Top 12 Anime Characters Who Can Defeat Goku Almost Instantly

Goku is considered one of the strongest anime characters to exist till date, but is there any character that can beat him? Lately, there had been tremendous entries of overpowered anime characters that could be a real threat to Goku and his friends, if confronted. Powers of these characters are simply not confined to just strength or supernatural elements. The kind of versatility and strategy of the powers used by these characters are simply enough to put Goku in a state where he should probably accept his defeat. As we all know, Goku leads in terms of physical and supernatural strength, however he is a bit behind in tactical and psychological aspects, making him prone and vulnerable to the attacks of these characters.

Abilities Necessary To Beat Goku

Goku has godly powers, and he can easily undergo multiple transformations during a fight. To be able to tackle this, one cannot simply improve his strength and ability in a mere seconds. For that, the characters will have to target his weaker aspects. Of course Goku is mentally quite strong, however in terms of spatial awareness and understanding the diversity of attacking/defense techniques, he is quite an average guy. Below is a list of desirable abilities that are a must for any character to successfully bring Goku to his knees.

1. Unlimited Strength: One would require tons of reservoirs of energy to be constantly able to defend Goku’s attacks coming at full speed.
2. Tactical Thinking: If the character is highly smart and observant, he/she has a good chance to find a loophole in the fight and exploit Goku.
3. Technical Diversity: A variety of techniques, maybe 100 or thousands of it, will be required to successfully confuse and obliterate Goku.

These 12 Characters Can Possibly Beat Goku

1. Gojo Satoru

Gojo can be considered as quite a fresh overpowered character in the anime world. He is best known for his care-free attitude, however, you better not get fooled by his laid-back nature. What he possesses is something that every character in the Kaisen world fears. His techniques are by far the deadliest and he is considered the strongest man in jujutsu kaisen universe. With his reversed cursed technique, he can instantly heal himself from any injury or defend himself from deadly attacks. Goku won’t be able to even touch him because of his limitless energy that gives rise to “Infinity”, a state where there is an infinite distance on the surface of Gojo’s body, which cannot be penetrated by any external entity.

Now you may think that Goku will exhaust him and reduce his infinity power, but it is highly unlikely to happen as Gojo has incredible amounts of cursed energy, enough to use it constantly for entire day. Moreover, if Gojo happens to use Domain Expansion “Unlimited Void”, Goku will be trapped in it forever, and he won’t be able to escape the infinite void even by using his godly speed.

2. All for One

This is one of those fights where Goku has to be very alert and careful. All for One has enough power to accumulate all the powerful quirks of the world and use them to defeat Goku. Because of the nature, complexity, versatility in strength, use and dynamic reach of these quirks, he can either mix them up to create a combination of quirks, or simply use them as an unbreakable shield against all the attacks from Goku. At the moment where Goku has to increase his energy levels to surpass his saiyan modes, All for One will simply switch quirks in and instant and destroy him.

3. Light Yagami

I know that there are quite a lot of lists all over the internet stating that Ryuk can easily beat goku. However, the catch is that in order to use the full potential of the notebook, the user has to be very smart and tactical. Ryuk doesn’t feel like a character that can push beyond boundaries or bring about a drastic change in the scenario. He is an easy-going guy. However, Light Yagami has clear-cut agendas and his strategies are nearly 100% effective. If Goku ever gets involved in a crime, Light Yagami will just swipe him out of the world just by writing his name in his murderous Death Note.

What’s even more interesting is the fact that Goku’s power and capability will definitely surprise Light, further allowing him to make even smarter decisions and plans to kill him. Goku is definitely not a very smart or thoughtful guy, so there is a clear winner here.

4. Kaguya Otsutsuki

Nobody can deny the fact that she is known as an “Absolute God” in the Naruto World. From space-time travel to mind reading capabilities, she can easily defeat almost anyone in her way if she wishes to. Goku, being an absolutely simple minded guy will never stand a chance against her powers. We do know that Goku also has some pretty God-like powers, but Kaguya is one step ahead as she can use the entire universe as a formidable power and can possibly even change the tentative rules of nature like gravity in order to be victorious and successful in her ventures.

She also has the ability to resurrect the dead and steal/absorb powers from others. Because of such an astounding power level, she is worshiped as a Goddess. She can create a fake reality for Goku, and he might not even notice that while fighting. She is definitely a real threat to Goku.

5. Tengen Toppa Gurren Lagann

It was surely necessary to include a Mecha entry in this list of characters that can beat goku. One noted character is Tengen Toppa, a multidimensional mecha entity capable of destroying universes and multiverses in mere milliseconds. Despite training hard, goku is still not capable of destroying a full-fledged universe, and that is why he should absolutely fear Tengen.

Tengen Toppa is confirmed to show traits of a god, having height beyond billions of years and an absolutely infinite mass as it absorbs multiple multiverses of infinite weight within itself. This actually is quite unbelievable, shocking and too overrated at the same time. Tengen being an 11 dimensional being will have an absolute advantage over a 3D character like Goku. He is capable of generating matter out of nothing and travel through multiple dimensions at unbelievable speeds. Goku will not stand a chance against him.

6. Beerus

I really can’t resist myself to include beerus, because he definitely is one of the strongest characters from the Dragon Ball Series. Hakai is one of the prominent techniques that Beerus has effectively mastered using which he can convert any entity into dust in few seconds. Moreover, he can also increase the power of his Hakai based upon the size and nature of the entity that he is trying to destruct/vanish. No wonder why he is called the God of Destruction.

Even if Goku manages to achieve the ultimate form, Beerus can simply destroy his existence.

7. Grand Zeno

You will be amazed by the fact that there is one particular character, right in the Dragon Ball Universe itself, who doesn’t pack a muscle, yet can defeat Goku in a blink of an eye. Yes, I am talking about Grand Zeno, also known as Lord Zeno. He is an oddball, because he looks so calm and non-lethal. Unlike goku, he is not a fighter. Zeno can wipe almost everything from the universe, or even multiple universes in an instant, and nobody will ever know. He is like a real life god for the dbs universe.

Every deity fears him, because he just needs a decision and boom, everything will cease to exist. He is officially declared undefeatable, no other anime character can beat him as well. He is entirely immortal from head to toe.

8. Shinso Hitoshi

Shinso is quite a surprising entry in this list, and many of you might possibly not agree with me on this one. However, it is true that Shinso can completely vanish Goku in an instant. However, the only condition here is that Goku should not be aware of his quirk.

Let me explain. Shinso possesses a deadly quirk of brainwashing anyone who responds to his questions. Now if Shinso has to defeat goku, he will possibly brainwash goku and force him to fight against any one of the characters from this list and eventually goku will die fighting them, or he could directly brainwash Zeno or any other overpowered godly character and make them destroy Goku. The key role here is “Awareness” of Shinso’s quirk. If the characters are not aware of his quirk, they won’t be able to retaliate and will carry out whatever Shinso wishes.

I do know that this is rather a very awkward concept, but it is definitely a possibility and worth a shot!

9. Nanika

When we talk about power, strength and dominance, we usually talk in terms of energy, physical strength or magical powers. However, in the case of Nanika, she can easily destroy Goku in mere seconds, as she possesses the ability to grant wishes. Using her own powers she can probably heal herself infinitely until goku runs out of stamina and dies in the end. Her ability to grant almost infinite wishes makes her omnipotent.

Nanika is considered one of the darkest and most mysterious creatures from the Dark Continent. It is better for Goku not to involve in a fight with her.

Feel free to comment on any more characters that can beat goku quickly, and the reasons behind him. I know many of you will come up with awesome, crazy theories and I would love to read your creative theories.

10. Truth

Truth presents itself as the being that certain individuals refer to as God, the World, or the Universe. He exemplifies the universe, and furthermore addresses the consciousness of living things. He is everything in the universe and, along these lines, the nearest thing to the idea of “God”.

Since Goku is just a Saiyan and not purely a god like entity, he cannot touch Truth or have a fight with him. Because Truth has the power to punish those who break the equivalent exchange rule in alchemy, he can simply punish Goku or vanish him completely if he wants to.

11. Anos

Anos is literally the strongest Demon King out there, and has an unprecedented measure of sorcery a.k.a magical power which outperforms any existing creatures in the world. His force is incredible, to such an extent that it can’t be estimated by typical means. Anos was capable of moving the moon, with his immeasurable magical strength.

It has been noted that Anos can annihilate a universe with just his bare fists. With such an unsurmountable power, even the biggest gods will fall down to their knees. Goku clearly can’t win a battle against this guy.

12. Lain Iwakura

Lain is an omnipresent and unrealistic entity. She rules the entire domain of the web, because she is a computer program as depicted in Serial Experiments Lain. Lain possesses everything and everybody, including Goku. If she decides to obliterate everything within her own consciousness, she will do so freely, and without much effort. For her, Goku is no different from a mere object, and she can easily swipe him out in an instant. So in this way, Lain can beat Goku almost instantly.

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