The MBTI® Types of Vinland Saga Characters

Vinland Saga stands as one of the best shonen-seinen animes that is available on Netflix and other major anime streaming platforms. The story is set in the past when Vikings used to rule over the majority of the nations throughout the world. It has some great visuals, thanks to Wit Studios for their awesome work.

The anime is progressive and escalating, which keeps building hype until the end. The first season is just a prologue, and a lot remains uncovered for the next seasons. The manga is already hyped enough and people have seriously fallen in love with the characters. Vinland saga MBTI is something that people often search for on google because people are interested in finding out the MBTI personality type of these characters

So without any further ado, let us look at the personality type of these characters according to Myers Briggs, and also understand their four-letter typing.

Vinland Saga Characters & their MBTI Types

thors mbti

Thors Snoresson

Thors is the strongest Jomsviking who can defeat almost anybody using his strength, but he prefers to remain in the shadows. He believes in using strength for the betterment of society and to create peace.

Thors hates the idea of killing people for the sake of dominance.

askellad mbti


Askellad is a very interesting character. He is quite skilled and has a dominant personality. He is very cunning in communication and his leadership is effective.

Askellad’s developed intuition guides him to understand people from a deeper perspective. He is deceptive because he shows his laid-back attitude in front of his opponents.

thorfinn mbti

Thorfinn Karlsefni

Thorfinn is young but very powerful because he carries the genes of his father. He is merciless, ruthless and always striving to attain justice. He loves freedom and wishes not to be controlled by anyone.

His angry nature is disliked by everyone. He is the protagonist of the Vinland saga and his ultimate goal is to take revenge.

thorkell mbti


Thorkell is a jolly fighter who loves to fight stronger opponents for the sake of entertainment and fun. He admires people with great strength, especially Thors. His huge body and structure make him intimidating and dominating in even the toughest of fights.

Overall, he is a good person but does not necessarily care for others at a deeper level.

floki mbti


Floki is cunning and tactical and has good planning skills. He is very similar to Thors, but he dislikes him for abandoning the Viking group.

Floki hates people who cannot stand up and fight. He is a ruthless leader and does not care about the life of human beings.

leif mbti

Leif Ericson

Leif is a funny man with an explorative mindset. He often boasts about his skills and expertise, even though most of the tasks are accomplished by Thors.

But on the other hand, he has huge respect for Thors. He is talkative and always seen chatting with children. He is good at heart and an optimistic person.

canute mbti


Canute is a timid prince who does not speak anything in front of others as he feels that his words carry a big responsibility to others. He is protected and raised by Ragnar, but Ragnar failed to raise him as a proper prince/ruler.

Canute is a follower of Christian ideology and hates killing or hurting people.

bjorn mbti


Bjorn is a strong and muscular member of Askellad’s team. He is loyal to him and always follows his command because he believes in his ideology and intentions.

He is a ruthless killer, not the type who would think twice before slashing someone’s head. He turns into a beast when he is agitated in fights.

ragnar mbti


Ragnar is protective, caring person who looks after the prince Canute. He is also a good fighter, but never believes in the concept of killing others because it just spreads sadness and negativity.

Ragnar also follows Christian principles. He does not talk much, though he is ready to sacrifice himself to save Canute from getting killed.

willibald mbti


He is a priest and preaches Christianity to Canute and Ragnar. He is thoughtful, insightful and sometimes eccentric. He has a poetic understanding of the concept of “true love”.

He is never seen interfering in fights or crying for the dead. He also does not genuinely care about others, always hating humanity for ruining the resources given by god.

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I hope you liked reading this list of Vinland saga MBTI. For more MBTI-related posts, feel free to share your opinions in the comments to that we can make the posts for the same. We always love to write about the mbti of characters from different animes.

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