Zodiac Signs of Characters from Squid Game

Squid game is increasingly getting popular day by day. The latest Netflix series focuses on a deadly game tailored for the ones in impossible debts. At a philosophical level, it focuses on how the human mind can be easily manipulated and questions humanity and trust using its intense storyline. With the first season now complete, fans are eagerly waiting for the second season and see how the next games will unfold and what Gi-hun will do to stop them (theoretically speaking).

Along with its story, the characters are very interesting, has amazing backstories and their actions have been very realistic. You will feel for all the characters, even including the bad ones. By diving deep into their characteristics and behaviour, we can find out a lot about them, even their zodiac signs. Using clues from their personalities, we can further determine what zodiac signs they belong to.

Squid Game All Characters Zodiac Sign

Character namezodiac sign
Jang Deok SuAries
The SalesmanTaurus
In-ho (The Front Man)Gemini
Han Mi-NyeoCancer
Seoung Gi-hunLeo
Byeong GiVirgo
Hwang Jun-HoScorpion
Ali AbdulSagittarius
Cho SangwooCapricon
Kang Sae-ByokAquarius
Oh Il-Nam

List of Squid Game Character & their Zodiac Signs

Seong Gi-hun (Leo)

Leo’s are recognized by their big hearts and warm nature, always looking out for others. They also have good leadership and people skills, and Seong is definitely a very good leader who also takes into account others’ emotions whenever needed. Using his Leo traits, Seong was capable of forming together a good team that was bound to win many battles ahead.

He is also very good at communicating and keeping positive vibes in the group. He is definitely a very good example of a Leo. Leo’s are also known to be having a positive outlook towards life and are very protective towards those who they care about. They are always ready to offer moral support whenever required.

Ali Abdul (Saggitarius)

When you search on google regarding the honest zodiac sign, you will get the result as Sagittarius. These individuals are kind and never betray others, often putting them into the victim category if their luck is not good. Ali from Squid Game is best known for his kind nature, addressing everyone formally in the series. He loves to interact with other people like him and was amazed by the fact that a team would be formed, even in a game where everyone is just looking for a chance to kill others to grab that money.

The first sign of him being a Sagittarius is when he saved Seong from falling in the Red Light Green Light game. If he didn’t save him, Seong would not have been able to continue further. He completely trusted Sang-woo but in the end, paid the price for it.

Cho Sang-Woo (Capricon)

When it comes to business or any other monetary benefit, Capricorns are the first personality that comes into our mind. Sang-Woo is also a Capricorn as he possesses those qualities. These people love business and everything money, and can even reach impossible heights to acquire it. They might also go in the wrong direction to acquire some benefits.

Sang-woo also went against every possible moral decision and took the chance to kill other players whenever he got it. He didn’t even spare his good old friend Seong and avoided talking to him about the game, despite knowing about it. They are hideous and tactical, and you can’t be wrong about that. He also has similar traits to that of a typical Virgo.

Oh Il-Nam (Pisces)

Oh Il-Nam is one of the most difficult characters to understand because of his complex emotions and motivations. Yet the only zodiac sign that matches closely to his personality is Pisces. These people have above average emotional intelligence and awareness. This makes them excellent communicators, even though they prefer to remain in isolation most of the time. Il-Nam is empathic, but he himself doesn’t believe in this concept due to the ever-degrading humanity that he has seen all through the years while participating in those games.

After playing for so many years, he came to the realization that humanity is just a word and there is almost none left in the world. This indicates that he had a philosophical outlook towards life, a trademark of Pisces.

Jang Deok-Su (Aries)

Aries never stop doing something once they decide to do it, and nobody can stop them either. This is because they carry a huge amount of confidence and strength in their voice that can possibly make even the toughest of them shive. They are also very aggressive and manipulative. Such a dominating personality matches with the character Jang Deok-Su from Squid Game. He effectively made a group of toughest men from the entire game, all thanks to his physical prowess.

It is quite easy to hate this character, however in general Aries can be very successful in real life, provided they don’t work under the burden of rules and luck. They are capable of achieving almost anything that they put their minds to.

In-Ho, The Front Man (Virgo)

Virgo’s are practical people who are capable of abiding by all the rules that are thrown on them. That doesn’t mean they are the only followers. In the series, the frontman is the prime example of a Virgo. This guy is all about rules, and if someone breaks them, he/she dies. He might also look come off as a cold person, but we are still unsure about his backstory. Front Man is manipulative, but only in the sense of the rules of the game.

He doesn’t seem to care about what happens with the dead bodies and whether they earn by selling the organs of dead people or not. In a nutshell, he is devoted and honest about his work.

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