Top 10 ISFJ Female Anime Characters Ranked

According to 16personalities, ISFJ is one of those personality types that are warm, caring and highly protective of others. Indeed, these are some similar traits that belong to most other personality types. However, what sets ISFJ apart from the rest of the other types is their ability to be responsible and reliable in a lot of situations. So, despite being an introverted personality, these people are one of the most trustworthy out of all the 16 personalities out there. There are a lot of ISFJ anime characters too. However, most of them are females, and they are some pretty famous ones. Do not get fooled by their calm and easygoing nature, they can be stronger and rebellious when the situation arises. ISFJ anime characters are loved by almost everyone and they really are one of the most important characters that accounts for the development of an anime story.

Before we move further with our list, let us look at some of the trademark characteristics and traits of typical ISFJ characters in anime.

Traits of ISFJ Anime Characters

1. They are one of the most trusted personality types.
2. They respect friendship and highly value it.
3. Soft-hearted and kind in nature, sociable despite being introverted.
4. Being a sensor type, they are practical in doing most of their tasks, thanks to their dominant introverted sensing.
5. They are detail oriented. However, they mostly struggle with adapting to new situations and ideas.

Top 10 Amazing ISFJ Female Anime Characters, Ranked

10. Elizabeth Liones (The Seven Deadly Sins)

elizabeth liones

Elizabeth stands as one of the most famous female anime characters that happen to be an ISFJ. Her typical behavior is warm, caring and nurturing, often giving an impression of being very timid and submissive. On a psychological level, Elizabeth feels that everything should end in a positive way, indicating her outlook towards the brighter side of things. Initially, she used to be a very shy and under-confident girl, often lacking courage to stand up for herself or her friends. But as the story progresses, her character development pushes her personality towards a braver and stronger version of her.

ISFJ’s have a tendency to be polite and maybe extremely polite at certain points of time. These people are very reflective of other’s emotions and can be easily stressed out, as they feel they bear some responsibility towards other’s well-being. Nevertheless, Elizabeth is one of the most mature women in the series and clearly knows what is best for her and her friends.

9. Tsubasa Hanekawa (Monogatari Series)

tsubasa hanekawa

Well, Tsubasa can be considered one of the ideal students in her school, because she excels in studies. She is quite introverted, but polite and considerate while communicating with others. Thanks to this, her interaction with others becomes fairly easy. Her positive approach towards things is liked by many. One noticeable thing about her is that she is extremely polite, to the point where it might look kind of deceptive and unnatural, despite that being her natural personality.

In terms of her knowledge, she has vast amount of it, because of her reading habit. However, she is very down-to-earth girl and always denies the fact that she knows so much.

8. Kasumi Miwa (Jujutsu Kaisen)

kasumi miwa

Miwa stands as one of the prettiest girls from the Jujustu Kaisen series. As far as her personality is concerned. Unlike the rest of the female students of Jujutsu Kaisen who are always fighting with a grudge or a hidden motive, Miwa is purely wanting to become a sorcerer for the sake of earning money. She was the only one who was against the idea of killing Itadori Yuji.

She is famously called “Useless Miwa”, none other than by herself. Partly this is because deep-down she wants to be useful to others in some way or the other. She is a responsible character, and I wish she should have been given more screen time and development.

7. Rem (Re:Zero)


Talk about unhealthy ISFJ and we get Rem. She has a soft-spoken and calm personality, but bears a certain inferiority complex because of her past experiences. Rem is quite loyal to Subaru and thinks of herself as his servant. She likes to read books and is quite an introverted character.

6. Kanao Tsuyuri (Demon Slayer)

kanao tsuyuri

Kanao is also one of the most famous female characters from Demon Slayer. Her personality is particularly rooted deep within her memories and her gruesome past that robbed away her feelings and emotions. She eventually became distant of her own soul and would often struggle with making decisions, even the smallest of them. Kanae helped her with this issue by providing her a coin to flip whenever she is unsure about which path to take.

Now many of us might confuse her with an ISTJ type, due to her monotonous way of living. However, we should not forget the fact that her compassion, empathy and helping attitude is far beyond average and she deeply cares about those that she loves. She is very skilled with using swords and possibly even stronger than Tanjiro as she mastered constant breathing techniques long before him. Kanao is a true gem and a great character that always makes the story more interesting.

5. Nezuko Kamado (Demon Slayer)

nezuko kamado

I think that every anime lover would probably know about Nezuko. This half-human half-demon girl is the life and reason of the entire Demon Slayer anime series. Tanjiro is trying really hard to find a cure for her half-demon personality and wants to turn her back into human. Just like how Tanjiro deeply cares about his family and its values, Nezuko too is very protective for Tanjiro and the rest of his friends.

Nezuko carries the traits of an ISFJ, her warm, caring nature is acknowledged by many. Despite having quiet personality, she appears to have a very strong will-power and is often seen fighting even the toughest of demons. Her strength comes from her immense love for her family and friends. Despite being a half-demon, she is not swayed by the scent of human’s blood and has exceptional control over her hunger, allowing her to live in peace among the humans.

4. Momo Yaoyorozu (My Hero Academia)

momo yaoyorozu

ISFJ’s, despite being on the emotional side of things, are usually very practical in real life. Same applies for the anime characters. However, if they are not able to perform their best in practical situations, they start questioning their abilities. They often have that ‘doubtful fear’ in their minds, which makes them fall into the loophole of ‘inferiority complex’. Momo is one of those characters that struggle with this issue. Like a typical ISFJ, by performing better in practical scenarios, she gives herself a chance to improve upon her skills and look forward to even more challenging situations.

ISFJ’s can be good teachers because of their empathic and positive attitude towards others. They love to learn new things. Momo is also a quick learner and is one of the brightest students of class 1-A at UA Academy.

3. Hinata Hyuga (Naruto Shippuden)

hinata hyuga

Hinata from Naruto is very well known for her oddly colored eyes and soft personality. Kindness is a very complex attribute that any character can possess, as there are multiple ways people can judge a person who is too kind. Hinata is also considered as a meek and timid girl, but her kindness and caring attitude for others is the hallmark of her personality and not a bane. She never wants to hurt others and be a burden for them, so she strives to train herself so as to be able to protect herself and also those who are in need.

She greatly admires Naruto for who he is, and what he can possibly do for others. This is also because her own morals and ideals match perfectly with Naruto.

2. Shouko Nishimiya (A Silent Voice)

shouko nishimiya

ISFJ’s have a tendency to blame themselves a lot, even for the things for which they are not accountable. Same is the case with Shouko Nishimiya from A Silent Voice. She is a level-headed girl who is very polite while talking with others. What makes her special is her forgiving attitude, and that is not possibly a common trait for many. It takes immense courage to be able to forgive those that gave you pain and a hard time. She has excellent control over her anger.

1. Historia Reiss (Attack on Titan)

historia reiss

Historia, the Queen of Attack on Titan grabs the number one position in this list. I feel that Historia is the best ISFJ female anime character as she possesses some very useful and desired traits. Initially she was a shy and timid girl because of her introverted personality and would often be seen around Ymir as she was her best friend. A kind, innocent and caring girl, she often knows her responsibilities and ways to make herself useful to the regiment. She does hesitate a bit while taking decisions, but gradually this has become less of an issue for her.

For her, acceptance and being accountable for everyone around her pumped up her self-confidence, allowing her to kill her father and regain the position of the queen. It is really a great thing to be able to break through the clutches of one’s own dark past and move towards a new bright road. Historia is a perfect example of a brave and responsible woman soldier who deeply cares and understands the needs of the people.

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