10+ Strong Female Anime Characters Ranked

There are a lot of strong female characters in animes out there. Some use magic to obliterate the opponents, while others are simply a master of hand-to-hand combat. This post covers a list of some of the most powerful female anime characters of all time, ranked according to their power and abilities, as well as popularity.

Strength can be quite a subjective topic in animes, because it has so many forms. Every anime character has its own strengths and weaknesses, which is not confined to just physical strength. We do have a lot of characters that are incredibly smart, some are cunning and highly tactical, whereas some have great combat skills. It is not possible for a character to possess all the qualities, but it is definitely true that these focused skill sets tell us a lot about their personalities. When we specifically talk about female anime characters, it is easy to get baffled and amazed by their ways of doing things. Anime females are so much capable of fighting and competing with even the strongest of men out there.

Qualities of Powerful Female Anime Characters

Before we move further with our list of the strongest female anime characters, it is important to know some trademark qualities of such characters. They are as follows:

1. It is hard for them to get swayed by crisis. They are born to be different, and can tackle situations like child’s play.
2. Extreme awareness, which helps them have the upper hand in fights and take better decisions.
3. High Emotional Control, which gives them the ability to keep their emotions aside and contribute to a greater cause.
4. Very Optimistic. There is always a smile on their faces, regardless of the situation.
5. Intelligent. They can think and react faster than the average person.

List of 12 Strong Female Anime Characters Ranked

12. San


San is also widely known as the ‘Wolf Girl’. She loves nature, and will stand up for anything that threatens it or changes the rules of it in some way. Her appearance typically consists of big oval earrings and red marks on her forehead and cheeks. She can be considered as a wild girl, as she prefers to wear clothing made up of wolf fur.

Extreme agility is her trademark feature, her speed is unmatched. Her strength lies in using daggers and spears effectively, which can prove deadly for even the strongest of the opponents. Combine this with her quick thinking and justice-oriented approach, which gives us a responsible and strong woman, liked by every other anime fan out there.

11. Tatsumaki


Let us take a quick glimpse of her personality – stubborn, bossy, disrespectful and what no. She definitely has a typical villain attitude. She is easily recognizable by her short stature, green upward-curled bangs and emerald-green eyes. The level of confidence she possesses is probably even greater than most of the male characters in the series. She is considered one of the most powerful characters from the One-Punch Man series.

In terms of abilities, Tatsumaki wields some pretty dope psychological abilities, psychokinesis being her primary weapon of combat. Using it, she can create psychic barriers for defense and even make herself fly in order to dodge her opponents. She has good control over her abilities, and strategy plays a key role in her fighting style.

Tatsumaki’s most important quality is her godly reflexes and never-depleting stamina that aids her to fight for longer duration and recover from pain or injuries faster.

10. Android 18

android 18

High confidence and charisma is common to all the overpowered female anime characters. Android 18 possesses these qualities too. She has a plethora of abilities and techniques in her hand, and if I were to list them down one by one, it would be a pretty long list. Blessed with multiple fighting techniques, she stands as one of the most powerful characters from Dragon Ball series. One of her special abilties is the “Infinity Bullet”.

Her fighting style is quick and accurate, and because she possesses almost infinite energy levels during fights, she is hard to defeat. At one point, she broke even Vegeta’s arms, indicating her extreme raw power levels (without transformations or fusions) in comparison to regular super saiyans.

9. Rukia Kuchiki

rukia kuchiki

Rukia’s greatest strength lies in her immense knowledge of Kido. High level Kido aids her to carry out attacks in succession. All throughout the series, she has constantly shown her sharp intellect. Despite her size, she is sufficiently capable to overcome a prevalent adversary and can lift and toss a human.

She has extraordinary ability in utilizing different spells in novel mix, in any event, utilizing numerous spells simultaneously. Her great spiritual prowess and hand-to-hand combat skills makes her one of the most dangerous female characters.

8. Revy


Revy is the deadliest and most badass female character in the series, and perhaps the main gun slinger. She is also seen to have good knowledge about weaponry. Being detached and twisted assassin, without an inner voice, she is more than prepared to kill anybody at the smallest agitation, even the unprotected regular citizens.

Revy is a very insensitive girl, and believes in the utilization of raw force and pressure to get everything she might want. Of the relative multitude of characters in the series, Revy utilizes the foulest language and is likewise a substantial chain-smoker and drunkard. Her impulsive nature indicates her somewhat average intelligence, though she is very adept at communicating and moving forward through clues and scenarios.

7. Nana Shimura

nana shimura

Nana Shimura was the seventh holder of the One For All quirk. She was a thoughtful lady with a solid feeling of equity. She accepted that a rael hero should often grin, regardless of how bleak the circumstances may be.

It seems like she was the only female user of One For All and she prepared herself and her body by training rigorously in order to withstand the impact of the quirk. She was amazingly strong, more so than a significant number of male heroes in the series.

Because of the force of One For All, Nana without a doubt had enormous physical endurance and stamina that was probably practically unmatched in her time.

6. Akame


Akame gives off an impression of being an assertive and extreme individual, which originates from the harsh training that she went through . She is mostly seen concealing her feelings, never letting them out in front of others.

It is quite a fact that Akame is regularly viewed as the most powerful individual from Night Raid, killing even the most formidable of foes with almost negligible efforts. She is quite agile, capable of avoiding most of the counter-assaults, and exceptionally talented in close combat. Her punches and kicks are amazingly stunning, sufficient enough to bring down and kill various enemies, even the profoundly talented and incredible ones, without breaking a sweat.

5. Erza Scarlet

erza scarlet

Erza Scarlet has an incredible feeling of equity and pride in being a member from Fairy Tail. She has incredible dominance in swordsmanship, and her abilities in swordsmanship are of the optimum level. Her most normal utilization of Telekinesis accompanies her Sword Magic, where she can perform various assaults by controlling her swords distantly, all with the help of her mind. She also has very sharp reflexes, and a serious level of spryness and speed.

Personality-wise, Erza is an exceptionally harsh and strict individual, despising individuals who don’t respond to her inquiries rapidly enough. She has often appeared as a very bold woman and shown to be wearing scarce clothing a lot of times throughout the anime.

4. Annie Leonhart

annie leonhart

Female characters from AOT can be quite overwhelming. Annie is one of those characters, and is an absolute gem. She is great with using her maneuver gear. However, the unique thing about her is the combat and fighting style which is possibly unmatched. Great at Kicking and Throwing styles from Martial Arts, she even retains those fighting skills in her titan form, giving her the ability to defeat even Eren’s Titan Form.

Annie has a generally cold and quiet attitude,but at the same time, she prefers to communicate her sentiments differently. At occasions when she loses her self-control, she opts to respond aggressively. Annie is profoundly cunning, ready to contemplate circumstances, and has shown significant critical thinking capacity and a quick decision-making ability. Being on the 4th position out of the 5 strongest characters from the Scout, she is still pretty strong and easily comparable with Mikasa in terms of strength, ability and intellect.

3. Mavis Vermillion

mavis vermillion

Mavis is very lively and somewhat, silly. However, she can be very genuine and determined on occasions. She was once given the title “Fairy Tactician”, as she drove her group towards numerous triumphs because of her impressive expertise in making amazing plans during fights.

Mavis was self-educated Illusion Magic and her illusions are very definite, to the point where they look exactly real, and she has utilized them once in a while to scare individuals. Mavis has demonstrated the fact that she is profoundly clever, as she had the option to retain the techniques of the participants in her mind, which gradually helps her in winning a majority of contests.

2. Nobara Kugisaki

nobara kugisaki

Nobara is rightly known as “Girl of Steel” as she is one of the best female characters of shonen animes. She is certainly a reckless young lady with a relentless soul. She is proud to be both a lovely young lady and an amazing fighter.

Nobara has high amounts of cursed energy with her, and is a specialist on controlling it. Her nails are continually being pervaded with her cursed energy, which she can utilize effectively to knock down medium grade curses easily.

She has a high feeling of obligation as a jujutsu sorcerer, and is a prideful warrior. She has displayed, at various occasions, the capacity to fight with even the users that are fairly above her grade. During a battle, Nobara can effectively plan various strategies and execute them without much effort. She can be considered as an overpowered female character because of these abilities.

1. Mikasa Ackerman

mikasa ackerman

Mikasa stands at the first position in this list. We have all known her strength right from the beginning of the first episode of Attack on Titan. She is usually quiet, but it is better for everyone, because it’s foolish to upset her or hurt Eren. She is the most skilled Scout in the entire series, next to Levi Ackerman, and can easily beat the strongest titans out there. Her experience with 3D gear is insane, as we see her performing deadly and unbelievable moves and stunts which can confuse even a still spectator. Along with high control of the gear, her fighting and slicing abilities are on a whole-new level.

She is a quick learner, because she was able to easily understand the complex usage of Thunder Spears and was quite successful at hitting them with absolute accuracy. She is also quite strong and can lift heavier weights and possibly two to three men together on her shoulder! It is very difficult for someone to reach at a level like her.

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