ultimate freedom. This responsibility was shoved on him by none other than his own parents, Grisha and Dina. He is very observant and analytical, allowing him to think ahead in the future and plan appropriately.

3. Kenma Kozume (Haikyuu!)

kenma kozume

Kenma is the only character in Haikyuu that thinks volleyball as a video-game. This character is very quiet, yet very analytical. His appearance is somewhat similar to a cat, especially his eyes. He often bears a cold expression on his face. Kenma loves video-games and can be considered as somewhat ‘nerdy’. This is also the reason why he remains distant from the crowd and avoid seeking attention.

Other than his personality, he possesses some great strategic abilities and game sense, although has a very low stamina and strength. He loves playing video-games and leveling up in it.

2. Tsuyu Asui (My Hero Academia)

tsuyu asui froppy

We are not going to talk about Froppy’s quirk and abilities here, because this post is primarily focused on their personalities. Tsuyu (Hero Name: Froppy) is a calm and composed girl, studying at UA Academy in order to become a pro hero. From her childhood times, she had a lot of responsibilities upon her shoulders, which eventually made him capable of handling stress and leading others.

Tsuyu is very goal oriented and tactical, often found to be analyzing stressful situations and trying to find a solution in her head. Even if she bluntly gives remarks about others, which others often don’t like, she is really protective of her friends.

1. Kakashi Hatake (Naruto)

Everybody knows about Kakashi, even the non-anime viewers as well, and that is why he has attained the first position in this list of INTP anime characters. Kakashi is an independent and self-confident individual, however a bit lazy and laid back, always avoiding things that are not really very important to him. He is cold, often ignoring a lot of students. Initially, he wasn’t quite a sociable person, but as the series progressed, he underwent several character developments which subsequently made him effective in teamwork. He really likes to read novels.

So that’s it, this is where it all ends. I hope you liked this list of INTP anime characters ranked. Feel free to mention your favorite character in the comment section below.

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