Sonny Boy Characters and their MBTI Types

“Mysterious” is what best describes the new survival-based anime called Sonny Boy. It starts with suspense and mystery right from the beginning of the first episode. It is an ‘isekai-like’ story where a group of students in school suddenly find themselves in completely different dimensions, with supernatural powers coming into their bodies out of nowhere. In this unknown dimension now these students have to find a way to survive.

This is not a completely unique story but still fans over the world do like this anime and also recommend it. Along with a good story, it also has some great characters with different dynamics, motivations and personalities. Let us look at their personalities from the Myers Briggs perspective.

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Sonny Boy Characters MBTI

nagara personality type

Nagara (INTP)

Nagara is an INTP because we see him as an indifferent person bored by almost everything happening all around him. He is also very less communicative. He is the primary protagonist of the series.

hoshi personality type

Hoshi (ENTJ)

ENTJ’s are mostly assertive, manipulative and bossy. They also strive to be the leaders of the society. Hoshi’s personality does have these characteristics and can be tagged as an ENTJ.

mizuho koyama personality type

Mizuho Koyama (ISFP)

Mizuho best represents an ISFP because of her reserved nature and a straightforward way of talking. She is very honest while communicating with others.

nozomi personality type

Nozomi (ENFP)

Nozomi is quite an extroverted and cheerful girl with a lot of enthusiasm and bravery. She is also very confident with her abilities. Nozomi is an ENFP anime character.

asakaze personality type

Asakaze (ESTP)

Asakaze is a sporty and hot-headed guy who does not like to be told what to do. He likes fighting and dominating others, clearly a characteristic of a typical ESTP type.

aki sensei personality type

Aki Sensei (ENTJ)

Aki Sensei got the highest votes for the ENTJ category because of her oddly dominant characteristics, God-like complex and wanting to “control” everything attitude.

ace personality type

Ace (ENTP)

It is somewhat difficult to type this character, but since he is quite communicative and decisive, we can tag him into the ENTP category.

machi tanaka personality type

Machi Tanaka (ISTJ)

Machi’s stoic eyes and talking style gives us a clear hint of an ISTJ, though we can’t be perfectly sure about that.

rajdhani personality type

Rajdhani (INTP)

Rajdhani is yet another INTP character from Sonny boy. He loves to experiment as he has a good logical mind. He is very similar to Nagara in personality. Definitely a geeky lad.

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