Top 10 ISTP Anime Characters Ranked

ISTP’s in anime are one of a kind, usually quiet yet bold. These characters can turn the world upside down if they wish to. They appear as serious characters and happen to be protagonists in the majority of the animes. ISTP anime characters are well-versed with using tools or anything that involves certain levels of skills. They love building things and using their knowledge to create something useful and workable.

This is a list of the top 10 amazing ISTP anime characters that are highly popular in the anime medium. But before we move further with the rankings, let us look at some common characteristics that these anime characters possess. These traits help identify and separate them from the other characters.

Traits of ISTP Anime Characters

ISTP’s are considered the badass characters in anime. Let us look at some of the common characteristics of ISTP’s

1. Focused on the end result – These people have a really high focusing ability, allowing them to reach their goals without distracting from the real topic. They really hate to waste their time thinking or complaining.
2. Risk-Taking – Most of the ISTP in anime are protagonists, this is true because they are risk-takers, unlike the other introverted personalities.
3. Below-Average in Communication – While this may not be true in some of the cases, ISTP’s are hard to get along with, and they are usually quiet. They are also seen to be unaware of others’ emotions.
4. Confident & Independent – ISTP’s have a magical ability to survive and look after themselves without needing anyone’s help. They are active and alert every time, even if they look laid-back and easy-going on their faces.

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List of Top 10 Best ISTP Characters in Anime, Ranked

10. Hyakkimaru (Dororo)


Hyakkimaru is the primary protagonist of a well-known series called Dororo. He is shown as a very inquisitive child, wanting to learn about the things happening around him. Hyakkimaru can be considered a savage because he ruthlessly murdered many people to take revenge for Mio’s death.

As the story progresses, he felt more and more hate for the people because of the way they treated him. From childhood, he was cursed and suffered from mental trauma and he had to constantly battle to regain his lost limbs. Gradually he became apathetic and distant, and he really craved for her mother’s love.

9. Dabi (My Hero Academia)


Dabi is one of the major villains from the My Hero Academia series, mostly the active one since the start of the 5th season. The primary portion of his dreams resides in beating all might to become the number one pro hero, at least what was in his childhood. However, as he grew up, Enji was against this idea and would not support Dabi in conquering his dreams. Feeling left out and alone, he resorted to training even harder, denying all the advice given by his father to him. He faked his death after accidentally burning half of his body using his own quirk.

After this incident, he named himself Dabi and surfaced as a sociopath villain to the world. His personality gradually became cold, confident and unemotional. Being an ISTP, he rarely trusts others and is mostly seen doing the evil work all by himself, instead of taking help, indicating individualism. He strictly follows the ideology and inspiration given by Stain about fake heroes and thus loves to fight against them, because it gives him a sense of justice in doing so. He is also shown to have certain sadistic tendencies. All the negative personality traits reside within him.

Being the son of Enji Todoroki, we can believe that he is yet to unleash his true powers as Enji’s blood runs through his veins.

8. Shinya Kogami (Psycho Pass)

shinya kogami

Shinya from Psycho-Pass is known as a skilled detective, probably one the best, because he is very quick at solving cases. He is insightful and seen solving cases by keeping his emotions aside, which is efficient. He usually takes the risky approach to deal with the cases. His personality is quiet and aloof, although he does have a sense of humour.

Shinya noticed the loophole, weaknesses and inefficiency of the Sibyl System in solving certain criminal cases. As with the case of Sasayama’s death, he didn’t get any support from Sibyl. As a result, he became a lone wolf and proceeded to kill Makishima all by himself. Again, individualism plays an important role here. ISTP’s are rarely seen asking for help or support as they prefer to do it alone, doesn’t matter how hard it is.

7. Jotaro Kujo (Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure)

jotaro kujo

Jotaro is a typical ISTP, level-headed yet intelligent and aware. He usually gives a ‘disinterested’ vibe. Jotaro is rarely seen talking much and prefers to be quiet and alone most of the time. He is one of the rarest characters in animes who are actually possible to keep his head calm in even the toughest of situations. Despite being very detached from his emotions, he claims to have an excellent understanding of others’ emotions and motivations.

Being able to keep his emotions in check allows him to be more efficient in fights.

6. Touka Kirishima (Tokyo Ghoul)

touka kirishima

Touka is mostly confused as being an INTJ. I think that she is an ISTP because most of the ISTP traits match with her personality. She had a dark past where her father died, resulting in trauma and she had to survive all by herself. Gradually she became more and more enraged because of the ruthlessness of the cruel ghoul world. Only because of Kaneki, she somewhat tried to forget her past and act kindly whenever necessary. She hates being ghoul and wants to live a simple life among other humans.

At a deeper level, by understanding her mental state, we can confirm that the majority of pain and suffering for her is because of losing someone. She also hates the fact that by killing someone to survive, she is doing nothing but aiding in spreading hatred and anger in society. She feels like a caged bird, unable to do the right thing, despite having the intention to do so. Most of her character development stems from the choices and idealism of Ken Kaneki.

5. Guts (Berserk)


Guts is quite a complex character because of his conflicting actions and ideology. In this sense, at a psychological level, he is a slave of his own dark beast that resides within him. From childhood, he had been a killing machine with no real aim in sight. His soul was blank because he used to seek validation from others. Initially, he would never think twice before killing and used to live a solitary and detached life. He did it to cover up his insecurities about creating new bonds with new people because he lost his comrades in Eclipse.

However, as the story progresses, his decisions become more and more sensible as he starts accepting help from travellers. As far as her abilities are concerned, he had been practising the art of swordsmanship, which gradually made him near-perfect and able to kill a hundred men in a single battle. Overall, he is a typical anime badass that is tough to kill. The amount of sufferings that he endured right from the time of his birth is heartbreaking.

4. Saitama (One Punch Man)


What can possibly happen if you are the strongest entity in your own anime? Well, you might feel happy, content and overpowered, but it is just the reverse with the case of Saitama. Being the most powerful has made him quite isolated and distant from his own existence, which has subsequently affected his mental state. He does not care about recognition, because we see him allowing others to take credit for his fights.

Despite being the strongest, it is actually a weird fact that nobody in the world knows about him or his existence. Even so, he had been quite an inspiration to other heroes and villains, especially Genos, because of his acts of kindness and being down-to-earth. Saitama literally hates fighting or using his powerful punch unless it is impossible to hold. All these qualities make Saitama an ISTP personality type.

3. Annie Leonhart (Attack on Titan)

annie leonhart

Annie is one of the badass female characters from the attack on titan series. No anime fan will ever forget her trademark fighting skills and Karate kicks. Her personality is Stoic, stern and non-communicative, but despite being a reserved girl, she is very bold and capable of taking decisions solo.

One of the striking features is her ability to even pin down male opponents who are tougher than her. Being an ISTP, she is very good with the practical and technical aspects of fighting. At times, she can be quite deceptive and scary too. She is good at controlling the manoeuvre gear. Annie can be considered one of the strongest female characters in the anime.

2. Shota Aizawa (My Hero Academia)

shota aizawa

Aizawa is the sleepy teacher of MHA, because every time he completes a lecture, he goes back into his sleeping bag. But don’t fall for his lazy attitude, because he is quite strict and stubborn in terms of training the students. He feels that it is necessary to expel those students who lack certain abilities, in order for them to realize the fact that they need to push themselves if they want to survive as a hero. He is the only teacher at UA who is constantly shown to point out the flaws in the training system as it might produce weak heroes.

While communicating, he comes off as a cold person, often not thinking about how the other person will take his words. However, it is necessary to state that Aizawa is the only teacher that cares the most about his students. He wants them to surpass their limits and try new things in order to become strong and a certified hero. He can go to great lengths, just to protect and nurture them. His actions are impactful and reasonable.

1. Levi Ackerman (Attack on Titan)


Levi is everyone’s favourite, but that’s not necessarily true in manga/anime. He is very straightforward and blunt while talking to others. He hurts others without knowing (he doesn’t even care about others’ feelings). Levi is not very approachable and people in the anime hate him for his attitude. He is a perfect individualistic and does not like to take permission or hesitate to do something big.

Despite being a loner, he respects his comrades and the ideals of the Scout Regiment. He highly trusts Erwin, the commander. The reason why his character is such mean and indifferent is because of the dark past that he had, which eventually made his heart solid like a rock. You will rarely see him mourning for someone or contemplating his choices. While slaying the titans, he might look like he is enjoying it, but from within he has empathy for all the titans he killed as they were once humans too.

Levi is the strongest soldier in Attack On Titan. Every single titan fears him, even the astounding beast titan. His slaying and 3D manoeuvring skills are at godly levels.

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