Top 10 ENTJ Anime Characters Ranked

ENTJ type of personality is one of the rarest and most beautiful personalities out there. There are lots of entj anime characters out there. These are extroverted individuals who focus a lot on their goals and are pretty much successful in their lives. They are great leaders and manipulators, and that is why they are able to bring together other smart people in order to create a difference or give rise to a new innovation/business. These people have great leadership skills, that help them climb the ladder of success in their life faster compared to the rest of the MBTI types.

Because of their highly analytical nature, they tend to be always one step ahead when it comes to problem-solving. In animes as well, we do find these types of characters, although their occurrence is fairly minimal. These characters are always portrayed as intelligent, manipulative and risk-takers.

Traits of ENTJ Characters in Anime

1. Strategic Leadership that allows them to efficiently utilize the team/friends/colleagues to reach the goals.
2. Great analytical thinking that helps them observe patterns and find new solutions.
3. Ambitious and hard-working, always hustling with new ideas and new energy.
4. One of the rarest personality types in MBTI.
5. Extremely manipulative and influencing attitude.
6. Like ENTP types, they also love to participate in challenges.

We have narrowed down a list of the top 10 best entj anime characters.

List of Top 10 Best ENTJ Characters in Anime, Ranked

10. Dio Brando (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

dio brando personality type

Dio Brando is really a very strong, rigid character from Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure. He is particularly known for his manipulative and bossy attitude, which is a trademark of a typical ENTJ character. Dio is passionate and always tries to dominate others. He loves to be on the highest position, alone.

He is obsessive when it comes to achieving goals, and for that, he can even choose the wrong path. It is just that he wants to be the strongest and the chosen one. He will never accept the fact that any other person can be stronger than him.

9. Miyuki Shirogane (Kaguya Sama: Love is War)

miyuki shirogane personality type

His constant struggle for being the best explains his thirst for attaining power and authority. He has always set higher expectations and standards from himself. Miyuki is quite intelligent when it comes to academics, but he is generally weak in sports and other physical activities. Despite being so busy with his lifestyle, he still wants to be a resourceful and helpful person.

8. Erwin Smith (Attack on Titan)

erwin smith personality type

There can’t be a better leader than Erwin Smith in Attack on Titan. He is easily recognizable by his blond hair and square-shaped face. Erwin possesses complex thinking ability and tunneled vision that helps him to reach his goals. As a leader, he is capable of manipulating soldiers and the common people. His words may not be very emotional or relatable, but they are strong enough to make others take action. This is only possible because of his great public speaking skills.

ENTJs are natural leaders, and we can see that through Erwin’s actions as well. He can be easily typed as an INTJ because of his stoic face that does not appear to change even during critical situations. He has a calculative and decisive mindset, that makes him very dependable and reliable. But the most important quality of his is his ‘Sacrificing Attitude’. Erwin decided to create a change for humanity by abandoning his dream of finding out the truth about the basement. He did it because he cared genuinely about the future of humanity and the pride of the fallen soldiers.

7. Daisuke Kambe (Millionaire Detective Balance Unlimited)

daisuke kambe personality type

Our rich and famous detective is usually calm and quiet. But don’t be fooled by his stoic attitude. He is very capable of handling complex cases and able to work under constant pressure too. He is a rich guy, so it is quite obvious for him to use his money and power to go around solving cases faster and easier. Not of a creative guy, but he is very task-oriented.

His self-confidence usually comes from the fact that he has a monetary benefits for solving the cases. He really loves power and money a lot.

6. Roy Mustang (Fullmetal Alchemist)

roy mustang personality type

Roy is a complex character because he attains a bitter-sweet fame in the FMA fan base. He is well-known for his selfish and arrogant nature. This makes him very similar to Edward Elric in terms of personality.

The leadership aura of Roy is self-explanatory as he is always seen bossing around and giving orders to subordinates, while relaxing himself. But when the need arrives, he is very proactive and always one step ahead, in his work. Because of his exceptional manipulation skills, he is able to manipulate and order his subordinates quite efficiently. His manipulation also goes one step further when it comes to seducing women.

Roy’s outer personality is mostly a tactical trick to lure people into handing him more and more information for his investigations. At a deeper level, he genuinely cares about those that look up to him. He believes that he should utilize his power and position for the sake of those who are weak.

5. Madara Uchiha (Naruto)

madara uchiha personality type

Madara is one of those characters from the Naruto series that is willing to take the merciless approach in order to reach his goals. He always loves to fight with challenging and worthy opponents as he believes in his own powers. Fighting with weaker enemies is a hit to his own self-respect and he prefers not to waste his powers and strategies on them.

Just like typical ENTJ anime characters in this list, Madara is a very goal-driven, cautious and tactical person. We always find him trying to attain victory despite the high power levels of his opponents. His sheer intellect and incredible power make him worthy of the 5th position in this list.

4. Ryomen Sukuna (Jujutsu Kaisen)

ryomen sukuna personality type

Ryomen Sukuna is possibly the strongest character in Jujutsu Kaisen, next to Gojo. This character is incredibly strong, tactical and dangerous. His personality is very intimidating, which makes in an overpowering character in terms of intellect and physical prowess.

Sukuna is slightly a different type of ENTJ, because he possesses a kind of sarcastic attitude, not easily seen in regular ENTJ types. This is why people confuse him with ENTP types. Even so, he is very serious about his goals and agendas and can resort to lethal ways to reach them. Sukuna is generally a very arrogant guy because of his power and authority over the other curses.

3. Katsuki Bakugo (My Hero Academia)

katsuki bakugo personality type

Bakugo is the angry man of My Hero Academia. The ENTJ side of him is his bossy and self-independent attitude. He is a very blunt, harsh and short-tempered guy, always seen competing against Midoriya, even though Midoriya is not bothered to fight him. Surprisingly, Bakugo is one of the most competitive characters from the series. He is well-known for his athletic abilities during a fight. His intelligence is also above average.

On the darker side, he is not very good at communicating with other students, and even with the teachers. Deep down he does values honesty and honest people above everything else. Bakugo is the kind of person that believes in fair play and always strives to be the best.

His antisocial tendencies make him care less about others, even his own teammates and their opinions and thereby seen as a lone player in majority of the fights that take place in the series. Despite all of these, he is a talented and worthy hero that everyone acknowledges. His potential for growth is clearly visible. Good training and self-improvement can make him one of the best heroes.

2. Muzan Kibutsuji (Demon Slayer)

muzan kibutsuji personality type

Muzan is the primary antagonist, a.k.a, the villain of the famous series called ‘Demon Slayer’. It is evident from a lot of anime that most of the ENTJ types are a good pick for a villain. Here, Muzan is yet another ENTJ character that is very famous in the anime community. Muzan is a very cold-hearted, manipulative and deceptive character, mostly characterised by his monotonous expression and a bossy attitude. He uses his exceptional powers to easily lure other demons into his plans. He is the strongest demon in the series.

Muzan considers himself as an ultimate being with godly powers, because of which he has developed a kind of ‘superior complexity’. He would never listen to any other, even the powerful demons out there. His objective is to make every single demon his slave, and if they retaliate, he simply kills them.

From a deeper perspective, Muzan is quite self-conscious, but hides it under his thick layer of over-confidence and ego.

Manipulation is a trademark behaviour of ENTJ and Muzan does possess exceptional manipulation skills that allow him to control weaker demons. He can lure them to do work in exchange of a small amount of his blood that gives them greater strength and prolonged life.

1. Light Yagami (Death Note)

light yagami personality type

Light Yagami is the primary protagonist of the well-known anime series called Death Note. He is a naturally intelligent character, considered one of the most brilliant students in the country. It is evident from his good planning skills that he can possibly create a new world order that he dreamt of. Just like L, Light also has high deduction ability, combined with a strong sense of justice.

We always see Yagami planning and improvising his plans to further reach the goal of eliminating all the criminals from the world. Only because of his goal-oriented and driven attitude, he is always one step ahead from L. Light’s manipulation skills are completely on a different level, and this is possibly his strongest skill set. Due to this, he has somewhat of an obsession with justice, for which he can reach extreme levels. He is shown to be thirsty for power and authority as a superficial being named ‘Kira’, and he wants the criminals out there to fear him.

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