The MBTI® Types of Squid Game Characters

Squid game is one of the most popular Korean Netflix series out there, packed with tons of suspense, thrill and godly plot twists that will keep you on the edge of your seat. It’s an amazing story revolving around a game, a special game created just for those who have gone into serious debts, the kind of ones that are almost impossible to return. The ideology of this game is to try their luck in a deadly game where elimination equals death, for several billions of worth as a cash prize. We see the emotional and mental struggles of a few of the characters going through while playing this game. It consists of simple childhood-like games, but there is a lot behind it. There are really good characters in this show, possessing unique personalities.

After money heist, squid game marks as one of the best Netflix series of 2021. The storyline and drama are amazing, and every character plays a crucial role. We get to see tons of character developments as they go through seeing all the hellish killings right after a particular level is over. The series might also come off as quite sadistic and torturous at some points.

While we talk about the characters of this series, they are absolute gems and we cannot deny the fact that the producers and directors did their best to choose the best of them. Let us look at each of these characters and their personality types according to the Myers-Briggs Type Indicator.

MBTI of Squid Game Characters

Seong Gi-hun personality type

Seong Gi-hun [ISFP]

This guy is the main character of the series. He might come off as quite extroverted because he is very good at interacting with others. Gi-hun trusts people and prefers harmony. He is a good teammate and can be a better leader. He cares for people around him, especially his daughter and the old man from the game. ISFP tends to be moody but at the same time, are quite brave and responsible whenever the situation demands so. They are also the kind of people that love freedom and self-expression.

sangwoo personality type

Cho Sang-woo [INTJ]

Sang woo might give off an ISTJ vibe, but this guy really has a good intuition which helped in a lot of games. He can be quite a leader, although he is not very communicative and might also seem a little bit drifted off. His concentration and skills are far better than any player’s as he is able to intuitively guess and predict the games in the series. Sadly, he is not a guy that you can trust in the long run.

Kang Sae-byok personality type

Kang Sae-byok [ISTP]

Sae-byok cannot stand any fake promises or people, and hence she is a perfect ISTP candidate. She could be a good fighter, however, she rarely trusts people because of what happened to her. She is rarely seen talking to others. She is a selfless lady with a strong heart, trying her best to give his brother a good life by taking such a big risk.

jang deok-su personality type

Jang Deok-su [ESTP]

He is a strong and well-built guy who is always ready for yet another fight. He also comes off as quite an intimidating character. Because of his connections with the underworld, he has a villain-like personality that everyone hates. He isn’t the type of guy you can trust. Upon joining the games, he immediately created a team of the strongest members that will prove ultimate victory in the upcoming levels of the squid game. He is also very competitive and doesn’t like to fail or lose to others.

ji-yeong personality type

Ji-yeong [ENTP]

It is difficult to type this character, but we can go with the ENTP type as she is a carefree girl, who only believes in enjoying the present moment. The only character that we see her properly talking to is Sae-byok. She has a sarcastic yet deep conversation style and always has a smile on her face whenever she talks.

han mi-nyeo personality type

Han Mi-nyeo [ESFP]

She is the most annoying character from the series and an unhealthy ESFP type. ESFPs cannot live alone and they need company. They love gossip, small talk and enjoying at parties. They also like to entertain others and are not afraid to perform in front of others. Social life is a major part of their everyday life.

oh il-nam personality type

Oh Il-nam [ENFJ]

He is one of the most heartwarming characters in the series. Despite being old, you can see the charm and excitement on his face when it comes to participating in the game. He interacts quite amazingly with the protagonist and is quite knowledgeable when it comes to a lot of the games. Il-nam indirectly gave a lot of confidence to his team members, especially during the tug-of-war.

hwang jun-ho personality type mbti

Hwang Jun-ho [ISTP/ISTJ]

Hwang is not seen interacting a lot because of the nature of his work. He is a cop responsible for sneaking into the squid game territory, in a thirst to find his missing brother. He is probably an ISTP or an ISTJ type. ISTPs are introverted lone wolves, who prefer to execute their ideas alone rather than taking help from others. They are also quite good with weapons and tools if they are fighters.

ali abdul personality type

Ali Abdul [ISFJ]

Ali is the nice guy from the series, always addressing others with sir and thanking them for the smallest of their gestures. He is also quite a simple dude and has shown less knowledge about games because of his Pakistani origin. He is definitely an ISFJ.

ali abdul personality type

The Front Man [ISTJ]

The frontman appeared as quite a savage and “I don’t care” type of guy. However, the reason why people typed him as ISTJ is the fact that he loves to play by the rules and loves to torture those who break them. The Front Man worships rules and structure above anything else, and he appears as an intimidating and dangerous character. He is not bothered about how the crew is using the dead bodies for their advantage, indicating his inferior extraverted intuition.

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