Top 10 Amazing Setters from Haikyuu Ranked

There are some pretty skilled and amazing setters from the well-known sports anime series called Haikyuu. During the gameplay, we get to see how they make decisions and alter the flow of the game to their advantage.

In a volleyball game, we always focus on servers and spikers, however, rarely we focus upon the skills of the setter. In fact, according to volleyball experts and some notable players in the world, setting is the toughest and most crucial skill to acquire for a player. A good setter can decide the overall strength, ability and game sense of the entire team. A setter has to bear a lot of responsibilities like setting at the correct time, using feints to deceive the opponent, setting at the correct location and the list is never-ending. Along with this, a setter also has to make sure about the players position using his sense and intuition.

10 Best Setters from Haikyuu Ranked

10. Takeharu Futamata

Fluidity and flexibility are one of the key factors that every volleyball player should possess. Luckily, Futamata is yet another talented setter, who usually surprises his opponents with unexpected dump shots and spikes. He can be considered as a balanced setter, and knows a wide variety of game techniques. The downside is that he is too much ‘individualistic’ and often seen bumping into his teammates, indicating his less awareness. He has a good relationship and connection with his team members.

9. Shinji Watari

shinji watari

Watari is a second-year receiver of Aoba Johsei. He is a very confident guy who trusts his own setting skills very much. He also possesses some decent receiving skills as a libero. After the third years resigned, he is thought to be the tactician of the team. He is also fairly capable of setting the ball from the back row, indicating his incredible control over the ball.

8. Koganegawa Kanji

Koganegawa is additionally shown to work on his capacities, backing his group as their setter, despite himself being a very simple guy. I think that Koganegawa has got the most weird hairstyle in the entire anime.

Koganegawa can send a high tosses with an amazingly short distance, set-up by hopping high up to set up the ball for the spiker. Koganegawa is expert at blocking spikes as well. He is capable of understanding the spiker’s body movements to predict the way and target of their spike.

7. Koshi Sugawara

sugawara koshi

Sugawara’s devotion to volleyball is clear when he chooses to proceed with club exercises even when most third years decide to quit for their future endeavors. During the game, Sugawara is known to have a calm composure and good awareness of team members. He is the cheerleader of his team and frequently seen boosting the morale of the entire Karasuno team.

While uninvolved, Sugawara gives close consideration to the play style of his teammates and opponents, frequently ready to offer his colleagues guidance on the most proficient methods to beat the other group. Sugawara has been generally responsible for the group’s formidable synchronized attacks.

6. Kenjiro Shirabu

kenjiro shirabu

Shirabu consistently had top grades, however turned out to be significantly more devoted to his studies, in order to clear placement tests to get into Shiratorizawa.

After he joined Shiratorizawa, Shirabu started to change his playing style, which incorporated a solid presence and heaps of fast strikes, where he focused exclusively around straightforward, high throws to draw out the best out of his spikers. Shirabu radiates a vibe of a safe and steady setter.

5. Aakashi Keiji

aakashi keiji

Akaashi, generally speaking an exceptionally balanced player and a decent setter who can precisely set the throw for a wide scope of spikes. Additionally, he has a solid logical side which can be seen when he settles on split-second choices to find out the best way to save the game from Bokuto’s emotional episodes.

He has an extremely well-mannered method of addressing many people however he can be exceptionally hostile to his captain. It seems he’s attempting to hold Bokuto’s energy under tight restraints.

Akaashi is certainly the tactician for his team. Like a ton of good setters, he is capable of reading situations and other players on the volleyball court. He is the brain of Fukurodani, and the only one who can best utilize the most remarkable weapon of his team, Bokuto. As a result, he has certainly acquired his team’s respect.

4. Oikawa Toru

oikawa tooru

Talent isn’t something that can be gained through extreme hard work: you either have it or you don’t. In spite of how lighthearted and laid-back Oikawa shows up, he’s dead genuine with regard to volleyball. His energy, enthusiasm and alertness for the game shows how hard he has grinded at working on his abilities.

Oikawa is viewed as a setter that delivers his hundred percent and brings out the best of his team. As referenced previously, Ushikawa needed Oikawa to turn into his setter for this very expertise. Oikawa even subdued the harsh player Kyōtani Kentarō. He even idealized his jump serve that made the opponents at the other end shiver and confused.

Oikawa discovered his direction through his internal battles by grinding and working very hard. Oikawa’s best set was in the game against Karasuno when he needed to jump beyond the field of play and set the ball across the court to Iwaizumi. That was definitely not a normal set, it was legendary!

3. Kenma Kozume

kenma kozume

Kenma is Nekoma’s primary setter and was refered to as the “heart” and “brain” of the team.

Despite his reserved and shy personality, Kenma is very talented in volleyball with his exceptional game sense and strategy, which compensates for his slight absence of force, speed, and endurance.

As a setter, Kenma has predominant ball control. He can set with a perfect form and minimal movements, hence making it difficult for blockers to predict his next move. Because of his excellent attention to his environment and player positions, he can surely tell whenever would be the ideal chance for a dump shot.

Kenma is extremely attentive and monitors what’s going on the court consistently.

2. Miya Atsumu

miya atsumu

Japan’s best high school setter and server, Miya Atsumu was welcomed to the All-Japan Youth Intensive Training Camp.

Atsumu is incredibly committed to giving the best sets to his spikers and would attempt to utilize an overhand throw even in disorderly positions. Also, Atsumu can fool the opponents into situating themselves falsely, which makes it quite difficult to receive any of his serves.

Similar to Oikawa, Atsumu’s range of abilities isn’t simply bound to setting the ball. His spike serves are loaded with power and his floaters are very quick and eccentric.

1. Tobio Kageyama

Tobio Kageyama

Kageyama’s generally noticeable and commended expertise is his capacity to precisely decide a ball’s direction and throw it to the specific point, just like a sniper. Likewise, remember that Kageyama has an amazing jump serve that his adversaries are cautious about. From the get-go, he hasn’t figured out how to point it yet. However, during the Shiratorizawa match, he shows the capacity to control the force he places into the serve to surprise his rivals.

Another interesting thing is that he can set from any point at fantastic velocities. This makes his sets inordinately difficult for the greater part of his rivals to anticipate and counter. Kageyama frequently uses dump sets so tactfully that it almost never gets blocked/received.

His best set is known as the “King’s Toss,” which makes the ball go straight with incredible force, past through the spiker’s focal point.

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