The MBTI Types of Vinland Saga Characters

When we talk about the characters from Vinland Saga, each possess unique personalities, traits and behaviors that make them who they truly are. Let us look at characters from Vinland Saga, from the MBTI perspective.

Vinland Saga stands as one of the best shonen-seinen animes that is available at Netflix and other major anime streaming platforms. The story is set in the past, where Vikings used to rule over majority of the nations throughout the world. It has some great visuals, thanks to Wit Studios for their awesome work. The story is progressive and escalating, which keeps building hype until the end. The first season itself is just a prologue and a lot needs to be uncovered subsequently in the next seasons. The manga is already hyped enough and people have seriously fallen in love with the characters.

List of Vinland Saga Characters & their MBTI Types

1. Thors Snoresson (ISTP)

thors mbti

Thors Snorresson was a Jomsviking commander whose wonderful battle abilities and unparalleled strength acquired him the title ‘Troll of Jomsburg’. He was the most grounded, boldest, and most notable warrior, all through the Viking World. He was the only person who could beat “Thorkell the Tall” in single battle.

Knowing what it resembled to head off to war and need to kill, Thors really despised viciousness. He was warm and adoring toward his subsequent young lad, Thorfinn, and made an intention to put him on the way to a life that is peaceful and free of any war and hatred. Thors accepts that a genuine warrior requires no sword or any weapon, and teaches the same idealism to his son. He believes that brutality is consistently discretionary and peaceful techniques should always be the first priority. Despite having such a good physique and power, he is never seen boasting about it.

2. Askellad (ENTP)

askellad mbti

Since early on, Askeladd is shown to be very skilled with planning well-ahead and quietly hang tight for his chance to assault his enemies. He is commonly seen acting haughty and radiating the impression of just being “disinterested”, mostly by the things occurring around him, thereby able to deceive his opponents. His greatest strength lies in his knowledge and capacity to plan and adjust, an expertise supported by his ability to know what sort of individual somebody is.

He utilizes savagery and murders with no hesitation or guilt, especially if it is good for him and his arrangements. He is frequently shown as cold and heartless, unbothered by seeing his own men biting the dust in fight.

3. Thorfinn Karlsefni (ISFP)

thorfinn karlsefni mbti

At the point when Thorfinn was a kid, he had a more joyful face and inquisitive eyes. He used to look up to his father as an ideal role model. But, when he joins Askeladd’s band, he is a heartless individual, hellbent on his objective to vindicate his dad.

He turns out to be detached toward others, unaffected by and uninterested in what they do. His weaknesses lie in his attitude and rash nature. Oftentimes all through the series, Thorfinn’s foolish nature brings him disappointment. Regardless of whether he has exceptional battling skills (being the son of the strongest viking soldier), his hot-headedness is his greatest shortcoming.

4. Thorkell (ESTP)


Thorkell is a carefree man. He adores the excitement of battle and enormously appreciates battling, preferring not to be halted in a battle, as he thinks it is even more awful than withdrawing from the fight. He has a particularly large stature with big hands, sturdy wrists that can’t be slit, and a body as strong as a rock.

At the point when he experiences an opponent without a weapon, Thorkell would even give the said foe a weapon, to offer them the chance to die with honor in a battle and go to Valhalla, heaven of Vikings. We rarely see Thorkell fighting for the end result as we see him appreciate just the feeling and process of fighting more than it’s actual end meaning. He loves warriors and strong people who are just like him. However, he hates if someone else steals his prey.

5. Floki (ISTJ/ISTP)

Floki is a cold and evil man who’d remain determined to make the Baldur clan leader of the Jomsvikings. He is extremely resentful and insignificant. He held resentment against Thors for a long time because Thors left the battlefield and abandoned him, only a good reason to cover his own insecurities about him. Lastly, he was successful in killing him. By doing so, he is put into the antagonist category in the anime.

Being one of the strongest Jomsviking commanders, he had exceptional battling skills and leadership qualities.

6. Leif Ericson (ENFP)

Leif Erikson is a renowned explorer. He is one of a handful of the people who have successfully come to Vinland. A grandpa figure for Thorfinn, Leif truly often thought about him. Back in the past when Thorfinn was a little youngster, Leif continued flaunting that he’s an extraordinary fighter, although people often wouldn’t believe what he used to say. Leif has a very good heart, and is often seen helping Thors.

7. Canute (INTJ)

After the demise of his dad King Sweyn, Canute becomes the King of Denmark and England. At first, as a prince, he was a modest, frail and shy person who might regularly wonder whether or not to speak up. He was supported by Ragnar who took care of him as his own child. Canute abhors battling and thinks it is good for nothing. He is shown to be extremely intrigued by ideas like Christianity and love.

Following Ragner’s demise Canute is crushed and the youthful ruler who had recently been extremely protected and hesitant, went through a sensational change and turned into a much more confident and courageous individual.

8. Bjorn (ISTP)

Bjorn was Askellad’s most loyal follower. His full force was shown when he utilized the Berserker mushroom. When in this state, he showed colossal savagery and strength. Bjorn was perhaps the most impressive contender in Askeladd’s army. Fighting was literally his first priority. He didn’t use his head much in a fight or other affairs.

9. Ragnar (ISFJ)

Ragnar was the one and only person with whom Canute could speak freely. He was like a father figure for him. In general, he praised the prince and attempted his absolute best to secure him. However, little did he knew that eventually he had been pampering the prince too much, to the point where the prince was losing the ability to speak up for himself and take certain decisions.

From the first appearance itself, Ragnar was against the idea of King Sweyn and knew about his evil plans of killing Canute. This indicates that he was fairly aware of King’s intentions from the head-on.

10. Willibald The Priest (INTP)

Willibald is basically a priest and a devout person in Vinland Saga. Prince Canute and Ragnar followed his preachings. During his free time, he would often preach about Jesus and concepts of Christianity. He loved to drink booze and would often go berserk if he drank too much. Willibald’s ideology was that ‘death’ is the real essence of love, and not affection, because affection is merely a sort of discrimination and injustice. His appearance in the anime is somewhat shaggy, though he is also shaved at one point in the anime.

Even though he is a priest, we rarely see him talking. He is often in his own world and thoughts. I would have put him as INFP, but the fact that he does not care about people dying or hurting each other, it makes him a perfect INTP.

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