[UPDATED] 10 Greatest Episodes from Death Note Ranked by IMDB 2021

Death Note is one of the best animes out there which is recommended by anime fans, even after 14 years of its release. A cat and mouse game between two brilliant individuals with similar ideologies but different goals. People loved the series because of its astounding direction, godly voiceovers, and a story that keeps everyone guessing. Every episode is incredible and fun to watch, with recurring new plot twists and suspense that almost never ends. A series that is mostly recommended for beginners, even after so much time, it stands into the top 10 list of animes all around the web.

With the incredible storytelling comes a series of fan-favorite episodes and numerous rankings given by fans. These episodes really depict the peak points in the plot and events that drastically alter the flow of the story into much more complex scenarios, both for Light Yagami and the Task Force. They are truly considered the spiciest episodes from the series. Let us look at the list of top 10 episodes ranked by the IMDB users.

10 Best Episodes from Death Note Ranked on IMDB [2021]

10. Episode 9 – Encounter [8.6/10]

death note episode 9
This is where the battle becomes challenging for light yagami.

I really think that this episode really deserve a higher ranking. This is where majority of people’s heart stopped because L reveals his name to Light so easily. It was shocking to hear that L was so confident in revealing his identity, however Light had to make sure not to lose his composure. He tried very hard to not seem as surprised, agitated or furious at that time, in order to avoid getting caught. The name of this episode truly reflects its purpose and identity.

9. Episode 11 – Assault [8.6/10]

death note episode 11
One of the most captivating episodes is where we get to know about the second Kira.

A person who is eager to provide justice to the world by claiming to eliminate evil people from the society will probably get more support from the public. However, nobody knew that this broadcast was done by a second Kira, until L and light both suspect it. In fact, light knows that this kira has the power of Shinigami eyes too. This episode was a shocker, because now L had two Kira’s to deal with, and the latter one looks more dangerous.

8. Episode 4 – Pursuit [8.8/10]

death note episode 4
The hijacker was shocked to see a shinigami in front of him.

Light Yagami had a fresh book in his hand and he was on the process of testing the book in various ways in order to find the scope and its limitations. Pursuit is one of the fan-favorite episodes, because here Light devises a very good strategy in order to get the name of his pursuer, Raye Penber. He sets up the Bus hijacking scene using his death note in order to track Raye’s name.

7. Episode 15 – Wager [8.8/10]

death note episode 15

This is one of the most memorable episodes in death note series. L suspiciously arrests Misa and takes her phone. A lot of things happened then, from strapping Misa to a chair to her forfeiting her Death Note, all in favor of Light’s plans.

6. Episode 23 – Frenzy [8.8/10]

death note episode 23
Higuchi had the powers of the shinigami yet he failed

People did really love the episode revolving around Higuchi, who had created nuisance and wanted to kill Matsuda by acquiring his name. This particular episode was action-packed. Higuchi tried every possible way to flee the task force and even injured Soichiro using a gun, but eventually Watari successfully punctured his car tires. Note that Higuchi had Shinigami eyes, so the task force was really under a lot of pressure.

5. Episode 36 – 1.28 [8.8/10]

death note episode 36
The final showdown where it all ends

Nobody can forget this episode because there was heck of twists in story and overall scenario of the anime here. Near and Light have their final showdown in a warehouse. Near successfully tricked light by preparing a fake death note, and the mistake done by mikami added up to Light’s defeat. There was some gruesome scenes like Light Yagami writing the name of near on piece of death note using his own blood and the part where Mikami just stabs himself using a pen and bleeds heavily. Light was pretty sure that he was again one step ahead of everyone, but in reality, Near had already planned his games. Defeating Light was possible only due to the collective effort of every member of the PSK.

4. Episode 2 – Confrontation [9/10]

death note episode 2
This episodes sets the style, foundation and environment for the entire anime.

This is where it all starts, a fight for justice, a simple ideology with different perspectives. L smartly executes this move to ensure that Kira can kill with a face and a name. The guy right here, Lind Tailor, is a person scheduled for execution that is used for this experiment. L is intrigued by the fact that how Kira can kill people so easily, it is like magic for him. However, L finds true enjoyment in solving complex cases and here he takes an oath to bring down Kira and provide justice to the world. Light promptly accepts this challenge as he is determined to pluck all evil from the society.

3. Episode 7 – Overcast [9/10]

death note episode 7
Naomi literally disappeared because that was the rule given to death note by light.

This is the episode where Light really had a bad time, because he was on the verge of getting caught red-handed. Indeed Light is smart enough to manipulate others, but it will only work if you are dealing with common civilians. Naomi Misora, a talented retired cop, was one step further than light in the Kira investigation and was heading to the headquarters to leak some crucial information regarding the case. Luckily light was able to stop her midway and had a brief chat with her, only to find out her name and eliminate her. In the process, Naomi did give him a made-up name (using her fake id card) as she knew the norms of sharing only the made-up names to other people. But in the end, Light managed to gain her absolute trust and she fell for it and revealed her true name. Light really enjoyed the scene because yet another stone was lifted and he was once again free to carry out his evil plans.

2. Episode 24 – Revival [9.2/10]

death note episode 24 revival
L is definitely intrigued by seeing the Shinigami.

This episode can be considered as the formidable awakening of Light Yagami, because here all the plans created by him has merged together. By touching the Death Note after a prolonged period of memory loss (due to the rules of the death note), light gains all his previous memories, laughs hysterically as he recalls everything that has happened so far and knowing that all the plans have gone exactly as per his plans. The dramatic representation of this scene is so good that it pumps up your adrenaline even after watching it twice or thrice. Definitely one of the god-tier episodes, not only in death note, but also in the entire anime history.

1. Episode 25 – Silence [9.5/10]

death note episode 25 silence
After this episode, people really started hating Light for what he did.

The 25th episode of Death Note, is no doubt a perfection and one of the most gripping and heartbreaking episodes in anime. The passing of L brings death note to one of anime’s most renowned pinnacles. Elaborately, this scene is truly not the same as all the others. It seems like it’s grieving from the beginning. Likewise, it contains extremely genuine signs of death. I couldn’t say whether you can say he realized what might happen. However, L was consistently mindful that the more extended the pursuit went on the likelier it would be that Kira would kill him.

This is where the puzzle pieces of light’s plan finally come together, leading to the death of our beloved detective, L. Rem, who decides to take the matter in her own hands because Misa’s life was on the line. In order to save her, she kills Watari and L both in order to save Misa’s life.

The activity of saving Misa’s life thus kills Rem, whose body is diminished to a residue like substance. After furtively grabbing away Rem’s death note, Light says to the Task Force that he will justify Watari and L by settling the case. With all that hindering his plans now gone, Light quietly pronounces himself as God of the New World.

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